Apple To Fix iOS ‘Power Adapter’ Hack

Apple To Fix iOS ‘Power Adapter’ HackApple has stepped forward to say that they have managed to solve and fix an obscure security flaw which could result in hackers gaining access to data on an iOS device, where this flaw would require the use of a specially-designed custom USB device which resembles a charger, although in reality, it will carry a minuscule Linux-powered computer that was specially designed to insert malware. This particular fix can already be found in the most recent iOS 7 beta version (which we do know has allegedly confirmed iPhone 5S fingerprint scanning technology). Not only that, you can be sure that this particular fix will be part of the iOS 7 update when it rolls out to the masses later this fall, as it is capable of informing users each time they hook up to a different computer, be it through the power adapter itself.

The hack has been known as the Mactans, where this faux “power adapter” held a very small Beagleboard computer that should cost under $50, and it can be specially programmed to send malware into the iPhone via the Lightning connector. In fact, it has been reported to have infected an iPhone 5 that ran on iOS 6 successfully, where the pre-programmed malware dialled the number of one of the researchers who was behind the hack.

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Sol Wave House A Twitter Experience Hotel

Hotels and technology have always jived well together, as we have seen our fair share of instances in the past, where Hotel Bel-Air has iPads in guest rooms so that guests are able to place room service orders, or how about the Kinect Hotel Room that targets gaming enthusiasts? No prizes for guessing just which console that hotel is partial to, though. Well, with Twitter having turned 7 years old this year, we are pleased to announce a new hotel known as the Sol Wave House, which has been described to be a “Twitter Experience Hotel”.

This hotel would go down well with your fellow Tweetaholics, where it is tucked away on the Spanish island of Majorca, and the Sol Wave House will use the power of social media in order to enhance its overall hotel experience. Opened for slightly more than a year already, it boasts of Twitter-themed rooms, drinks, and a virtual community that they call #SocialWave so that guests are able to interact and flirt with one another. Needless to say, you should not have any fear of missing out on a Wi-Fi connection throughout the hotel’s indoor premises.

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Terrafugia Transition Achieves First Public Flight

There is a first time for everything, even for a flying car. In fact, this road legal ride known as the Terrafugia Transition has finally took to the skies in public for the first time, making a milestone in its journey to arrive in garages (or should it be, a hangar instead?). It is said that the Terrafugia Transition took off and experienced a smooth flight, circling around the airfield for the public audience. Of course, getting up into the air is one thing, but how about landing? The low-speed landing happened without much drama at all, where all four wheels on the flying car touched the ground simultaneously. After landing, the pilot (or driver by then, since he is on the ground) parked for a minute before wowing the audience with its motorized self-folding wings.

The motorized self-folding wings are a crucial feature that should not fail at all, otherwise you would end up in a tight spot as you cannot drive on the streets. Bear in mind that the Terrafugia Transition that was shown off in the video happened to be the second of three generations of prototypes, so there is still some time left for Terrafugia to iron out whatever kinks that there are within. With an estimated price point of $279,000 when it rolls out in 2015 at best, it is definitely not cheap, but the Journal Sentinel claims that more than 100 people have already placed a reservation for the ride.

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HyQ Learns To Walk Without Tripping Over Obstacles

We have seen the HyQ robot in the past, where it seemed to be based off the Big Dog robot that has gone through many an improvement ever since we first talked about it in 2008. Quadruped robots might have the speed to move around quickly, but this does not mean that they are the most stable footed robots around. Should the average quadruped robot run into an obstacle, chances are they would just collapse, which is why a bunch of Italian researchers decided to ensure that robots of the future, quadruped or otherwise, should learn not to trip over things like a little kid learning how to walk for the first time.

What you see above is the HyQ, a robotic “stallion” of sorts from the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia in Genoa, Italy, and the latest “arsenal” in its development would be learning the “step reflex.” This particular movement or behavior would definitely be familiar to most of us, as it is an action seen in us humans, where we learn to make last minute adjustments to our bodies whenever our toe catches a stair or the curb, ensuring that we do not fall face down and make a fool of ourselves. Hence, it is nice to see the “step reflex” working to a certain extent in the video above, and I am quite sure that when the researchers have perfected it, the HyQ would be quite a beast traversing over various terrain.

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Zensorium Tinke Lightning edition zen fitness device to arrive in October

Back in December, Zensorium released its Tinke fitness accessory for the iPhone, a colorful square device allowing fitness enthusiasts who use iOS to monitor their health by connecting directly to their smartphone. The original device features a 30-pin connector, but a Lightning edition will be rolling out this upcoming October. The updated edition was unveiled […]

WSJ: Apple to use Samsung retina displays on next iPad mini

WSJ Apple to use Samsung retina displays on next iPad Mini

Earlier this month, there was a rumor that Apple was facing possible delays with its next-gen iPad mini due to supplier issues with an (also rumored) next generation Retina display. Now WSJ is reporting that Apple may have gotten around the problem thanks to, of all companies, Samsung. The ubiquitous “people familiar with the matter” told the journal that Cupertino originally wanted to be supplied solely by LG Display and Sharp for the high res screens (likely to be the same 7.9 inches as the current model). However, to ensure enough supply, Apple has reportedly been forced to resort to Samsung’s display division for the next iPad mini, too. It bears noting that such supplier leaks are often unreliable, and as we’ve mentioned before, Apple frequently tests components before deciding on a final design. If true, though, it would show that despite its best efforts, Apple can’t make a clean break from its frequent sparring partner.

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Sigma’s lens conversion service promotes body agnosticism

The new Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 is one of the lenses eligible for a mount-lift.

One frustrating lock-in for interchangeable-lens camera systems is having to give up the expensive stable of lenses you’ve amassed when you switch to a different camera manufacturer — other than Micro Four Thirds, supported by Olympus and Panasonic, each company has its own proprietary mount. There are mount conversion adapters, but you frequently take a hit on capabilities or performance when you use them.

Sigma, on a roll with new and excellent lenses that fall under its “Global Vision” marketing strategy (the ones labeled Contemporary, Art, or Sports), adds another compelling reason to buy with its Mount Conversion Service. Sigma’s MCS lets you — for a fee ranging from $80 to $250 — convert any of these newer lenses to another mount, as long as that mount exists for the lens. So, for example, you could convert the full-frame 35mm F1.4 DG Art from/to a Canon EF, Nikon FX, Sony A, Pentax K or Sigma mount, but not to a Sony E, because that mount isn’t offered for this lens.

As technology advances in camera bodies, I think people’s eye… [Read more]

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Xbox One Allegedly Designed To Remain Powered On For 10 Years Straight

Xbox One Allegedly Designed To Remain Powered On For 10 Years StraightThere are some electrical items in your home that you tend to keep powered on round the clock, and they tend to last for years and years without spoiling, such as a refrigerator or one of those electric hotpots. I am sure that many of us do leave our modems and routers on throughout the day and night, too. How about gaming consoles?

Eurogamer has reported that sources from within Microsoft shared that the recently revealed Xbox One, touted by analysts to sell out and experience shortages at launch, was specially designed to last for 10 years at the minimum – and in fact, was quoted as saying that you can leave the Xbox One powered on throughout the entire 10 years, and it will still run fine and dandy. Of course, with a hardware design that allows it to be always on, it runs at a quiet level with low power states to ensure that its longevity will live up to its claim. While it is not likely that most people would leave their Xbox One turned on all the time, to hear that it was designed in such a way to last so long is comforting. Now, all we need to do is confirm this bit of news 10 years down the road after the Xbox One has been released.

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Apple Finally Fixed the Bug That Let Fake Chargers Hack Your iPhone

Apple Finally Fixed the Bug That Let Fake Chargers Hack Your iPhone

The bug that allowed fake chargers to hack your iPhone has finally been fixed by Apple. Good! But you won’t get the software fix until iOS 7. Apple was alerted of the security hole earlier this year and the hack was demonstrated at the Black Hat hacking convention on Wednesday.

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Super Mario Bros. Crossover Receives Huge ‘Special’ Update

Super Mario Bros. Crossover Receives Huge Special UpdateThere is nothing quite like taking a classic game and putting a new spin onto things, is there? We have seen how Mario has influenced millions of gamers ever since he made his debut from a pipe somewhere, where he has since been playable within a game itself, getting a slew of new levels thanks to a user mod, or even re-imagined in HD glory – just like how Zelda’s The Wind Waker HD is coming our way later this year.

Developer Exploding Rabbit has certainly offered the Mario Bros. franchise a new perspective, as they worked on an 8-bit mash up game that they have called the Super Mario Bros. Crossover. In fact, this mash up title has just received a substantial update this week, where it has hit version 3.0 already, welcoming Super Mario Bros. Special to the mix. Super Mario Bros. Special happens to be the Hudson Soft-developed sequel to Super Mario Bros. that was rolled out all the way back in 1986 for Japanese computers, where this most recent revision to Crossover would see the inclusion of Special’s levels, enemies and power-ups (you will find familiar references to Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. in there), in addition to a more heavily saturated color palette. Not only that, Crossover version 3.0 will also see the inclusion of dozens of new skins for a slew of the game’s characters (Mario, Luigi, Samus, Mega Man, Ryu Hayabusa, Simon Belmont, etc.). Variety, after all, is the spice of life.

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