Japanese Face Slimmer Smooths Skin, Shrinks Face, Scares Everyone

Japanese Face Slimmer Smooths Skin, Shrinks Face, Scares EveryoneLose that Duckface and put on a Blow-up Doll face! The "Face Slimmer" may make you look silly (or worse) while you wear it but the promised reward of a bonafide “beautiful woman smile” make three minutes a day of shame more than worthwhile.

Turn Your iPhone Into A REAL Camera With The iPhone Shutter Grip

It’s summer time. Vacation’s coming up. Of course, you’re taking your
iPhone with you; how could you exist without it, now that you have one? 
But won’t you have to take your camera as well?  Admit it; it’s not
that easy to manipulate the iPhone to take photos or videos.  Unless…
you have an iPhone Shutter Grip.

From "Finish Line" To "Shut The Mother F-er Down": OTB Employees Struggle To Be Heard

If one was to ask what happened on December 7, 2010 and 2011, most folks
would reference the 69th & 70th-year anniversaries of Pearl Harbor.
Few people would know or care that New York’s Off-Track Betting Office
doors were shuttered that first year, depriving thousands of workers
from earned health benefits. And on its anniversary date the following
year, it marked the day that OTB worker Patti McCole entered the
hospital for brain cancer.

Tornado Beer Dispenser Puts a New Twist on Draft Beer

Tornado Beer Dispenser Puts a New Twist on Draft BeerThe Tornado Beer Dispenser from Japan’s Asahi Beer invites toasting tipplers to go “Bottom’s Up!”… literally. The dispenser injects draft beer into the base of a specially designed plastic mug, in the process creating a short-lived alcoholic vortex of epic proportions.

Real Geek Fragrances Will Up Your Mana & Health

Smell Like Your Favorite Gaming Class

If there ever was a scent that told the world what a geek you are, this is it! ThinkGeek’s RPG scented oils let you choose to smell like your favorite fantasy game class: Fighter, Rogue, Mage, Claric, Paladin or Ranger. It’s perfect for any RPG-lover, whether you like to play Dungeons & Dragons, WOW or go out LARPing.

The Big City Dog Whisperer In New CBS Series "Dogs In The City"

CBS is presenting a first for network TV; a dog whisperer straight from
New York City, a Manhattan-based professional ‘dog-guru,’ who visits
homes with dog problems just like cable stars Cesar Milan and Victoria
Stilwell.  His name is Justin Silver, he’s self-taught, and he’s all New

Calcium Supplement Study: Your Bones Or Your Heart?

Though the majority of physicians recommend calcium supplements for bone
strength, some to women over 40, but most just to postmenopausal women,
there have been studies that indicate that such supplementation is not
the best medicine for heart health. 

Pepsi Salty Watermelon is Pepsi Japan’s New Sweet Seasonal Treat

Pepsi Salty Watermelon is Pepsi Japan's New Sweet Seasonal TreatAnother season, another new & exciting Pepsi flavor! This time around the drink designers at Pepsi Japan have reached back to a traditional Japanese summertime treat, salted watermelon.

British Inventor’s New ‘Parking Patch’ Finds You A Parking Space And Calculates Your Parking Fines!

Ever drive into New York City?  Most people don’t, unless they have a garage space for $750 a month.  The odds of finding an available parking
space in NYC are about as high as winning the Mega
Millions.  But Adrian Bone of Lewes, England, has invented a ‘Parking
Patch’ he hopes will solve two parking issues in Brighton, a city south
of London on the English Channel, a city far smaller than NYC or
London. But first Brighton, then the world!

Is Buffy, The Mobile Slayer, Facebook’s Ace In The Hole?

Being left behind on the mobile landscape has motivated countless
bloggers and techie prognosticators to cyberventilate as to FB’s future.
Based on an 11th hour stock devaluation by the company themselves (see
previous post, "Facebook’s IPO Morality Tale…"),
coupled with the claim the company can’t survive in the public sphere
relying solely on ad revenues, Zuck has ridden a roller-coaster of
criticism in one week’s time that has cast yet another shadow over the
world’s largest social network.