The technical joy of Burger King’s hands-free Whopper holder

Please guess what his hands are doing.

(Credit: Creativity Online/Vimeo Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

Your cell phone has shown your hands that they can be free.

You can talk into it, while scratching your face, driving your car, or conducting the New York Philharmonic.

Purveyors of fast food have been slow to offer you a similar sense of liberty. Conduct the Philharmonic while trying to eat a Big Mac, and it will be a messy experience for both you and the lead viola.

Burger King wants to redress your balance. It has created a holder in which you can slip your Whopper and leave your hands free to do what they must.

I am permanently indebted to Creativity Online, which describes how Burger King’s Puerto Rican arm freed those of 50 very fortunate members of its Frequent Chompers Club.

Actually, the company seems to merely call it a loyalty program.

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Improved Hulu Plus Experience Arrives

The Hulu Plus experience in your living room might just change the way you watch movies and TV shows forever.

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Floome Smartphone Breathalyzer Does Not Need To Juice Up

Now here is a device known as Floome that does not need any charging to get going, meaning it is ready to be used all the time.

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Tumblr creative director quits after Yahoo acquisition

Could it be that the recent Yahoo acquisition of Tumblr rubbed some people the wrong way? Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said that they wouldn’t screw it up, but sometimes you can’t make everyone happy. It turns out that Tumblr’s creative director and one of the company’s first employees, Jacob Bijani, is stepping down from his post.


Bijani doesn’t mention the reason for his leave, but he says that he’s “proud” of the work that Tumblr has done, and it was “a privilege to contribute to something beloved by so many.” He says he’s excited about the future of Tumblr and is looking forward to seeing what’s next for the company and the product, noting that it will most likely “be nothing short of incredible.”

Could it be the first of many big departures for Tumblr? While Tumblr CEO David Karp seems to be all on board with the acquisition, many employees may not feel the same way. I mean, we wouldn’t be surprised if every Tumblr employee was on board with it, but we’re certainly a bit surprised to see that one of the original employees is heading out.

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 2.43.40 PM

Bijani says that there’s still a lot more that he wants to accomplish, mentioning that he has “about a dozen different projects” on the back burner, so it seems he isn’t quitting his profession, but the timing of the departure is a curious one, and if we had a portion of that cool $1.1 billion, we don’t blame Bijani for taking “some time off to digest the last few years.”

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August Smart Lock: Hope My Front Door Doesn’t Get Hacked

Keys have evolved over the last few years, quite significantly. There are cars which no longer require keys at all, starting at the touch of a button when the key fob is nearby. These days, people like controlling all of their stuff via smartphones, and I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to control door locks with them. Or not.

The August Smart Lock is a system that allows anyone to enter your home, if they’ve been granted a virtual key.

august smart lock yves behar

It was designed by Yves Béhar. It’s supposed to provide a seamless way of entering one’s home. The lock works with existing deadbolts, and a companion app. You’ll still be able to unlock your door the old fashioned way. The virtual keys are naturally encrypted, and cannot be copied. If you lose your phone, you can kill your key remotely through the website.

The feature I like is the auto-unlock, which automatically unlocks the door when you come to your house, and then locks it up again once you’re inside. You can also create invite codes to your front door for parties, allowing friends a temporary way of getting in.

august smart lock yves behar keychain

The August Smart Lock is supposed to sell for $199(USD) once it’s launched later this year.

august smart lock yves behar open

[via designboom]

3D-printed Robohands help kids without fingers

(Credit: Indiegogo)

People who have lost fingers can try to get robotic hands that cost tens of thousands of dollars. Or they can try to 3D-print their own hand.

That’s what Richard van As did after a woodworking accident in 2011 cost him four fingers. The South African carpenter decided to build his own fingers from hardware store parts but eventually turned to 3D printing.

Using a MakerBot Replicator 2 printer, he collaborated with Ivan Owen to create a prosthetic finger after much trial and error. They’ve since printed hands for four South African children who lack fingers.

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LG Smart TV App Gets Golf App To Help Improve Your Swing

The LG Cinema 3D Smart TV range will soon receive their own Golf App to help improve your swing.

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Twitter adds inline profile editing, drag-and-drop photo uploads

Twitter adds inline profile editing, draganddrop photo uploads

Twitter has made it just a tad easier to tweak your profile information by offering the option of changing them inline. The feature, which is available through both the website and its official mobile apps, enables faster changes to your account bio, as well as drag-and-drop upload capability for your header and profile photos. It’s a small change, but ultimately it’s meant to encourage users to keep their accounts fresh and relevant. Check out the video below the break to see exactly how it works.

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Source: Twitter

T-Mobile To Offer Google/LG Nexus 4 White

T-Mobile will be offering the recently announced LG Nexus 4 White at the end of this month.

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ELF rides the line between car and bicycle for green future

The company known as Organic Transit has made an effort this year to show off a vehicle known as ELF, letting it be seen for the first time at the international technology trade fair known as CeBIT. This machine is made to fill a previously un-touched niche between car and bicycle, made to work with users hoping to make their short commutes as easy as possible.


This machine works with a solar-powered motor that assists with pedaling, runs on three wheels, and comes in at a height that’s the same as a sedan. As this vehicle can “go anywhere a bicycle can”, it’s allowed to traverse more than just the road, allowing for cross-over movement that’d be hindered with a motorcycle. As it works with a motor, it’s not as restricting to a rider’s time as a human-powered unit is.

“Many commuters have thought about taking their bikes to work, but worry about staying fresh, falling over, climbing hills, carrying groceries, getting caught in the rain or even safety. ELF takes care of those concerns with a covered body and a solar-powered motor that assists in pedaling. Commuters can use the motor on the way to work and then pedal as a workout on the way home.” – Rob Cotter, CEO, Organic Transit


One way to work, one way back, allowing for more than one method for getting either way. Organic Transit has pushed this unique set of abilities to the public with an initial sales run of 120 ELF cars, all in their first three months. Once limited supply is up, they’ll be able to ship more of their 1,200 pre-orders.

Though the idea that this machine is allowed most places a bicycle can go might surprise those that find the base cost of $4,000 USD to be a bit hindering, but considering the complete lack of a need for gas has had its effect. This machine works with solar power, you must keep in mind, and with the same amount of power “equivalent to one gallon of gas”, this vehicle can travel 1,800 miles.

The company making ELF is located in Durham, North Carolina, and they assemble each unit in a warehouse in downtown Durham “for all to see.” Cotter has made plain his intent to follow this model of downtown urban locations for offices so that the work on these vehicles can be seen by the public.

Let us know if you see an ELF hitting the streets where you live soon – we’ll be trying to track down a few of our own. ELF races, here we come!

SOURCE Organic Transport

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