Gizmodo’s Long-Ass Nokia N95 Review: Why it Rocks, Why it Sucks [Cellphones]

Nokia’s N95 superphone is complicated, taking days for even the most experienced gadget journo to digest. That’s why lots of reviews I’ve seen so far are either extremely light or 10,000 word stunners: This is one of those long ones. It’s likely easier to pore over the phone yourself in our hardware and software gallery walkthroughs, and come up with your own opinion. But If you want the text heavy version, here’s what’s great and terrible about this phone. More »

Xbox 360 QWERTY Text Input Device in the Flesh [Gadgets]

Renders are OK, but nothing makes a new product seem real like some honest to goodness product shots of the item in question out in the wild. With that in mind, here’s the new Xbox QWERTY Text Input Device (TID) add-on in all its actually existing glory. Our favorite four shots are below; check the source out to see the full series. More »

Digital Jewel Box Returns Portable CD Album Art to Digital Music [Home Entertainment]

Do you miss holding that CD jewel box in your hands, kicking back and listening to music while you peruse the album art and liner notes? Here’s a concept by David Friedman for a digital jewel box, sitting on its charging stand next to your computer and connected to your Wi-Fi network. It synchronizes with iTunes, and then when you’re listening to your tunes you can take the little display with you and read the album notes and art it’s downloaded. More »

Xbox Spring Update: Holy Hardware QWERTY and Fresh Firmware [Home Entertainment]

Yo! That’s not fan fiction rendering, that’s straight from Microsoft: An honest to God QWERTY that slaps underneath your Xbox controller. Why do you need that? More »

Nokia N95 Superphone: 50 Screenshot Walkthrough Next Best Thing to Owning It [Cellphones]

Yesterday, in the dead of the night, Nokia launched the N95 superphone in its Chicago and NY Stores. I celebrated by giving you a tour of its hardware, as if you just plucked it from the box. Today, I ditched the Easter bunny to give you a rundown of the entire N95’s complicated and rich inner workings. That’s love. More »

Review: Hitachi Hybrid Camcorder [Feature]

Since Hitachi’s press conference at CES, we’ve been anxious to get some time with the company’s Hybrid DVD/HDD camcorder. It’s the world’s first camcorder to record both to a hard drive (8GB) and DVD-R (30min), and from what we understand “world’s firsts” are very important things. More »

Bounce-O-Meter Shows Laws of Physics at Work on Bare Breasts of All Sizes [Gadgets]

Shock Absorber sports bras are a great innovation for the ladies and maybe even some guys with man breasts, especially for marathon runners and intense exercisers, who cite examples of conventional bras actually cutting into them. More »

Round Up Reference: The Best Apple TV Posts from Giz and Friends [Announcements]

Most of us have reached a turning point. That point is, if you hear anything else about Apple TV you’re going to vomit. Don’t hold it back, or it’s going to come out your nose. More »

Random Van Halen Video: Sony Ericsson’s TrackID Can Name That Tune [Cellphones]

I just won’t shut up about Sony Ericsson’s new phones, so friends at Dynamism sent me a W880, their flagship Walkman. The best thing? Not the slim case, but the extremely useful TrackID system. Basically, you can play this phone a song, and it’ll take a sample by microphone, compare it to digital signatures on Gracenote, and come back with track, artist, and album info that you can save for later or send to friends. This phone can name that tune. And, it works well. More »

Addonics CompactFlash Adapters Replace Notebook Hard Drives [Peripherals]

Now here’s a great idea from Addonics: replace a laptop’s 2.5″ hard disk with flash memory, using a $30 adapter that lets you boot from CompactFlash cards. Suddenly you’ve converted that lappy into a solid-state notebook without spending an arm and a leg. That’s what Addonics has done with its CompactFlash Hard Drive Adapters for notebooks, available in both SATA and IDE flavors and accommodating either single or dual CompactFlash cards. More »