Wrapping Up RIAA Boycott Month: A Message from the EFF [Home Entertainment]

As we say goodbye to March and look forward to the continued fight against the RIAA with renewed vigor, we asked the EFF to give us some tips on how to keep this battle raging in the best way possible. So here, straight from the front-line fighers at the EFF, is a renewed call to arms. More »

Hands-On: TiVo Video Sharing Service Rocks, Easy to Use [Home Entertainment]

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Rosetta@Home Distributed Folding Coming to Xbox 360? [Home Entertainment]

Last week I asked Microsoft to bring Folding@Home to the Xbox 360 to add a boatload of computing power to the Alzheimer’s fight. Well, Folding@Home isn’t the only distributed protein-folding program around, don’t-cha know. There’s also Rosetta@Home, a program that happened to receive over $10 million from the Gates Foundation for HIV research last year. More »