Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Dr. Phil Interview: Man At Center Of Manti Te’o Hoax Says He Is Recovering From Homosexuality (VIDEO)

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, the man behind the now-famous hoax on Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o, now says he’s “recovering” from homosexuality.

In an an interview with Dr. Phil McGraw for the “Dr. Phil Show,” the first part of which aired Thursday, Tuiasosopo compared being gay to drug addiction:

“You’ve heard of recovering drug addicts? It takes a lot of courage to stand and say that to recover from homosexuality and this type of thing. Not just that, but coming back to your real life, as hard of a task it is, I’m going to do all that I can to live right.’’

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Toshiba Will Be Among The First To Use Tegra 4, Says Report

Toshiba Will Be Among The First To Use Tegra 4, Says ReportNVIDIA has already announced the Tegra 4 earlier this month, and Vizio is the first, in our opinion, to showcase an actual product running Tegra 4. We’re talking about Vizio’s 10.1-inch Tegra 4 tablet that was demoed to us at CES 2013. Now, DigiTimes is reporting that Toshiba, too, is planning to launch its own Tegra 4-powered tablet in June this year. Citing from Taiwanese supply chain makers, the publication says that Asus and Acer are still undecided about using Tegra 4. Sources told DigiTimes that Tegra 4 is merely a backup solution for now, since Asus has a close partnership with Qualcomm. (more…)

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’30 Rock’ Series Finale: The Gang Reunites To Film One Final ‘TGS’ Episode (VIDEO)

After what felt like a heartwarming goodbye last week, “30 Rock” had one more hour of laughs in store for its fans. The series send-off featured several celebrity guests as the gang got together to film one final episode of “TGS.” Kenneth was settling into his role as the new president of NBC while Jack was trying to find his happiness — that turned out to be transparent dishwashers.

It was a proper farewell for the series, with looks back over the years. Even Lutz got his moment to shine by getting to pick lunch. This was far harder for him to accomplish than it should have been, but he came out victorious.

The end of the episode jumped forward a year, where we saw that Jenna had not conquered Broadway, but she totally hijacked someone else’s moment at the Tony Awards. Liz was hard at work — which is where she found her happiness — on Grizz’s new sitcom.

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Olivia Ottenfeld: The Impact of Selling Girl Scout Cookies

Thanks to skills I’ve developed from selling Girl Scout Cookies, I have learned how to manage my money. I’ve been able to decide how to better use my babysitting money, for example; spending some while saving some.
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Verizon offers another way to pick up a Square reader, make your eventual fortune

Not that there’s been a lack of ways to pickup a Square credit card reader, but if you happen to find yourself in a Verizon Wireless store with a few extra bucks and the burning desire to open your own boutique business (and you’re not craving coffee or a MacBook), you’re in luck. As of today, VZW stores will be offering up the commerce device nationally for $9.97 a pop — a price that comes with a $10 Square credit. Ka-ching. With $10 billion a year in payments at last count, that pricing structure seems to be working out for the company after all.

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Google reportedly submits antitrust settlement to the European Commission

The time has rolled around for Google to address the antitrust issues concerning the company with the European Commission, with the search engine giant providing its antitrust settlement proposal just before the January 31 deadline it was given. Sources said to be familiar with the situation have chimed into say that the proposal is a lot like what we saw in the FTC settlement.


Everything else aside, it seems Google will not have to acknowledge that it has done anything wrong. The proposal was submitted after negotiations, and while similar to the FTC settlement, is said to have some differences worth noting. One such difference is the likelihood that Google will beef up search labeling of its own items, and that this proposal will exclude mention of patents.

According to AllThingsD, the information is said to come from sources present at the negotiations that took place in Brussels. Unlike the FTC settlement, which was rampant with leaks to the point of prompting an investigation, the European Commission proposal has been far more closed off and tight knit. If all this proves to be true, those critical of the FTC settlement are likely to be just as unhappy with the EC proposal.

Neither the European Commission nor Google have offered any statements on the information, with the latter simply stating that it is continuing to work with the EC. Although all information that comes from sources like this should not be taken without a healthy dose of skepticism, some other outlets are also reporting that Google has submitted the proposal.

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Best Buy Stores Are Closing In Canada, Employees Were Not Informed

Best Buy Stores Are Closing In Canada, Employees Were Not InformedTalk about the worst-case scenario for a day at work. You wake up early, eat a hearty breakfast, and drive your car to the office, only to be told that the office has been closed and that you’ve been fired from your job. Unfortunately, these situation happened to a few employees at Best Buy stores in Canada. Apparently Best Buy Canada already had plans of closing seven of its stores across the country, as well as eight other future locations. The only problem was that Best Buy did not notify or inform its employees. (more…)

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Anne Hilker: A Confused Teen in a Moment’s Clarity

Even though I landed a smaller role, I was crushed. I know you’re thinking: “It was a just high school play! Nothing big, right?” Wrong!
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Rachel Demma: Pride and Prejudice at ‘Downton Abbey’

“Downton Abbey”‘s latest twist got me thinking: What has changed between 1920 and 2013 that can assure that neither pride nor prejudice can jeopardize my well being, or the well being of other women?
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The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Cattle Call

Livestock and art auctions share little in common beyond a name. While even the most ferocious bidding war at Christie’s or Sotheby’s will remain stately and reserved, cattle auctions devolve into frantic, rapid-fire calls the moment the steer enter their pen. But as Werner Herzog once quipped, these steer sellers speak “the last poetry possible, the poetry of capitalism.” More »