Novartis Drug Case: Indian Court Rejects Drug Maker’s Attempt To Patent New Version Of Cancer Medicine

NEW DELHI (AP) — India’s Supreme Court on Monday rejected drug maker Novartis AG’s attempt to patent a new version of a cancer drug in a landmark decision that healthcare activists say ensures poor patients around the world will get continued access to cheap versions of lifesaving medicines.

Novartis had argued that it needed a new patent to protect its investment in the cancer drug Glivec, while activists said the company was trying to use loopholes to make more money out of a drug whose patent had expired.

The decision has global implications since India’s $26 billion generic drug industry supplies much of the cheap medicine used in the developing world.

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Goodbye Harlem Shake, Hello…Hadouken-ing?

It seems as though a new internet phenomenon sweeps the web every few weeks, sparking global obsession along with a fresh generation of internet trolls and blogger backlash. The new "Hadouken-ing" photography craze out of Japan has just broken onto the "meme scene", but the battles and discussions have already begun, mainly about the name, where the original idea actually came from, and of course, the age-old question: Which is better, Street Fighter or Dragon Ball Z?

Apple Denied iPad Mini Trademark

Apple Denied iPad Mini TrademarkNow this is a rather surprising turn of events – normally, one would have thought that it is pretty straightforward to pick up a trademark for your products, especially when you are a corporate behemoth like Apple. Hence, it proved to be an eye opener when the United States Patent and Trademark Office officially denied Apple a trademark for the iPad mini tablet.

Does this mean that the iPad mini will have to be called something else? Not really, as Apple still has another solid recourse to fall back upon, that is, they have the right to reply to the denial of its trademark application, while making sure that issues discovered will be rectified in due time. Basically, the main issue for Apple’s rejection would be the iPad mini mark, which “merely describes a feature or characteristic of applicant’s good.” Hence, the onus is on Apple to show the USPTO that “mini” is somehow a distinctive name, which shouldn’t be too difficult considering the legal eagles that they have under their employment.

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Brandon Ambrosino: Resurrection As Metaphor? What the Early Christians Meant When They Said, "Jesus is Lord"

“Jesus is Lord,” the disciples flippantly announce, and the overtones aren’t lost on anyone who’s listening. If Jesus is Lord, then that means Caesar isn’t.
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Facebook On Android Could Ring In New Changes

Facebook On Android Could Ring In New ChangesWe did manage to catch a whiff of what is to come for the Android platform where Facebook, the social network that just about everyone has, will offer in due time. Assuming that Facebook’s future Android homescreen will take off like never before, there is every possibility that this could indirectly expose Apple’s weakness when it comes to the iOS’ closed environment, which is a polar opposite of what used to be touted as its strengths, namely a cohesive design as well as ease of use.

It must be said that Android’s level of flexibility offered to app developers has been a major selling point for some time now, especially to geeks and early adopters, although the average Joe on the street might not think too much of it. We do await with bated breath to see and hear what Facebook has in store for the Android loving masses this coming first week of April, as the invitation has been extended to “see our new home on Android”. Do leave your thoughts as to what will happen at this Facebook event.

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Play-Doh 3D Printer: Print Stuff, Don’t Eat It

If you’ve followed Technabob for any period of time, you know that we’re big supporters of the development of 3D printing technology. I truly think that if there’s one tech sub-sector that’s going to blow up in the next decade and revolutionize industry, it’s 3D printing. And while speed and detail are things still left to the more expensive industrial printers out there, there are more and more options for the home 3D printing enthusiast. Now, you can get your kid started early with their very own Play-Doh 3D printer.

play doh 3d printer box

It was only a matter of time before the Fuzzy Pumper Barber Shop got a 21st century makeover, and this new device is definitely a major step forward for kids with maker aspirations.

play doh 3d printer 1

To print on the Play-Doh 3D printer, simply create your designs with the companion iOS app, and send them to the printer wirelessly. Then turn the crank to slowly see your design emerge. In no time at all, you’ll be printing out all sorts of objects. Just don’t try to eat them. Despite all of the advancements in technology, Play-Doh still doesn’t taste very good. I’ve tried.

play doh 3d printer 2

The guys over at ThinkGeek have secured an exclusive for the first batch of Play-Doh 3D printers, so you’d better line up and head over there right away if you and your kids are ready to crank out some delightfully doughy objects of your very own.

UPDATE: Happy April Fool’s Day!

Knicks Rout Celtics 108-89 For Eighth Straight Win (VIDEO)

NEW YORK — Closing in on one goal of ending Boston’s division title reign, the New York Knicks added another.

While they were finishing off their second victory over the Celtics this week, injured forward Rasheed Wallace drew a large “50” on the board in their locker room, challenging them to strive for a 50-win season.

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Saudi Arabia: Skype And WhatsApp Fail To Comply With Regulations

Saudi Arabia: Skype And WhatsApp Fail To Comply With RegulationsMost of the world is aware that Saudi Arabia is not exactly the most liberal of countries, mainly because there is no separation between religion and the state. Having said that, there are some rules in that particular country that would have folks living in far more liberal thinking countries wonder how did folks manage to put up with all of those restrictions for so long. Well, the latest bit of information to roll out from Saudi Arabia’s Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission is this – select Internet applications such as Skype as well as WhatsApp have failed to comply with regulatory requirements.

According to the state-owned Saudi Press Agency, the local services companies were informed that they are required to communicate with international application providers including Skype, WhatsApp and Viber to make sure that their offerings will soon comply with Saudi regulations. ‘Discipline’ will of course, be meted out in the event any service provider do not meet those requirements down the road.

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‘Happy Endings’: Max And Penny Knock Themselves Out To Avoid Texting (VIDEO)

It was a one-two punch of wackiness as “Happy Endings” settled into its new Friday timeslot. The show will air back-to-back episodes until it completes the full episode order for its second season. After that, it’s fate is up in the air. Even the show’s own network is asking people to save it. But the best way to do that is by watching it, and only about 3 million people did that.

They missed out on a lot of fun, though. said the show is worth staying in on Fridays for. This week saw Brad discovering his true passion after saving the children’s gym he was working at — Hello, David Alan Grier! — while Penny and Max fought to control their relationships. They realized by texting their significant others so desperately, they were giving them all the power.

The solution? Black market cough medicine that knocks them out for 14 hours at a time. Unfortunately, they got addicted to the power — and the Nochetussin — to the point that Penny’s fiance thought something horrible had happened to her.

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Morgan Guyton: Why Google’s ‘War On Easter’ Is Offensively Christlike

Jesus is not stingy about sharing His resurrection with all of humanity. Why would he be stingy about sharing Easter with Cesar Chavez?
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