Trump Gripes ‘Fake News’ Didn’t Tout His Two Nobel Peace Prizes (That Never Existed)

The president has a habit of conflating a nomination and an award.

Taxpayers Hit With $300 Million Tab For Ads Spreading Positive Spin On COVID: Report

The ad campaign reportedly touts the “new normal” even as American COVID death toll soars past 200,000.

Right-Wing Content Flourishes on Facebook Because Fearmongering Has Always Worked, Exec Says

Even though right-wing elites repeatedly tout claims of conservative bias on Facebook and other online platforms, in reality, the bulk of data shows the opposite to be true. Per a weekend Politico report, as we near the 2020 presidential election, some of the most engaging posts on Facebook come from conservative…

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Fitbit Unveils New Software for Versa 3 and Sense, Zilch for Other Models

If you’re waiting for your new Fitbit Versa 3 or Sense, you’re in for some news. First of all, you’re probably going to get your device soon, as the company said it expects to start shipping at the end of September. And second, once you receive your device, you’ll find that it also comes with new software: Fitbit OS…

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‘Unconscionable’ Power Grab, Rights ‘Wrecking Ball’: Critics Erupt Over Barrett Nomination

Judge Barrett’s confirmation would move the nation dramatically right for a generation.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Hosts Get Out The Vote Video With His ‘Hamilton Family’

Video featuring “Hamilton” cast is part of the We All Vote project aimed at getting younger voters to the polls.

Some Senate Democrats Rule Out Meeting With Trump Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett

Republicans refused to meet with Merrick Garland as part of thwarting his nomination to the Supreme Court in 2016.

Trump Administration Whacks China Again With New Restrictions on Its Biggest Chip Maker

The Trump administration has another Chinese technology company on its radar: the Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation, the country’s biggest chip maker. And as you all can imagine if you’ve been following the recent news cycle, that is not good for SMIC.

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BMW's motorsport division announces first EV based on the i4

BMW M, the German automaker’s motorsport division, has announced that it’s developing its first battery-electric car based on the upcoming i4 EV. According to CarAdvice, BMW M CEO Markus Flasch has made the revelation during a press event for Austral…

Poll Ranks Barack And Michelle Obama As The World’s Most Admired Man And Woman

Donald Trump places 15th in the survey, trailing Bill Gates, Elon Musk, the Dalai Lama and Vladimir Putin.