Is There a Way to Cure or Prevent Nightmares?

Are you spending your sleeping hours getting chased down endless hallways by men with enormous claws for hands? Shrieking in pain as wolves chomp your legs? Re-experiencing various traumatic incidents from your childhood from the vantage point of a ghost, forced to watch the same disasters play out over and over again…

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2020 Bentley Continental GT gets new equipment and paint options for the summer

Bentley wants Continental GT customers to have fun this summer. As such, the British automaker has prepared new paint options and some new equipment for the 2020 Continental GT. New colors include Patina, Snow Quartz, and Viridian, which are added among the 62 color variations offered to potential Continental GT customers. Let’s start with the new equipment. The Continental GT … Continue reading

Chrome on Android is about to get a little bit faster

Whether it’s by user choice or strategic bundling, it’s hard to deny that Chrome has the lion’s share of the web browser market on Android. It is hardly the best in some aspects, like battery efficiency or even speed. It’s not like Google developers aren’t doing anything to change that situation but there are some fixes to this problem that … Continue reading

Sony's excellent WF-1000MX3 wireless earbuds are just $170 right now

With powerful noise cancellation and excellent sound quality, Sony’s WF-1000XM3 wireless Bluetooth earbuds are still among the best you can get. They were already a good deal at the $230 retail price, but a new sale makes them more irresistible: Dell…

Thrift Stores Can Outlast A Recession, But Can They Survive The Coronavirus?

As the pandemic rages, secondhand stores around the country are flooded with donations and doubts.

How To Make A Sandwich Without Absolutely Destroying Your Bread

Use these expert-backed strategies for slicing bread and spreading on fillings.

How To Tell If Your Relationship With Exercise Is Actually Toxic

Unhealthy workout habits and viewpoints are more common than you think.

How Utility Companies Use Charitable Giving To Influence Policy

The nation’s 10 largest utilities spent about $1 billion on charitable giving from 2013 to 2017.

25 Years Later, ‘Clueless’ Is Totally Hollywood’s Defining Teen Movie

How Amy Heckerling’s “Emma” update crowned a new star in Alicia Silverstone and united multiple generations.

Why We Created ‘Don’t Sweat It,’ A Guide On Improving Your Fitness Relationship

We’ll explore how we’ve been conditioned to hate exercise and how to change our outlook.