Humble Freedom Bundle raises $4 million for important charities in just two days

It looks like the Humble Freedom Bundle has resonated with PC players. The massive collection of video games and books has managed to raise more than $4 million for three different charities – the ACLU, Doctors Without Borders, and the International Rescue Committee – in just two days. That makes it one of the most successful Humble Bundles ever released. … Continue reading

D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD now available from Apple

The cylindrical D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD home security camera is now available from Apple’s website, and will be available in Apple stores later on this month. The Omna 180 Cam HD is HomeKit-enabled and allows users to monitor their homes, as with competing connected security cameras. The device’s name hints at the camera’s super-wide-angle 180-degree lens, though that doesn’t … Continue reading

Microsoft will unveil Xbox Project Scorpio on June 11th

If you’re an Xbox fan who’s been anxiously awaiting more news on Microsoft’s Project Scorpio ever since it was unveiled at E3 last year, you now know exactly when you’ll get the full scoop. Microsoft has revealed that its customary E3 briefing will…

Dutch town adds 'Lightlines' to alert distracted pedestrians

A city in the Netherlands is the latest to give distracted smartphone users an extra heads-up in the crosswalk. A pilot project in the city of Bodegraven called +Lightlines (or +Lichtlijn in Dutch) is the latest take on in-ground sidewalk crossing si…

McDonald's has re-engineered drinking straws

Of all the tech innovations coming out of McDonald’s, we never would have expected the humble drinking straw needed a redesign. But that’s exactly what a team of robotic and aerospace engineers did as part of a marketing push for the burger chain’s n…

The Song That Was Playing When Lin-Manuel Miranda Was Conceived

Lin-Manuel Miranda was not afraid, not at all petrified, to reveal the classic song he was conceived to while on The Ellen Show this week.

On Monday, the “Hamilton” creator told host Ellen DeGeneres the story of how he found out he’d been conceived to “I Will Survive.”

The Ellen Show played the Gloria Gaynor mega hit as Miranda walked on stage, and DeGeneres greeted the actor and composer by saying “that’s your song, ‘I Will Survive.’” Miranda then told the audience the story behind the song.

“So, for a while VH1 was airing American Band Stand a lot and one day ‘I Will Survive’ came on,” Miranda said. “And my parents played that song to death, so I changed the channel. My dad comes running in from the other room and says ‘Don’t you ever change the channel on that song, you were conceived to that song in 1979’.”

Miranda said it was “quite a story” to hear as a teenager. All we can say is that at least now he knows he has all his life to live (and all his love to give) thanks to Gaynor’s signature tune.

Watch Miranda’s full interview with Ellen DeGeneres above. 

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Andy Puzder Is On The Ropes, May Be First Trump Nominee To Go Down

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WASHINGTON ― Uncertainty about whether the Senate will confirm Andrew Puzder as secretary of labor continues to grow, with at least seven Republican senators now unwilling to say they will support him.

Most of those lawmakers have not actually ruled out voting for the fast-food CEO, but say they are waiting to see his testimony on Thursday. But that’s a far different stance than Republican senators took with the vast majority of President Donald Trump’s other nominees, for whom they voiced support while blaming Democrats for obstruction.

CNN’s Manu Raju reported Wednesday that top Republicans were even asking Trump to drop the nomination. And he suggested that behind the scenes, even more GOP senators were raising doubts:

On Tuesday, Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), a member of Republican leadership, said he was one of those taking a wait-and-see approach. Later that day, Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) told The Huffington Post that he, too, was withholding support for the moment. On Wednesday, Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) cited Puzder’s employment of an undocumented immigrant as household help, which was first reported by HuffPost, as a decisive factor in his own indecision.

Republicans hold 52 seats in the Senate and can lose only two votes if they are still to confirm Puzder.

Adding to Puzder’s problems, Politico on Thursday obtained a copy of a 1990 “Oprah Winfrey Show” episode in which Puzder’s former wife said he was physically abusive and had “vowed revenge” on her for speaking out. She has since retracted the allegation, but the video is emerging for the first time.

Previously, HuffPost reported that Puzder’s company, CKE Restaurants ― which owns Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. ― has been found guilty of a long stream of labor law violations. 

“I’m not a ‘no.’ I’m a ‘listen,’” Thune told reporters on Wednesday. 

The GOP whip, Sen. John Cornyn (Texas) was far more bullish on Wednesday. “He’s gonna be confirmed,” Cornyn told reporters, without hesitation.

But when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), a famously gifted vote-counter, was asked on Tuesday if he was confident that Puzder would be confirmed, he conspicuously avoided the question. “I’m a strong supporter of Andy Puzder,” McConnell replied.

Thune, Portman and Tillis join GOP Sens. Susan Collins (Maine), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Tim Scott (S.C.) and Johnny Isakson (Ga.), who reportedly have their own trepidations about Puzder. Collins told reporters on Monday that she is “going to wait until the issues that have arisen are fully explored” at Thursday’s confirmation hearing.

Among those issues are fresh allegations of widespread employment discrimination at fast-food chains owned by CKE Restaurants. Since Puzder took over in 2000, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s have been hit with more federal racial discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuits than any other major burger chain in the country, according to an investigation published last month by Capital & Main, a California-based investigative news outlet.

Even the conservative National Review came out against Puzder. In an unsigned editorial Wednesday, the magazine praised his staunch opposition to minimum wage hikes and “unsympathetic” deflection of “bullying by organized labor,” but railed against his long-standing support for increased immigration.

“Not only is Puzder a representative of the worst reflex of corporate America on one of Trump’s signature issues, he is now significantly weakened,” National Review wrote. “We understand the impulse of the White House and the Senate to try to bulldog through rather than to give obstructionist Democrats a scalp. Yet, all the major Trump nominees have won their confirmation battles. The country, and the administration, can weather a re-do on this one.”

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19 Tweets That Show Love Can Be A Radical Act

For HuffPost’s #LoveTakesAction series, we’re telling stories of how people are standing up to hate and supporting those most threatened. What will you stand up for? Tell us with #LoveTakesAction.

This Valentine’s Day, in addition to the usual barrage of couple photos and “single life” memes, another theme emerged on social media: love as a radical, political act.

On Feb. 14, the Women’s March and other groups launched the hashtag #RevolutionaryLove, asking followers “to fight for social justice through the ethic of love” and post love letters on social media written to others, to themselves and even to their opponents. On the same day, The Huffington Post launched the hashtag #LoveTakesAction, asking people what issues they’ll stand up for. 

The hashtags seemed to resonate with people online ― #RevolutionaryLove trended on Twitter at various times throughout the day ― at a time when most Americans are stressed about the country’s future, and waves of protesters are taking to the streets to oppose everything from President Donald Trump’s executive order on refugees and immigrants, to the Dakota Access Pipeline, to recent immigration enforcement raids.

Here are 19 tweets from people declaring that, in the face of hateful acts and discriminatory policies, love can be a powerful act of resistance.

People showed love means standing up to hate and bigotry 


People spread love to those most affected by hate and injustice


People practiced self-love in the face of hate


People showed love of country means pushing America to be better

Know a story from your community of people fighting hate and supporting groups who need it? Send news tips to

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Donald Trump Ducks Questions About Administration's Ties To Russia

President Donald Trump on Wednesday ignored shouted questions about his administration’s reported ties to Russia.

During a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House, Trump took two questions from U.S. media outlets about the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and the Iran nuclear deal.

Neither of those questions centered on Russia ― the biggest issue this week that ultimately led to the resignation of Trump’s National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who served less than 30 days at the post.

When CNN’s Jim Acosta tried to ask Trump about Flynn, the president smiled, thanked the audience and walked away.

Wednesday’s event marked the third straight press conference where reporters were not able to ask the president about the biggest issue of the day. Trump has mostly called on friendlier outlets in the conservative space: The New York Post, Fox News, Sinclair’s ABC7, The Daily Caller, Christian Broadcasting Network and

Appearing on MSNBC after the press conference, Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chair Mark Warner (D-Va.) said the public remained in the dark about Trump’s administration and Russia.

“We don’t know what the president knew and when he knew it,” he said.

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Blake Lively Calls BS On Hollywood Beauty Standards

Blake Lively isn’t one for facades, especially now that she is a mom. 

Yes, Lively is a genetically blessed actress who is currently the face of beauty brand L’Oreal, but she keeps it real when it comes to the expectations on women. 

“We have really unrealistic beauty standards and beauty norms,” Lively told Refinery29. “What you’re seeing on red carpets and in magazines takes a lot of effort and a lot of people. People don’t understand that it’s all very constructed. What little girls are seeing isn’t what [these celebrities] look like when they wake up in the morning — even though it’s no less beautiful.”

The star has been open about sharing a look behind the curtain, regularly posting photos on her Instagram of her prep process with her glam team. 

I did not wake up like this. Thank you @rodortega4hair @kristoferbuckle @enamelle @lorealmakeup @lorealhair

A post shared by Blake Lively (@blakelively) on Jan 8, 2017 at 1:45pm PST

…I clearly don’t deserve this special treatment.

A post shared by Blake Lively (@blakelively) on Jul 15, 2016 at 4:29pm PDT

Now, as mom to daughters James, 2, and Ines, 4 months, she is even more conscious of imagery that perpetuates these falsehoods. 

“There’s this awareness of what they’re going to be exposed to and what they grow up seeing,” says Lively. “For me, it’s important for my daughters to know that it’s not real life. They’re seeing me dressed up in all this hair and makeup, but they also see me without that. I want them to see both sides, because there is never just one side.”

Off the red carpet, Lively usually just wears “sunscreen, tinted moisturizer and nothing else really,” she told British Vogue last year. Keeping it real, for sure. 

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