GOP Rushes To Trump’s Defense After He Is Indicted For A Second Time

Many Republicans were quick to defend former President Trump after he was indicted by the Department of Justice over his handling of classified materials.

‘Like A Dragon Gaiden’ revives Kiryu on November 9th 2023

Sega’s Japanese gangster series, Yakuza (or Like a Dragon), will continue in Like a Dragon 8, but the company also teased a separate title that would continue the story of the series’ protagonist from the first six games. Yes, Kiryu Kazuma is back, but well, without the name. 

The laboriously named Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name will focus on Kiryu, who, having faked his death, is back on the mean, incredibly reflective streets of Japan. According to leaks earlier this week, will feature two fighting styles, including ‘agent’ techniques that appear to be both gadget-heavy and remind me a lot of Link’s Ultrahand from what is probably the best game of 2023. Oh, and Spider-Man. In short, it’s going to be very silly again.

Gaiden looks to be another traditional brawler, and it launches on November 9th 2023. If you’re looking for more RPG-style gangster adventures, you’ll have to wait for next year’s Like A Dragon 8.

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FBI Arrests Texas Businessman Linked To Impeachment Of AG Ken Paxton

FBI agents have arrested a Texas businessman at the center of the scandal that led to the historic impeachment of state Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Watch Devolver Digital’s Summer Game Fest stream here at 6PM ET

Perhaps you feel that the Summer Game Fest Live and Day of the Devs events didn’t include quite enough gaming news for one day. In that case, you’re in luck, as Devolver Digital is rounding off the day’s festivities with its own showcase.

You’ll be able to watch the latest Devolver Direct below at 6PM ET. It’s taking place on the same stream as the Summer Game Fest Live and Day of the Devs showcases, so you can scrub through the YouTube video timeline for even more announcements and trailers.

You can expect Devolver to get up to its usual offbeat antics in what’s reliably one of the most entertaining events around this time of year. For this edition, Devolver is promising the “return of Volvy.” You know, the publisher’s long-standing mascot? The mouse-like creature with an oversized arm? The star of games such as Hotline Miami, Enter the Gungeon, Gris and Cult of the Lamb? Anyone? Despite Devolver’s assertions that Volvy has been a cultural icon for over 30 years, the critter isn’t actually real. Or maybe we’ve collectively erased him from our memories due to his various misdeeds. You know what you did, Volvy.

Anyway, Devolver has a heap of intriguing games in the pipeline and we should learn more about some of them during the stream. I have my fingers crossed for an update on Skate Story, which has been one of my most anticipated games since Devolver dropped an incredibly stylish announcement trailera year ago. Other upcoming games we may learn more about include Gunbrella (in which you have a firearm that’s also an umbrella), Gris follow-up Neva, the striking action adventure title The Plucky Squire and The Talos Principle 2. The publisher is also promising new game announcements, while there should be an update on the Human: Fall Flat front.

We’ll be bringing you news, previews and hands-on impressions from all the Summer Game Fest events in Los Angeles over the next several days. There’s plenty more to come, including showcases from the likes of Xbox, Ubisoft and Capcom. Stay tuned to Engadget for all the latest.

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White House Announces New LGBTQ Protections Amid GOP Attacks

The Biden administration will appoint a new coordinator to address the surge in school book bans, as part of a multi-agency effort to support the LGBTQ community.

‘Alto’s Adventure’ devs announce new game, and it's all about sheep herding

If you’ve played the adorably zen Alto series you know what to expect on a vibe level. Summerhill leans hard on the pastoral setting, emphasizing chill puzzle solving at your own pace. The graphics recall the Alto series and other indie standouts like Monument Valley. To that end, the composer behind Monument Valley 2, Todd Baker, is here to deliver a “folk-inspired” soundtrack.

On the gameplay front, the dev promises “fluid herding-based gameplay” and “gentle problem-solving,” along with a narrative mystery regarding the landscape’s ancient past. You’ll also be herding and corralling your sheep along with your trusty dog, all while honing skills to tackle “increasingly more complex puzzles.” The narrative is wordless but the dev promises it’s rife with “themes of duty, companionship and morality.”

Summerhill is an entirely new IP that aims to build on the themes that we care about most as a studio,” writes Land & Sea founder Harry Nesbitt. “In many ways, sheep herding is in our DNA and we really wanted to do justice to this timeless tradition and tell a story that could only be told in this way.”

There’s no release date yet, as the title is currently in active development, but it’s far enough along for a trailer. This team has been busy lately. Some members, regrouped as Snowman Games, recently launched an exclusive title for Netflix.

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Donald Trump Says He Has Been Indicted In Classified Documents Case

Why You Need to Get Yourself to the Nearest Meow Wolf Portal and Jump In

Meow Wolf continues to get right what other ambitious endeavors ultimately couldn’t sustain in transporting people to other worlds. With three locations currently in operation, the immersive art collective is making way for more portals which depict a sort of future nostalgia of hope we can only work to make real in…

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GM EV owners will gain access to Tesla Superchargers in 2024

Ford isn’t the only electric automaker switching to Tesla’s North American Charging Standard — General Motors says it’s making the change, too. CEO Mary Barra announced the move during a Twitter Spaces chat with Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Thursday, stating that its electric vehicles will make the NACS open-source connector standard in all GM EVs in 2025.

As part of the collaboration, all GM EVs will gain access to 12,000 Tesla Superchargers in 2024. Drivers of existing GM EVs won’t have to upgrade their vehicles to use Tesla’s chargers, but will need to use an adapter to make their vehicle compatible. Likewise, GM says it will be developing an adapter that will allow future NACS-enabled EVs to charge its existing network of CSS-capable fast charging stations.

That backwards compatible charger could prove important. Tesla’s willingness to open up its charging system to non-Tesla vehicles was originally announced alongside a $7.5 billion Biden administration initiative to expand EV charger availability in the US — but that plan heavily indexes on building out CCS chargers.

“This collaboration is a key part of our strategy and an important next step in quickly expanding access to fast chargers for our customers,” Barra said in GM’s statement on the partnership. “Our vision of the all-electric future means producing millions of world-class EVs across categories and price points, while creating an ecosystem that will accelerate mass EV adoption.”

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LIVE UPDATES: Latest News On Trump Indictment

Trump is reportedly being charged with seven counts, making him the first former president to face federal charges.