100 Millionaires And Billionaires Sign Open Letter Pleading For Higher Taxes

“Tax us, the rich, and tax us now,” said the letter. Otherwise, there will be “pitchforks” over the injustice, they warn.

Pennsylvania Police Find Monkeys That Slipped Away After Car Crash on Way to Lab

Pennsylvania State Police were scouring an area near Danville in the central part of the state on Friday and Saturday in a search for three high-profile subjects. The authorities were clear: The public was not to attempt to look for or get near the subjects on the run. This was not a case of dangerous criminals on the…

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Aaron Rodgers & Green Bay Packers Eliminated From NFL Playoffs On Final Play Of Game

W. Kamau Bell Feels A Lot Of ‘Weirdness’ About ‘We Need To Talk About Cosby,’ Too

The director told HuffPost about the docuseries and coming to terms with his own complicated feelings about the disgraced entertainer.

Will Trump Try To Protect His Kids In Business Probes? ‘Not A Chance,’ Laughs Michael Cohen

“Donald cares only about Donald, more than he would care about his children,” says Cohen. And “Ivanka is interested only in Ivanka.”

CNN’s Jim Acosta Has Case Tip For Gov. DeSantis’ Vote Cops: ‘Coup’ Plot At Mar-a-Lago

“I’d like to report an insurrection!” Acosta slammed back at the Florida governor’s plan to create a special force to police elections.

Experts Have ‘Fingers Crossed’ For Survival Of Rare Elephant Twins

It isn’t easy for an elephant to raise twins, but researchers are hopeful one mother named Bora can do it.

Britain Says Russia Seeking To Replace Ukraine Government

Britain has sent anti-tank weapons to Ukraine as part of efforts to bolster its defenses against a potential Russian attack.

Stephen Curry Hits New Career First Weeks After Making NBA History

The Golden State Warriors star broke the league’s all-time 3-point record in December.

Federal Reserve study offers no answers on creating a digital dollar

Don’t expect the US Federal Reserve to issue a digital dollar any time soon. CNBCreports the Reserve has published its long-in-the-making study of a central bank cryptocurrency, but took no stances on whether or not it should pursue the technology. The paper instead explored the potential benefits and pitfalls of digital currencies, and asked for public comments.

The Fed cautioned that existing cryptocurrencies tend to be highly volatile, consume lots of energy and frequently have significant transaction limitations. A central bank-backed format might overcome some of those problems, the Reserve said, by serving as a “bridge” between payment services, making finance more inclusive and providing “safe and trusted” money. The Reserve also believed the digital money could improve cross-border payments and protect the role of the US dollar on the world stage.

However, the government also warned that official digital cash would need to account for possible changes to the financial world, such as encouraging more runs on financial companies. It would also need to maintain privacy, protect against crimes like fraud and be resilient. The Reserve floated the possibility of offline capability to enable transactions when internet access isn’t available, such as during natural disasters.

The agency stressed its report was a “first step” in discussing the possibility of a central bank cryptocurrency, and that it would give the public until May 20th, 2022 to offer feedback and answer questions. For now, though, the Reserve will remain neutral and will only work on a digital currency if longer-term research supports the concept. It’s resisting the pressure to act quickly, even if other countries are already moving forward.