Rogers LTE Rocket Hub supports up to 15 simultaneous users, requires electrical outlet

Rogers LTE Rocket Hub supports up to 15 simultaneous users, requires electrical outletLooking for a mobile hotspot that’s a bit less mobile? Rogers’ exclusive LTE Rocket Hub may be the pick for you, delivering 40 Mbps average download speeds with support for up to 15 simultaneous wireless device connections. LTE service is currently available in 28 cities above the border, but locales without the latest network can hop on HSPA+ to get connected. The device is set to ship beginning August 2nd, and unlike the carrier’s existing Rocket Mobile Hotspot, this larger flavor will require an electrical outlet — but with more than a dozen connections and a 10 gig LTE cap (which we presume applies here as well), you will need to unplug once in a while. More details at the source link below.

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Crucial outs v4 SSD for solid-state storage on a budget

Crucial outs v4 SSD for solidstate storage on a budget

Solid-state drives cost just a fraction of what they did a few years ago, but with prices that can still exceed $1,000, you could hardly label them as cheap. Crucial still aims to put solid-state storage within reach of those on a budget, however, releasing its 2.5-inch v4 drive with pricing that starts at $50. That entry-level model will net you just 32 gigs of storage — hardly a lust-worthy sum — but the series is also available in configurations of 64GB ($70), 128GB ($100) and 256GB ($190), offering read speeds of up to 230 MB/s and write speeds of up to 190 MB/s with SATA 2-capable desktops and laptops. The v4 joins Crucial’s higher-end m4, which offers much speedier performance and Ultrabook-friendly configurations to boot. You’ll find full details in the PR after the break.

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Crucial outs v4 SSD for solid-state storage on a budget originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 01 Aug 2012 01:02:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Beats by Dr. Dre EKOCYCLE Headphones

Beats by Dr. Dre EKOCYCLE Headphones

Coca-Cola and Beats by Dr. Dre have joined together to release the EKOCYCLE headphones. These headphones are made from recycled materials to help raise environmental awareness amongst the younger generation. The EKOCYCLE brand will premiere its first 60 seconds television commercial on August 1st, 2012 in the U.S. market during the telecast of the Summer Olympic Games. The Beats by Dr. Dre EKOCYCLE headphones are priced at around $349. [Press Release]

Zynga goes up against 2 more lawsuits

It is not surprising that in this day and age, something sweet and beautiful can turn sour in the blink of an eye. Take Zynga Inc. for instance, at one point in the company’s history, it more or less could not do any wrong, especially when you consider how all of its “Ville” games on Facebook were more or less a runaway hit. Well, the stock of Zynga has plunged to new lows since those lofty days, and to rub salt into a festering wound, Zynga has met up with a pair of lawsuits from shareholders who accuse the “FarmVille” creator of failing in their duty to warn investors about lower user and revenue growth, hence allowing its disastrous financial results to drag its share prices down further last week.

A couple of California law firms filed lawsuits that are looking at class-action status on behalf of stockholders, as shareholders are not happy that Zynga apparently concealed threats to its business and sales growth from investors. The lawsuit mentioned, “Zynga misrepresented or failed to disclose material adverse facts about its business, operations, and growth prospects.” Were you burned by Zynga’s tailspin stock price?

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Philips FWP3200D DJ-Dock makes you the communal deadmau5

“Music,” the wise Madonna once sang, “makes the people come together,” and although it may look like the tail-end of a Pagani Zonda, the Philips FWP3200D DJ-Dock attempts to do just that. A combination speaker system and dual-deck docking station, the DJ-Dock takes two iPhones or iPods in its rotatable bays – which can be swiveled for either a user standing behind, or positioned for communal control at a party – and includes integrated lighting effects.

The flashing speaker rings can be user-selected to glow either red, blue or purple, or indeed an alternating combination, and they pulse in time to the beat of the music. A matching FWP1000 speaker kit can be daisy-chained too, adding a further 240W of amplification and matching lighting.

Connectivity includes USB and and aux-in port, for use with non-Apple media players, and there’s an included remote control which can be used to switch between the lighting modes. A microphone input is also supplied, and there’s support for the Algoriddim djay app for iPhone and iPod touch. T

he usual DJ controller buttons and sliders are present and correct, including a channel fader for switching between the sources, treble/bass controls, and a “power boosting” MAX Sound mode for getting the thumpiest audio from the 300W amplification. Speakers consist of 2-inch tweeters and 5.25-inch woofers, and there’s an FM tuner if you’ve got nothing worth listening to on your phone.

The Philips FWP3200D DJ-Dock is available in the UK now, priced at £299.99 ($470). The FWP1000 speaker kit is also available, priced at £199.99 ($314).

Philips FWP3200D DJ-Dock makes you the communal deadmau5 is written by Chris Davies & originally posted on SlashGear.
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New Digg launched

Digg – the website that made plenty of waves many years ago, but then suffered a huge decline (to the ignomity of being sold for just $500,000), is back just like Arnold. Betaworks acquired Digg around one and a half months ago, where this revamped Digg website and iPhone app have rolled out – a day ahead of schedule, to boot. Current Digg CEO John Borthwick did mention to the BBC that the old Digg was way too expensive to run, and this streamlined version that sports a totally new code base and fresh infrastructure is a whole lot more affordable. In fact, Borthwick claimed that it costs around “one-fifteenth to one-eighteenth of the cost” to maintain. Someone should hire him in the government to trim down those bloated departments!

Do you like the new look Digg, or are you still pretty much nostalgic about its previous iteration? I guess regardless of nostalgia and a yearning for the first time we stumbled upon (pun not intended) Digg, we need to move on with the times, and I would want to wish the Digg community the very best.

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The Perfect Task Lamp Lets You Mold Its Light to Your Liking [Design]

Even jointed lamps that pivot at all angles can be hard to direct, when you need the light to be just so. A lamp whose entire body is the light itself—and bendy, no less—is exactly the kind of thing to read by… or work by… or by which to do just about any activity requiring good light that won’t hurt your eyes. More »

France asks Google for Street View data

Google Street View logoAccording to France’s data-protection authority, they have requested for Internet search giant Google to pass data that were collected in secret from Internet users through their Street View mapping cars, which Google did mention recently that they failed to delete all the collected data despite making a promise to do so in the past. This demand from the French comes hot off the heels of a similar request by Britain’s privacy watchdog. Just what kind of content does the collected Street View data hold? Well, we are talking about passwords and emails that were picked up from private wireless hotspots.

France’s CNIL authority mentioned on their website that it had put forward a request to Google to “place at its disposal the relevant data and to conserve the data for as long as it takes to carry out the necessary investigations”. According to a Google spokesman, Google has every intention now to erase whatever data that remained, but will not take that action immediately as the CNIL alongside a slew of other agencies would want to have a closer look at those data beforehand.

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Robokind from Hanson Robotics paraded

Hanson Robotics must be pretty proud to have paraded their very first production unit that hails from their miniature humanoid robot range, calling it the Robokind. Sporting a rather semi-realistic head that comes complete with moving eyelids and lips, it is very different from the rest of the robots which form part of the commercially-available research platforms. In fact, prototypes of this particular robot are already being prepared for action under the segment of autism treatment therapy.

Of course, such robots are definitely not going to come cheap – as the cheapest Robokind model will start from $11,500 onwards. Well, at that price point, the Robokind would definitely be more or less in line with other similarly-sized research platforms such as the Robotis DARwIn-OP and Aldebaran Robotics’ NAO. The main drawback? It would not end up a mass-market toy, but perhaps the future might bring about something different. One can always keep his or her fingers crossed, don’t you think so?

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Lenovo ThinkPad tablet with Windows 8 and Intel Inside stops by the FCC

Lenovo ThinkPad tablet with Windows 8 and Intel Inside stops by the FCC

Bearing a TP00043AWD model number, Lenovo’s Windows 8 ThinkPad tablet has apparently stopped by the FCC for testing, making it the second we’ve seen after ASUS’ Tablet 810 made the rounds. Although there aren’t any glamor shots or specs available, the design shown closely matches the tablet we spent some hands-on time with at Computex in June and a quick zoom in the lower right corner reveals that new Windows logo alongside another one for Intel. When we saw it last the spec list included a 10.1-inch 1366 x 768 display, Intel Clover Trail CPU, 2- and 8MP cameras front and back plus the usual assortment of connectors. Check after the break for a bigger look at the diagram and zoom of the revealing logos, or hit the source link to go through any unsealed documents with a fine toothed comb.

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