That Time a Japanese Ad Firm Ripped Off Star Wars to Sell Fish

A long time ago, in a suspiciously similar galaxy just far enough away to avoid copyright litigation, the Hagoromo fish-canning company realized it could totally cash in on an overseas pop culture craze. This is the result. Use the Force, Luke…to try this delicious tuna snack!

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Russians build a snow plow out of a crappy car—and it works pretty well

Russians build a snow plow out of a crappy car—and it works pretty well

Winter came and overstayed its welcome. At what point do we make like the Russians and turn our tiny crappy cars into snow plow sleds? I say the next snow. Just hop on the hood of your car and make a friend drive you through and pummel it. Winter is stupid, this type of stupid fun makes it a little less so.

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These breathtaking videos of starling murmurations defy belief

These breathtaking videos of starling murmurations defy belief

In Focus collected a whole gallery of beautiful starling murmurations photographs, but this is one of those cases where photography can’t beat seeing thousands of birds in motion. These videos are breathtaking.

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How to Find the Direction to Point Your TV Antenna

This article was written on October 12, 2011 by CyberNet.

Antenna direction

A couple weeks ago I was trying to configure a TV antenna to get some of my local television stations in the over-the-air HD quality they broadcasted in. The problem was that in trying to figure out the best direction to point the antenna I realized that there had to be an easy way to get the optimal direction for the antenna to face. That’s when I came across

This site lets you put in your city/state and it will tell you the exact number of degrees your antenna should be pointed at. It also provides a lot of other useful information including the band (UHF or VHF), channel (RF and virtual), and power output. All of this information is extremely useful, and thanks to the power output you could even get a pretty good idea as to whether a station may be able to reach your home. Plus you’ll be able to see which station are VHF which are notoriously harder for antennas to pickup.

Hopefully this will have a chance to help you as much as it was able to help me. Homepage

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Holy cow, I can't believe this dude snowboarded down this snow wall

Holy cow, I can't believe this dude snowboarded down this snow wall

You see that speck at the top of the mountain? That’s snowboarder Matt Annetts standing on top of a 3600 feet tall mountain face that’s so steep it looks completely vertical. And he’s going to snowboard down the whole damn thing. And you get to watch him. And yeah, it’s nuts. Breath evaporatingly nuts.

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Culinary Creativity Is An Algorithm, And Computers Are Learning It

IBM Designs Supercomputer To Develop Culinary RecipesLooks like the creative class is next on the robotic chopping block: according to the folks at IBM, the best way to determine new recipes for human consumption is to use a supercomputer. The natural next step, of course, is to apply that theory to everything else – including writing.

Apple is reportedly launching iOS in the Car next week with Ferrari, Mercedes and Volvo

Apple’s iOS in the Car has been a long time in coming — we first heard about the automotive interface last June, and it still isn’t ready despite the presence of relevant code in recent iOS 7 builds. The wait may soon be over, though, as the…

Turbulence warning system proposal suggests GPS solution

Air travel is a very safe way to travel long distances in a short time, but it is often subjected to turbulence, something that can range from a minor annoyance … Continue reading

iiyama ProLite GB2488HSU 24-Inch Gaming Monitor


iiyama has introduced another one of its upcoming gaming monitor, the ProLite GB2488HSU. Adopting a TN panel, this new 24-inch LED-backlight monitor provides 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution, 1ms response time and 144Hz refresh rate. It also comes with two built-in speakers and has a 2-port USB hub, an DVI-DL port, 2x HDMI ports and a DisplayPort. The ProLite GB2488HSU will go on sale from March 13th for 319 Euro (about $437). [Hexus]

Storm RAID Gamer A88X Gaming PC


Check out this newly added gaming PC to Storm System Technology’s product page, the Storm RAID Gamer A88X. Adopting Cooler Master’s COSMOS SE PC case, the system is packed with a 3.40GHz AMD A10-7700K Black Edition processor, an AMD A88X Chipset, a Radeon R9 270X 2GB graphics card, an 8GB DDR3 RAM, 480GB SSD (4x 120GB Samsung SSD 840 EVO Series), a DVD Super Multi Drive, a 650W 80PLUS SILVER power supply and runs on either Windows 7 or 8.1 OS. Price itself is set at 178,500 Yen (about $1,278). [Product Page]