Princess Leia Falls for Indiana Jones

I always get a kick out of mashups of films that I loved as a kid. I really like this new work from artist James Hance. He has taken Princess Leia complete with her giant hair buns and put her in a picture with Indiana Jones.

princess leia indiana jones 620x620magnify

It is cool to see the wrong character put with his love interest from the Star Wars movies. The art is said to be a work in progress, but it already looks complete to me. In fact, it looks realistic enough to have been some sort of mistake at a movie poster printing factory.

Hance is the same guy who melded Adventure Time with Doctor Who in the past.

[Facebook via Nerd Approved]

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Build Your Own BMO from Adventure Time: BYO BMO

Adventure Time fans are for the most part, very creative people. That’s probably why they love the show, because it is so creative and unique. Fans of the show create all kinds of cool art and toys. Now a very creative Adventure Time fan who goes by the name of Bob H built this BMO.

real bmomagnify

It looks pretty amazing huh? He can change it’s facial expressions and BMO even sings. BMO also plays the intro to the cartoon. Now I want one. It’s like BMO jumped out of the cartoon and is living in your treehouse now. If you want to build one for yourself, you can learn how.

Best BMO creation ever!

[via Kotaku via Nerd Approved]

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This Student-Designed Ventilator Is 80 Times Cheaper Than the Norm

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