Teyana Taylor Has Something To Prove In Powerful New Film

“She really fought for this role and earned it through and through,” director A.V. Rockwell says of Taylor’s first starring role in a feature film.

Deadly Mississippi Tornado Kills More Than 2 Dozen | Extreme Earth

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Russia's Leaky Soyuz Spacecraft Is Back on Earth

A few months after a Russian crew capsule sprung a leak while docked to the International Space Station, the MS-22 returned to Earth carrying cargo but with no crew on board.

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Living With Chucky Peeks Into the Heart of the Child's Play Horror Franchise

Fans of the Child’s Play movies will want to seek out new documentary Living With Chucky—an affectionate portrait of the cult-beloved horror franchise that features interviews with most of its major players, including creator Don Mancini. The movie itself is a bit uneven, but the love it has for its source material…

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Apple Pay Later is finally available in the US, but only with an invite

It took nearly a year, but Apple’s pay-over-time system is here. The company has launched Apple Pay Later for US customers in a “prerelease” version that requires an invitation. If you’re included, you can split your online Apple Pay purchases (made with an iPhone or iPad) into as many as four payments spread over six weeks. You can’t apply for loans larger than $1,000 and have to link a debit card, but there are no fees or interest payments. This also won’t hurt your credit score, and Apple says it won’t share data with third-party marketers.

Apple Pay Later is part of the Wallet app in iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4, and includes a calendar to help you track your next instalment. You’ll also get app-based and email notifications for looming payments to be sure you’re on time.

The feature should reach every eligible user in the “coming months,” Apple says. Businesses that use Apple Pay don’t need to do anything on their end due to a Mastercard partnership — if you can use Pay Later, you’ll see the option during checkout either on the web or in apps. Apple will report Pay Later loans to American credit bureaus starting in the fall, and hopes they’ll “promote responsible lending” for both borrowers and lenders.

Apple first previewed Pay Later at WWDC 2022, and was rumored to be working on the option in 2021. It was supposed to arrive alongside iOS 16 in September, but Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman heard that it was pushed back due to technical challenges. The company hasn’t officially explained the wait.

Staggered payment systems aren’t new, of course. Companies like Affirm and Klarna have been operating for a while, and they aren’t tied to specific platforms. However, Pay Later represents a significant expansion of Apple’s financial ambitions. It already offers a credit card (managed by Goldman Sachs) and money transfers, and plans to provide savings accounts. Now, the company is making lending decisions. While Apple is still far from a bank, it can easily play a large role in your financial life.

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XFL Referees’ Surreal Conversation About Water-Squirting Penalty Gives Us Life

The football officials’ bizarre interaction made a splash on social media.

Smartflower Solar Energy System Looks Like a Flower, Moves with the Sun

The Smartflower solar energy system is a sculptural array of solar panels in the form of a flower that follows the sun throughout the day. Due to the system’s movement, it’s able to collect as much as 40% more energy than a comparably sized static solar panel. Plus, it looks way more like a flower.

The solar petals tilt and turn to ensure maximum efficiency at all times, and the system can be coupled with a smartphone app to track its energy generation. In high winds, the flower will close, and when closed, the flower uses brushes to sweep its panels clean to ensure debris doesn’t hinder its performance. Impressive!

The Smartflower is available in three different models: the standard, the Plus, which includes a battery, and a model specifically designed for charging EV vehicles. Awesome, now I just need to get an electric vehicle with a custom license plate that reads ‘RNSONSN,’ and maybe Captain Planet will finally come and give me a pat on the back.

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Here Are The 21 New Emoji iPhone Users Are Getting In iOS 16.4

iOS 16.4 brings all the requisite new features and fixes, but a major iOS upgrade would be incomplete without a host of new emoji. Here’s what Apple added.

Nokia Is Sending 4G Internet to the Moon

Nokia announced it is sending a 4G internet service to the Moon during an upcoming space mission. The company says the technology will hopefully pave the way for more lunar discoveries and create opportunities for a human presence on the Moon and beyond.

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How a Senator’s Misguided Tweet Can Help Us Understand AI

Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy stirred the AI researcher hornets’ nest this week by repeating a number of ill-informed, and increasingly popular statements about advanced AI chatbots’ capacity to achieve human-like understanding and teach themselves complex topics. Top AI experts speaking with Gizmodo said Murphy’s…

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