Panasonic Toughpad UT-MB5 4k Tablet

Panasonic Toughpad UT MB5 4k Tablet[CEATEC 2013] At the beginning of this month, we talked about the Panasonic ToughPad UT-MB5, a 20” tablet that definitely targets professionals who work with high resolution images, and yet do not want something that is all too fragile. Is such a compromise actually possible? Apparently yes, and over here on the CEATEC floor, it makes perfect sense for Panasonic to show it off in their home market, and we could not miss the opportunity to have a look at it. If I had to sum it up in just one word, “stunning” would be it.


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    Toyota i-Road urban tandem two-seater vehicle specs detailed at CEATEC 2013

    In February, we saw a teaser of Toyota’s i-Road, a tandem two-seater urban three-wheeled vehicle, something that later surfaced in a video and alongside more information. Fast-forward nearly a year, and Toyota has officially shown off the car here at CEATEC 2013, giving us a complete look at the vehicle ahead of the test drives […]

    LG Gate to tackle enterprise smartphone security with encryption, VPNs and more

    LG Gate to tackle enterprise smartphone security with encryption, VPNs and more

    Samsung chose to name part of its enterprise smartphone security suite after an Army post, but LG’s going for something entirely more generic: Gate. The company’s solution appears to work much like JK Shin and Co.’s, safeguarding both private and business data as they coexist on a phone, allowing outfits to use a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) setup. By wielding Gate, users can encrypt their hardware’s data, use a VPN and make the lives of IT departments easier thanks to mobile device management features. It’s not clear the software will be offered gratis, but it sounds like it’ll be available just in time for the G2’s trip stateside.

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    Source: LG Korea Social (translated)

    Japanese carrier DoCoMo demos ‘Intelligent Glass’ wearable at CEATEC 2013 (hands-on)

    Japanese carrier DoCoMo demos 'Intelligent glass' wearable at CEATEC 2013 handson

    Wearables are coming and DoCoMo wants to be involved from the start. Here at CEATEC, the carrier has dedicated a quadrant of its booth to prototype wearables (at least some of it was Vuzix hardware), with several different demo sessions offering glimpses into how it all might work. First, however, the wearable itself. We saw several different models and many had Vuzix written somewhere on them. It appears that NTT DoCoMo has been working more closely on the software interfaces and real world applications, and so it didn’t really push (or even mention) technical specifications.

    On the “Space Interface” demo, however, the headset paired a camera with an infrared sensor, both in the middle of the device, to gauge where your hands are. You could then interact with characters on screen, poke, push and pick them up and move ’em around. These are very early concepts, but DoCoMO’s already working to make these virtual objects shareable, allowing multiple people to manipulate the same thing. Darren embarrasses himself while playing with a virtual bear after the break. Oh, and we’ve got more on the wearable too. %Gallery-slideshow99595%

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    Source: NTT DoCoMo

    YouTube Music Awards hit NYC Nov. 3, blend mainstream artists and internet stars (video)

    YouTube Music Awards take place Nov 3rd, blend mainstream artists and internet stars

    The alternate reality of Youtube — where locally unknown but internet famous entertainers with millions of subscribers grab a spot next to widely recognizable mainstream artists — meets the real world November 3rd with the first ever YouTube Music Awards. Lady Gaga, Eminem, and Arcade Fire are some of the names you’ll recognize from TV and radio that will be there, along with YouTube channel favorites like CDZA and Lindsey Stirling. Spike Jonze is penciled in to serve as creative director and actor Jason Schwartzman will host, while VICE and Sunset Entertainment drop in as executive producers. Since YouTube is where many people go to check out music and find the newest artists (MTV is for scripted shows and reality TV of… varying quality), that it would launch its own live event seems almost inevitable.

    The show itself comes to you from NYC, but musical collaborations will be beamed in from locales around the globe including Seoul (so, that means Psy is going to show up), Moscow, London and Rio. Nominations for the awards open October 17th, and the site is calling on viewers to judge contributions from the past year to determine who will be the winner.

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    Source: YouTube Blog

    Moon “different dimension vehicle” has wing-shaped turning signals, dual on-board motors

    CEATEC 2013 has presented quite a bit of interesting technology, including Pioneer’s Smart Car Cockpit Concept that we detailed earlier. Perhaps the most interesting thus far, however, has been the Moon, a circular transportation-esque device that is spherical in shape, all of which is rounded out by a pair of white wings on the “back” […]

    Billionaire Paul Allen Founds The Allen Institute Of Artificial Intelligence

    The Idea Man Has Some Big Ideas For Ai

    Paul Allen – "The Idea Man" – has some lofty ideas brewing. The Microsoft co-founder’s latest venture is an institute which he hopes will expand the frontiers of artificial intelligence; this will also help him to explore his own fascination with the human mind.

    A worthy cause, if ever I heard one.

    How Smart is AI, Really?

    Is Artificial Intelligence Really All That Intelligent?

    Artificial Intelligence has made some downright incredible leaps and bounds over the past few years. It’s actually a little difficult to believe that only a few decades ago, the notion of a human-like, intelligent robot seemed wholly the realm of science fiction. Is that still the case?

    Just how intelligent IS AI, really? 

    Honda Micro Commuter Prototype

    Honda Micro Commuter Prototype[CEATEC 2013] Toyota has their i-ROAD, and Honda will certainly not just sit back and do nothing at all about such a situation. After all, they do happen to be rivals on the motoring front, and it is hence not surprising to see that Honda has come up with what they call the Honda Micro Commuter. The Micro Commuter remains a prototype at the moment, and what we like about it is the modular ability to replace the upper segment of the ride.

    This variable design platform will cater to all ages who find the design appealing, where a person who tends to transport a whole lot of goods might want an open top so that longer items like a ladder and a self-assembling cupboard or cabinet can fit, while families with young children can opt for a more rounded top so that there is an adequate amount of space for everyone. The elderly could settle for a more boxed like enclosure so that they have greater visibility and with it, a higher sense of security. It all boils down to your budget, where practical considerations can move to the luxurious.


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    NTT DoCoMo details 5G network ambitions, is aiming for 2020

    NTT Docomo had been busy here at CEATEC 2013, during which it presented the concept for its next-generation 5G mobile network, something that would be a higher-performance offering over current LTE-Advanced network technology. At the event, Docomo has shown off this concept, including where it is in the process and its ambitions for the future, […]