UberTAXI returns to NYC in a limited capacity


Just a few days after receiving the nod from New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC), UberTAXI has officially returned to the Big Apple — with some limitations. For starters, automatic fare billing is not yet available, so passengers will have to pay drivers directly via cash or credit card. Uber warns that ride availability will be limited as the company is working on adding more cabbies to its system. Also, while New Yorkers can use a mobile app to call for a ride, drivers cannot be requested by SMS. Finally, the TLC’s e-hail pilot program prohibits UberTAXIs from making trips to both JFK and LaGuardia airports along with accepting fares going outside of New York’s five boroughs. Restrictive? Yes, but at least it’s a start.

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Mophie HTC One Juice Pack Announced

Mophie HTC One Juice Pack AnnouncedModern day smartphones come with a whole lot more functions than you can shake a stick at – and while that is a good thing, the downside to all of it is, you will need to make sure that your battery’s juice level is at its peak before you leave the home, otherwise you might be left high and dry just halfway through the day at work. Mophie has been rolling out juice packs in the past for notable handsets, and the same applies to the HTC One with mophie’s very own HTC One juice pack that is said to double the battery life.

All that it takes to activate the additional reserves of juice is a simple flip of a switch, and do not fret that your device would look like an unwieldy device, since it comes in an ultra-thin and lightweight design which will complement the smartphone’s zero-gap unibody design. Not only does this mean you get additional juice, you will also experience full protection without looking out of place. You can pick up the HTC One juice pack in black or silver colors for $99.95 a pop.

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Eugene Scalia, Antonin Scalia’s Son, Described As ‘An Absolute Bulldog’ On Dodd-Frank

Perhaps the genes run in the family.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is a household name in Washington, but his son, Eugene Scalia is not too far behind, thanks to his work in fighting Dodd-Frank. In Gary Rivlin’s piece for The Nation, which went live online on Tuesday, the younger Scalia is described as everything from “an absolute bulldog,” to Wall Street’s “secret weapon.”

In direct comparison to his father, the praise moves up a notch. From The Nation:

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‘Awkward’: Things Get Really Awkward When The Parents Find Out Matty And Jenna Hooked Up (VIDEO)

Things definitely got awkward for Jenna and Matty on the latest “Awkward” starting the moment Jenna’s father realized the birth control pills he’d found belonged to his daughter. He had no idea that it was Jenna’s mother who’d given her the pills, and had even hooked her up with condoms so she would be safe if-and-when she decided to have sex.

In an impulsive moment, he left a message for Matty’s parents, leading to the most uncomfortable dinner party of all time. Matty’s parents showed up, with their reluctant son in tow, and forced him to apologize to Jenna’s parents. An impromptu dinner invitation — accepted by Matty’s father — led to the families enjoying Chinese and uncomfortable silences together.

Matty’s mother laid into both of Jenna’s parents when they were leaving, calling them hippies and chastising them for supplying Jenna with condoms and the pill. In her mind, they were encouraging her to have sex rather than preparing her to be safe and responsible.

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Mel Watt Picked For FHFA Post By White House To Replace Ed DeMarco

BOSTON — President Barack Obama will nominate Mel Watt, a longtime Democratic congressman from North Carolina, to oversee government-controlled mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in a move that may give the White House greater control over housing policy.

Obama will announce his nomination of Watt to lead the Federal Housing Finance Agency on Wednesday, people familiar with the matter said. The nomination, subject to Senate approval, would thrust the Yale-educated lawyer into the center of U.S. economic policy as the government weighs how best to maintain the housing recovery while reducing the government’s role in propping up home prices and providing loans.

FHFA regulates Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the bailed-out mortgage financiers that together own or guarantee about half of all outstanding U.S. home loans. The federal government backstops more than nine of every 10 new mortgages.

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IBM Movie Shows Off Atomic Scale Claymation

We have seen how IBM had come up with a new kind of storage device which is so small, we are not dealing in millimeters, but rather, at just the size of 12 atoms. A dozen atoms, that is all there is to it, and yet the folks over at IBM were able to store and retrieve digital 1s and 0s from its array. Having said that, IBM’s research division released a stop-motion movie that you can view in the video above, where the main protagonist is a stick figure that measures a mere few atoms in size.

“A Boy and His Atom” is the title of the story, where the character called Atom made friends with a single atom, and continued to play with his new friend as they danced, played catch and bounced on a trampoline. This will definitely not pick up any Oscars at the next Academy Awards, although the claymation marks a breakthrough in scientists’ ability to capture, position and shape individual atoms with utmost precision, thanks to the clever use of temperature, pressure and vibrations.

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Grizzlies Beat Clippers In Game 5, 103-93: Zach Randolph Leads Memphis To 3rd Straight Win

LOS ANGELES — The Memphis Grizzlies got down in the trenches again and grabbed home-court advantage from the Los Angeles Clippers.

Zach Randolph scored 10 of his 25 points in the fourth quarter and the Grizzlies capitalized on Blake Griffin’s ankle injury to beat the Clippers 103-93 on Tuesday night, taking a 3-2 lead in their first-round playoff series.

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HTC shutting down Watch movies in six countries by May 31st

HTC shutting down Watch in six countries by May 31st

While there are signs HTC’s fortunes might turn a corner through the launch of the One, few would doubt that its finances could use some streamlining. The company has just outlined one of the ways it will be pinching pennies: it’s closing its Watch movie stores in Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden by May 31st, with some Italians reporting a shutdown on the 15th. As the company explains to us in a statement (after the break), it’s concentrating on supporting Watch in those regions with the “highest engagement” while dropping those with “less application traffic” — in short, markets with poor performance get the boot. HTC stresses that Watch isn’t going away, however, and it’s delivering a steady stream of content. We’re glad to hear that the company is sharpening its focus rather than cutting the cord. Still, that won’t be much consolation to movie-loving Europeans and Scandinavians.

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Print Your Own Kidney

Print Your Own KidneySometime earlier in the month, we talked about scientists having met with success when it came to manufacturing a kidney in the confines of a laboratory. Well, some of us are aware that when it comes to organ transplants, finding a match is hard enough, what more, getting enough donors. In fact, over 60,000 folks in the US are on the waiting list for organ transplants, and here we are with a potential solution for those who need a new kidney – growing cells in a lab which contain the characteristics of kidney cells.

In tests, these lab-grown cells were placed on an artificial renal device which sports a tubular component, collection system, and a reservoir, making it not too different from that of a bladder. Whenever the device was implanted in animals, the cells within could form kidney structures, and in the process, produce a urine-like fluid, which more or less makes it a successful mini-kidney of sorts. Following up on that success, researchers have worked on a printer which can print kidney cells into a 3D kidney prototype, now how about that? This 3D organ prototype will be printed layer by layer, and we look forward to future developments in this aspect. [Press Release]

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Marantz – 7.1ch AV amplifier with slim body – “NR1604″

Marantz - 7.1ch AV amplifier with slim body - "NR1604"

Marantz will release a new 7.1ch AV amplifier model “NR1604″ in late May.

The amplifier has slim dimensions at 440 x 367 x 105 mm and has a discrete power amplifier rated output 50W × 7ch (8Ω), maximum output of 100W × 7ch (6Ω).

It supports DLNA, FLAC / WAV files up to 24bit/192kHz and Apple Lossless support up to 24bit/96kHz. Also available is “2 M-DAX” through which you can play compressed music files MP3, WMA, such as AAC. USB and smart device connection is possible through the front.

It also supports AirPlay to play music wirelessly through a PC or iPhone and Internet radio. M-XPort “RX101″ to connect Bluetooth receiver is sold separately.

There are a total of 7 HDMI inputs in the system, 1 in front, 6 in the back and it can also be scaled up to output 4K, and 4K video pass-through (3,840 × 2,160 dots).

Price: 84,000
Color: Black