Asian Babes Fight of the Week…

Hi everyone, here’s another fight between two gorgeous ladies, but first let’s check our last winner. With 2,406 participants, the winner is the cute Christina Ria (Left) with 64.05% of the votes.
Today we have two new contenders, with : on the Naoko Tokuzawa on the left and Saven Mi on the right.
Which of these beautiful babes won your heart this weekend?
Thanks again to F.B for his selection.

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Black Voices Atlanta Spotlight: ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Star Cynthia Bailey Shares Her Thoughts On The City

As the former capitol of the “Old South,” Atlanta is also the same city that gave birth to the Civil Rights Movement. Today, its home to one of America’s most successful African American populations with the power to influence the cultural trends and attitudes for the rest of Black America. Over the next four weeks, as part of our Atlanta Spotlight Series Huffington Post BlackVoices will take you on an intimate tour of the city to show you the who’s who, the hot spots and all Hotlanta has to offer.

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and model Cynthia Bailey shared her thoughts about what it’s like living in Atlanta:

“I love the quality of life that I can afford to have living in Atlanta,” she told Huffington Post. “Being from the south, I love the balance of ‘a big city lifestyle’ that Atlanta offers. I work between New York City and Atlanta, and the commute is only about two and a half hours, so I feel like between the two cities, I have best of both worlds.”

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‘Bend It Like Beckham’ Soccer Equation Tells How David Beckham Kicks Curving Shot

Want to bend it like Beckham? Students at the University of Leicester in England have come up with an equation that describes in simple terms just what it takes to kick a curving shot like soccer legend David Beckham.

Well, maybe not quite so simple.

The four physics students found that the distance a ball bends (D) as a result of the Magnus effect (the phenomenon in which a spinning ball traces a curving arc as it travels through the air) is related to the radius of the ball (R), the density of the air (ρ), the ball’s angular velocity (ω), its velocity through the air (v), its mass (m) and the distance travelled by the ball in the direction it was kicked (x).

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Boxee, Comcast agree to a workaround for encrypted basic cable channels on third party boxes

Boxee usually doesn’t get along with the existing media / pay-TV conglomerates, but now it’s telling the FCC it has come to an agreement with Comcast. The solution agreed to lets live TV-friendly Boxee access encrypted basic cable channels thanks to a DLNA-controlled high definition digital transport adapter that would connect to the box via Ethernet, with an eye towards no longer requiring an adapter at all down the road. Multichannel News quotes Boxee CEO Avner Ronen as saying it was “good to work with Comcast” on a deal that gives third parties like his company continued access to basic cable. The benefit for Comcast and other cable companies is that they could progress with encrypted all-digital solutions that would open up bandwidth for things like higher speed internet, something Boxee was arguing against previously. What this means for existing standards like CableCARD or the long awaited AllVid is unclear, but if it’s one step closer to a legitimate option to ditching the cable box, we’ll take it.

Boxee, Comcast agree to a workaround for encrypted basic cable channels on third party boxes originally appeared on Engadget on Sun, 01 Jul 2012 00:44:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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The Best #RepublicanMovies Tweets (PICTURES)

As soon as the hashtag #RepublicanMovies took off on Friday, Twitter users couldn’t help but weigh in and adjust some of their favorite movie titles to reflect today’s GOP. By Saturday evening, it was among the top trending topics on Twitter.

Needless to say, the results weren’t exactly done in adoration — but we thought many of them were pretty damn funny. (#DemocratMovies didn’t take off as well, for what it’s worth.)

Here are some of our favorites. Share with us your favorite #RepublicanMovies by tweeting at @HuffPostComedy using that hashtag!

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Arianna Huffington: Sunday Roundup

This week was all about the Supreme Court — and the suddenly surprising John Roberts. First, the Chief Justice guided the court through a split-the-baby decision on Arizona’s immigration law, allowing the noxious “show-your-papers” provision to stand while striking down three others. (Splitting the baby was very much in vogue: see News Corp.) Then came the landmark health care ruling in which Roberts, perhaps mindful of a recent poll showing three-quarters of Americans think he and his fellow justices allow political views to influence their decisions, found a narrow way to uphold Obamacare — a move that left many conservatives fuming, caused Justice Kennedy to accuse Roberts of “vast judicial overreaching,” and prompted Albert Brooks to tweet: “It’s a terrific day in America. I’m gonna go out and get wildly sick.” Much closer to home, we mourned the passing — and celebrated the life — of Nora Ephron (see here, here, here, here, here — and read Nora’s HuffPost posts here).
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Silicone iPhone 4/4s Case Nose Who’s Calling

Silicone iPhone 4/4s Case Nose Who's CallingThe Hana Silicone iPhone 4/4s Case not only displays a distinctive design  that sets it apart from other iPhone cases, the unusual suggested user finger placement ensures anyone can “pick” it out from the crowd.

Leung Chun-Ying Sworn In As Hong Kong’s New Leader

HONG KONG — Hong Kong’s new Beijing-backed leader was sworn in on Sunday amid rising public discontent over widening inequality and lack of full democracy in the semiautonomous southern Chinese financial center.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to take to the streets later in the day in an annual protest that is an occasion for ordinary people to air their grievances over a range of issues.

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BlackVoices Atlanta Spotlight: Andrea Young, Daughter Of Andrew Young, Represents City’s New Leadership

The African American leadership community in Atlanta has long played a transformative role in the social and political tapestry of American life. Nowhere is their display of courage and sacrifice more evident than during the Civil Rights Movement, when this group of fearless men and women stood at the frontline in challenging the explicit racial injustices that permeated the country. With the help of individuals like Maynard Jackson, Andrew Young and Marvin Arrington, their actions altered the perilous course for millions of African Americans, beckoning an age of equal citizenship and opportunity.

Our subjects for this spotlight are Brooke Jackson Edmonds, Andrea Young and Marvin Arrington Jr. These three represent the second generation of these American pioneers and have added to their family’s legacies by establishing equally impressive leadership credentials of their own. Over the next four weeks Black Voices will introduce you to each of them and find out their thoughts about key issues that impact the African American community. First up in our spotlight is Ms. Andrea Young.

As the daughter of former Atlanta Mayor, US Ambassador and Congressman Andrew Young, Andrea grew up at the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement and is today the executive director of the Andrew Young Foundation. In addition to working closely with her dad, with whom she assisted in writing his Civil Rights memoir, “An Easy Burden: Civil Rights and the Transformation of America,” Andrea is a lawyer who has devoted her professional life to promoting policies that defend and extend civil and human rights. She has worked in numerous areas of the political arena, including serving as a legislative assistant to Senator Edward and Chief of Staff for the first woman to represent Georgia in Congress, Cynthia McKinney. Clearly sustaining the legacy started by her father, Andrea is among other things, a Scholar in Residence at the Leadership Center at Morehouse College where she developed a class on leadership and a series of public leadership forums.

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Titan, Moon Of Saturn, May Have Ocean Below Its Surface

LOS ANGELES — Scientists reported Thursday on the strongest sign yet that Saturn’s giant moon may have a salty ocean beneath its chilly surface.

If confirmed, it would catapult Titan into an elite class of solar system moons harboring water, an essential ingredient for life.

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