German Man Fined After Nazi-Era Tank Discovered in Garage

An 84-year-old man in Germany has been hit with heavy fines after a Nazi-era tank and other weapons from World War II were discovered in his garage, according to a report from Germany’s DPA news agency. The tank and assorted weapons were uncovered after a tipster told authorities there might be art stolen during World…

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Mary Trump Explains Why She Now Thinks Her Uncle May Run In 2024

Two developments point to another bid for the White House from Donald Trump, said the former president’s niece.

Offspring Drummer: I Was Kicked Out Of The Band For Refusing Coronavirus Vaccine

Pete Parada said he’s worried the vaccine can worsen his Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

Teen Olympian So Stunned At Winning Silver She Blurts Out ‘What The F**k?!’ On TV

Runner Keely Hodgkinson, 19, also broke a longstanding British record.

Olympic Swimming Star Sends Scathing Message To Her ‘WOAT’ High School Teacher

Canada’s Penny Oleksiak slammed an educator who “constantly dragged me down” as the worst of all time.

Apple restores the dedicated 'Store' tab to its website

After going down briefly earlier today, Apple’s website has returned with a new design that reintroduces a “Store” tab not unlike the one it removed nearly six years ago, MacRumors has reported. That leads to a dedicated buying section where customers can select from its product lineup, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV. With the new tweaks, you’ll no longer need to visit each product page and track down the “buy” button to see options or make a purchase. 

Along with a horizontal list of products, the Store page shows the latest products, promotions, accessories and more. It now more closely resembles the Apple Store app, as MacRumors pointed out. 

Clicking on a category like “iPhone” in the Store tab takes you to a carousel that shows all the current models available, like the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone SE and iPhone XR. Once you select a specific model like the iPhone 12 Pro, it takes you to the buy page for that item where you can start to select color, storage and other options. Previously, you would have needed to click on the iPhone product page, scroll down to find a specific model and click on the “buy” button. 

Apple’s website had a Store tab before the 2015 redesign, but it essentially shunted you to a completely different domain. The new design works differently: You still remain on the site, and the Store tab simply gives you a different way of navigating to the buying section. A subtle change, but significant considering the enormous worldwide traffic to Apple’s website. 

Biden Calls Out Texas, Florida GOP Govs Over COVID: ‘Get Out Of The Way’

Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis have been among the most vocal opponents of public health measures.

Cuomo Accuser Charlotte Bennett Says Governor Is ‘Absolutely’ Gaslighting Her

Bennett said New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo should resign or be impeached.

Nissan's Leaf S is now the cheapest EV in the US at $27,400

Nissan has unveiled its 2022 Leaf with more standard features and a lower base price tag that makes it the cheapest EV in the US, the company announced. The most basic model, the Leaf S with a 40 kWh battery, now costs $27,400 or $28,375 including the destination charge — or $20,875 if you qualify for the $7,500 federal tax credit. That means it’s less than the $29,900 Mini SE and can go farther, too, with 149 miles of range versus 114. 

The 40 kWh Leaf SV drops from $34,935 to $28,800, while the longer-range 62 kWh Leaf SV Plus is now $32,400 compared to $38,245 (all prices exclude destination charges and federal incentives). The S and SV models deliver 147 horsepower, 236 pound feet of torque and up to 149 miles of EPA range, while the S Plus offers more powerful 160 kW motor that produces 214 horsepower, 250 pound feet of torque and 226 miles of range. 

Nissan's Leaf S is now the cheapest EV in the US at $27,400

The $4,245 price drop for the basic S Leaf compared to the 2021 model, and even more dramatic $6,135 decrease for the SV model, sounds like a lot. However, the new prices essentially match what buyers were paying for Leafs last year if you count buyer incentives, as Motor Trend reported. And of course, the Leaf has essentially become passé as Nissan prepares to sell the Ariya early in 2022

Still, the new prices will help buyers compare prices without having to jump through hoops. And the new models do have some useful improvements. The main thing is that all Leaf models now include a CHAdeMo quick charge port, ProPilot assist and Nissan’s “Intelligent Around View” monitor as standard.

The Leaf isn’t as fun, nor as attractive, as a lot of other EVs out there. But $20,875 for the base model, (including federal incentives and destination charge) is the lowest number we’ve seen next to a brand new EV with decent range in the US, ever. 

Sydney McLaughlin Breaks World Record As She Races To Victory In 400-Meter Hurdles

Her teammate, Dalilah Muhammad, broke the record too and won the silver medal.