DirecTV satellite suffers ‘major anomaly’ putting batteries at risk

A DirecTV satellite has suffered a ‘major anomaly’ that has put its batteries at risk of exploding, according to a document recently published by the FCC. The company is working on decommissioning the satellite in order to get it out of orbit before the batteries burst, which would jeopardize other satellites. Details about the matter were recently spied in an … Continue reading

Surgeon General tells Americans to stop smoking cigarettes in new report

Today US Surgeon General Vice Admiral Jerome M. Adams released the first major report on smoking cessation in 30 years. The first (of two, total) made by the office was released three decades ago. Here in 2020, Adams said, “Today, I’m calling on healthcare professionals, health systems, employers, insurers, public health professionals, and policy makers to take action to put … Continue reading

Crunch Fitness just made Apple Watch the key to cheaper gym membership

Apple’s smartwatch may not be the only fitness tracker out there, but it’s shaping up to be the one more people will choose to wear to get the most out of their gym memberships – and even make them cheaper. Crunch Fitness has announced a new Apple Watch app which – if you’re working out at a Crunch Signature location … Continue reading

An unexpected glitch left NASA’s Curiosity rover frozen on Mars

A software glitch left NASA’s Curiosity rover frozen in place, forcing scientists to come up with a fix so that the robot could resume its exploration of Mars. The multi-billion dollar rover has been operating on Mars since mid-2012, unleashing a battery of tests and tools onto the red planet from atop its six-wheeled platform. Keeping those tools in check … Continue reading

Halo Top Keto Series ice cream offers traditional flavors for dieters

Halo Top, the company best known for its low-calorie but somewhat expensive ice cream, is back with a new product called Keto Series. As its name suggests, these new ice cream products are specifically made for people sticking to the popular keto diet, something that involves consuming low quantities of carbohydrates and greater amounts of fat and protein. The Halo … Continue reading

Bipartisan bill would scale back key section of the Patriot Act

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden has introduced new legislation that would attempt to reform Section 215 of the Patriot Act definitively. Democratic and Republican lawmakers in both the House and Senate have co-sponsored Wyden’s Safeguarding Americans’ Priva…

Sonos CEO: 'Legacy' devices will still work after May

A few days after Sonos announced it would stop updating some of its oldest products with new features going forward, CEO Patrick Spence has written a note to customers seeking to assuage their fears over what’ll happen in May. As we reported original…

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts' Casual Queerness Is Fantastic

Dreamworks’ Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts is all about a group of (mostly) average kids making their way around a strange post-apocalyptic land. It’s been overrun with mutated, sentient animals who’ve driven most of humanity to live in hiding underground. On any given day, chances are good that you could run into a…

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14th-Century Steambath Discovered in Mexico City

Archaeologists in Mexico City have uncovered a pre-Hispanic steambath dating back to the 14th century. Its location in the city’s historic district confirms the whereabouts of a vibrant neighborhood that once stood in Tenochtitlán—an ancient urban center that eventually became Mexico City.

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Gyms Now Offering Perks for Working Out With an Apple Watch

The plan is that soon you’ll be able to waltz into a gym, connect your Apple Watch to a treadmill, and earn cash back or a free watch just for showing up.

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