Kellee Khalil: Reception-Ready Wedding Dresses (PHOTOS)

Try the trend some brides are taking on and switch into a different dress for your reception.
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Bangladesh Rioting Over Court Decision Kills 42

DHAKA, Bangladesh — Bangladesh police say 42 people have been killed in rioting sparked by a special tribunal’s death sentence for an Islamic political party leader convicted of war crimes.

Top Jamaat-e-Islami leader Delwar Hossain Sayedee was sentenced Thursday for mass killings, rape and atrocities committed during the independence war against Pakistan in 1971.

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‘Community’: The Study Group Battles The Germans For Control Of Their Study Room (VIDEO)

It was war for the study room on the latest episode of “Community.” The German students were back, and they took control of the study room by first infiltrating it and then by simply using the sign up sheet. But this didn’t sit well with the Greendale gang, who concocted an elaborate plan to retake control of the study room.

“When I was growing up, it was just me and my mom. I didn’t have much of family. That is, until I met you guys. So, excuse me if I’m not willing to give up the place where we became a family,” Jeff old the group.

While Jeff giving motivational speeches to the group has been a staple of the show since the early days, The AV Club thought that this one — while the stand-out moment of the episode — didn’t exactly ring true to the character. Screencrush agreed, writing that “Jeff comes off as a Bizarro World version of himself.”

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Justin Bieber Birthday: 19 Things The Pop Star Accomplished Before His 19th Birthday

Today, Justin Bieber finally leaves behind his days of being a newly legal 18-year-old and celebrates his 19th birthday.

We’ll say it: JB’s teen years have been nothing short of epic. The pop star has already seen more success than some performers do in a lifetime: He’s one of the highest paid celebrities under the age of 30, has had five number one albums on the Billboard charts, and has even sold out Madison Square Garden. When he’s not presenting at the Grammys or filming documentaries about his life, he’s hanging out with Usher or tweeting to one of his 35 million Twitter followers.

The real question is, when does this kid get any sleep?!

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Michael S. Broder, Ph.D.: Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda: How to Make a Decision You Won’t Regret!

Think about a current situation in your life in which you’re contemplating a big decision. Here is how to avoid second-guessing or regrets to feel best about your decision, as well as to master the decision-making process itself.
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Telefonica shows off streaming 4K video on home fiber

Telefonica shows off streaming 4K video, won't make it fit your ISDN line

The future of TV is supposed to involve streaming video, and it’s also supposed to involve 4K TVs — but melding the two has been difficult. Telefonica wants to show that the feat is at least possible with mere mortal connections: it’s been using Mobile World Congress to show 4K video streaming on a 100Mbps fiber-to-the-home link. As our Spanish teammates can attest, the (admittedly very local) demo works as well as you’d hope, providing all the fine details without buffering or other hiccups. There’s no estimated timeframe for a commercial service, but we wouldn’t hold out hope of a version that would fit on cable or DSL when there’s a raw 40Mbps bitrate.

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Source: Engadget Spanish (translated)

Ashley Turner: 4 Ways to Forgive and Let Go

Although forgiving someone (or ourselves) can happen in an instant, my experience is that it is usually a much more lengthy process requiring great patience, trust, persistence and prayer — more like peeling an onion or a lotus blossoming than a lightning bolt.
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Thanko – “Ionic Zone” – USB-powered UV air washer

From Thanko comes a simple but useful product to clean the air around you and eliminate odors in your office or home.
It is a small fan that can be plugged into your computer USB port, with a 6-layered filter and a UV light.
Odors and air particles are removed through the filter and “minus ion” air is generated due to the UV light.
After 2 weeks, you can really see the dirt on the filter that has been taken out of the air.
The air washer comes with 5 extra papers for each layer of …

Coming to an e-book or car near you: The Web

W3C CEO Jeff Jaffe

(Credit: Stephen Shankland/CNET)

BARCELONA, Spain–You’re used to the Web on your PC. You’re getting used to it on your smartphone. So what’s next?

Publishing and automobile industry players have just begun spinning up efforts at the World Wide Web Consortium, said W3C Chief Executive Jeff Jaffe in an interview here at Mobile World Congress. So don’t be surprised to see proprietary technology for e-book readers and in-dash computer systems slowly disappear in favor of software based on Web technology.

Books are perhaps an obvious area for Web technology, given that in electronic form they’re just formatted documents and the Web began its life as a way to share formatted documents. But the two domains have taken years to reach today’s level of convergence.

“The Web equals publishing,” Jaffe said. “There’s really no difference anymore.”

Among the inroads Web technology has made into publishing:

Menna van Praag: 31 Days of Daily Inspiration From Brilliant Women

March is National Women’s History Month. To celebrate and commemorate the contribution of great women through the ages, I’ll be posting a daily inspirational quote from 31 famous women who’ve changed our world, along with reflections and practical tips for today.
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