Artsy Citrus Clock turns lemons into time of day

We know, the last thing you want to hear of right now is more food, but we just couldn’t resist. Anna Gram’s artsy Citrus Clock combines the magic of stellar design with basic science in order to create a timepiece that’s powered by lemons (or the citrus fruit of your choosing, presumably). Reportedly, a single juicy lemon will keep the seconds ticking for a fortnight (or two weeks, if you’ve got an inexplicable problem with said synonym), which ain’t half bad if we should say so ourselves.

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Artsy Citrus Clock turns lemons into time of day originally appeared on Engadget on Sat, 29 Nov 2008 20:33:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Obama Considering Ares Cancellation, Orion Scale Back [Space]

NASA better come up with some good reasons to keep Ares and Orion alive, because Barack Obama is no JFK: The office of the President Elect has send them a questionnaire asking some tough questions about our favorite space program, Space News reports. You know, the one which is supposed to take Humanity back to the Moon and go to Mars. In fact, the questionare goes as far as asking if NASA could redesign the Orion spacecraft so it could be launched by the European Ariane 5 or the Japanese H2A:

Estimate the feasibility of designing a resized Orion capsule that could be launched by international launch vehicles such as the [European] Ariane 5 or the [Japanese] H2A.

I don’t know about the feasibility of that, I—even while I am not American—doubt about its convenience. After all, even if the economy is broken, wouldn’t government investment in the aerospace industry help it come back and help the US as a whole, just like the Apollo program did, generating thousands of jobs and creating new technologies that put the US ahead of every other country in the planet?

Fortunately, it seems that some people think this is not really a setback, even while the questionare doesn’t ask about the cancellation or scaling of any other programs currently under progress or in the drawing table. John Logsdon, a space expert at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, has hope:

After all, these are the questions that everyone is asking, and the transition team certainly must get NASA’s best answers to them. I would not overinterpret and come to any conclusion regarding what direction the team may be headed — after all, there is still almost two months left in the transition.

Maybe he is right, maybe he is not. After all, during the campaign, Obama pledged to inject two billion dollars into NASA. However, he may not be interested in taking us to Mars but improving our understanding of Earth climate, beaming solar energy from space, and defend Earth against asteroids and comets. I hope his space advisors are aware about the fact that it only takes a bunch of guys from an oil perforation rig to do that. I mean, even Dick and Condi know that the oil industry are the only ones who can save us against global scale wars and doomsday meteors. [Space News via Slashdot]

10-Storey Spiral Stairs Made with Escalators [Architecture]

Star Place is a new Taiwanese department store designed by Dutch architects UNStudio. Outside, the building is beautiful, with a curved façade that glows in a weird star-like moiré pattern. However, the best part of this structure is inside, in its 10-storey atrium, where the designers have constructed an spiral stair made by rotating escalators over a central axis.


$199 Not the Magic Blu-ray Price After All [Blu-Ray]

The general consensus, among experts, analysts and other blowhards has long been that when Blu-ray players legitimately hit $199, the format would finally go mainstream. Well, $200 Blu-ray players are all over the place for Christmas, even Sony’s BDP-S350, with its unshakeable $299 MSRP. But according to ABI Research, only 8 percent of holiday buyers were even considering upgrading to Blu-ray even though about half of American homes have gone HD and it’s totally uncontested by HD DVD this year. What about you guys? [PC World]

Joost Video Streaming iPhone App Makes Us Dream of Hulu [IPhone Apps]

Joost lost the video war a while ago, thinking a P2P app that imitated TV would be the way people wanted to watch TV and movies on their computer. They were wrong, and only recently rectified the mistake. It’s probably too late for them. But their new iPhone app, which streams over 46,000 videos including full movies like Men in Black and Starship Troopers for free over Wi-Fi, is actually kind of exciting.

It’s kind of crashy, could use a better navigation UI and takes too long for movie streams to get going (and then when they do it’s kind of finicky) but we definitely appreciate being to stream The Fifth Element over Wi-Fi in decent quality, when it actually gets going. More than anything though, it just makes us soak our pillow with even more drool dreaming of a Hulu app. [iTunes via NewTeeVee]

Mimobot Designer Flash Drives 36 Percent Off Through Monday [Dealzmodo]

We love pretty much everything about mimobots—designer USB flash drives that come in flavors from Star Wars sex to pirates—except their designer price. But through Monday, they’ve knocked 36 percent off everything they sell (because that’s how much of its value the Dow has lost through year), officially bring them into reasonably priced geek gift territory. [mimoco]

LumiTable Glowing Plate Mat Shows How Tacky You Can Be Even In the Dark [Lighting]

“Stylish and amazing decoration” says manufacturer Lumigram. “Oh yes!” we say, because we are glad they keep adding glowing class and elegance to our sad dark lives, specially these Holidays. To me, nothing says smart and sophisticated Xmas better than their dashing LumiTable fiber optics table runner, available in elegant red, stylish green, and always-fashionable blue.

The 63 x 13-inch LumiTable come with power adapters, so you can trip over the cables running from your dining table to the electricity socket. For $196, you can’t ask for more. No, no, no. You can’t. [Lumigram via 7Gadgets]

$168,000 Harion speaker set crafted from heat-resistant glass, fairy dust

We’re pretty sharp on the fairy dust market, and while it no doubt goes for a premium in certain parts of the world, there’s still a serious surcharge being added in here for transparency. Japan’s own Hario is catering yet again to the affluent among us with its Harion speaker set, which boasts a subwoofer, two mid-range drivers and a pair of acrylic tweeters — all encased in heat-resistant glass. Of course, the company is no stranger to pumping out exclusive glass-based kit and charging a wad for it, as this particular package will run customers a staggering 16 million yen, or just north of $168,000. Oh, but if you and ten others dial in right now, they can be produced and sold for just 10 million yen each ($105,030). Economies of scale, now that’s good stuff.

[Via Gearlog]

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$168,000 Harion speaker set crafted from heat-resistant glass, fairy dust originally appeared on Engadget on Sat, 29 Nov 2008 17:26:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Flying Aerocar Auction Shows the Future Comes From 1956 [Airplane Car]

This flying automobile is probably the only real transformer in existence: The Aerocar, a machine that actually flies and can be legally driven on a highway. Built by Moulton B. Taylor in 1956 and powered by a Lycoming 160HP engine, you only have to attach the folded wings, tail, and propeller to explore the skies at 165mph. Don’t believe it? The FAA does, and you only need $3.5 to buy and enjoy one.

Patented on October 13, 1956, the Aerocar is the only car that is a fully FAA-certified airplane. This one has the FAA registration number N103D and apparently it is in working condition after 1,103 flight hours, even while the last official inspection was performed in 1976. According to the eBay seller, “an informal inspection of the plane by an FAA licensed A&P aircraft mechanic was performed in August of 2006.” [eBay via Dark Roasted Blend]

The Best Xbox 360 Deal: Arcade Bundle + 60GB Live Starter Pack, $250 [Dealzmodo]

So, I went to Circuit City yesterday because I couldn’t keep myself away from the Black Friday madness (it’s fun), and because I wanted to pick up that $199 Xbox 360 Arcade + 20GB refurb hard drive, since it was a good deal without BS add-ons. Apparently, they only had one of those per store, so I missed it. But that’s okay, there’s a better no BS Xbox deal worth highlighting: Amazon is selling the Arcade Holiday Bundle + a 60GB Xbox Live Starter Pack for $250, which basically amounts to $50 off of the Pro.

And you get 3 months of Live free. I think it’s better than the more prevalent software bundles, personally, since not everybody wants Kung Fu Panda or even Rock Band. Just $50 off the Pro, straight up. (You’ve gotta get your own HDMI cables, but just get ’em from Monoprice for a few bucks.) The discount takes shows up when they’re both in the cart. They’ve got 500 total, so hit it quick. As always, if you’ve seen better, let us know. [Amazon]