Uber Reportedly Will Invest $500 Million Into Mapping the World

Earlier this month, satellite imaging technology company DigitalGlobe announced it was partnering with Uber to “leverage DigitalGlobe’s industry leading constellation of sensors to access imagery and location intelligence to help identify and improve pick-up and drop-off locations.” Last week, Uber posted a press release to announce that Brian McClendon, the former head of Google Maps who left the company for Uber last year, would be leading Uber’s global mapping initiative. McClendon wrote that the company is “doubling down” on its mapping investment but didn’t say how much it would spend.

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A Data Scientist Crunched the Numbers to Find the Most Heavy Metal Word in the English Language

The primary purpose of speaking and writing is to sound as cool as possible at all times, and now a data scientist has given us the specific keywords we need to impress our peers, no matter where we are. In a post on Degenerate State, the scientist took the lyrics off DarkLyrics.com,“the largest metal lyrics archive on the web,” from a database of 222,623 songs by 7,634 bands to analyze the most and least metal words. Comparing the DarkLyrics data with the Brown Corpus—a 1961 collection of English-language documents (no song lyrics) that is “the first of the modern, computer readable, general corpora”—the data scientist found the top 20 most and least metal words. Here’s a sampling:

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iOS Pangu Jailbreak accused of unauthorized credit card access

panguJailbreaking iOS gets a lot harder with every new release, so when a popular jailbreaking tool like Pangu releases one for the current iOS 9.3.3, there is unsurprisingly no small amount of rejoicing and excitement around it. Unfortunately, it seems that the euphoria was premature, as a number of jailbreakers discovered to their shock that there have been unauthorized accesses … Continue reading

Moto Z Play unofficially poses for the camera

1Motorola may have already launched its champs for the 2016, but one member of its new “Z” family remains unaccounted for. The Moto Z Play, which was leaked to be in existence, still has to make its existence known to the world. While we still don’t know the exact date for that, it might actually be close at hand, given … Continue reading

Philips unveils new line of smart health wearables

Philips has announced a new line of connected wearable devices, including a blood pressure monitor, a health watch, body analysis scale, and an ear thermometer. According to the company, these are the first in a larger product line of smart health products, with each one being medical-grade and designed to work with the HealthSuite Health companion app. The company will … Continue reading

Demon Hunters, Demon Invasion Coming To World Of Warcraft August 9

wow legion demon hunterThe other day Blizzard released the pre-patch for World of Warcraft that basically introduced and prepared gamers for the upcoming Legion expansion. The pre-patch brought about the new class changes, new animations for certain classes, tweaks to the talent tree, and so on. However what was missing was the Demon Hunter class and the Demon Invasion.

Now prior to this Blizzard did state that they planned to release the Demon Hunter class before the 17th of August, and it looks like Blizzard will be keeping their word. According to an announcement on the World of Warcraft website, Blizzard revealed that the Demon Hunter class would be available to gamers on the 9th of August.

They also announced that the demon invasion would begin on the 9th of August. For those unfamiliar, the demon invasion is essentially a world event that will setup the story for Legion. Players can take part in the invasion with their characters and earn various kinds of loot when they participate.

Presumably this event will be only available until the release of Legion which is set for the 30th of August, so if you’re looking forward to checking it out, mark the 9th of August down on your calendars.

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Many Pokemon GO Trackers Have Stopped Working Following Update

pokevisionSo remember the other day we mentioned that during an interview, the CEO of Niantic Labs (creators of Pokemon GO) John Hanke said that they might be looking to stop third-party tracking apps? The way he phrased it sounded like it was something to consider for the future, but that future is here.

According to a variety of reports, gamers have been reporting that Pokemon GO trackers like Pokevision have suddenly stopped working following the latest update to the game. In a post on Twitter by Pokevision, it reads, “Hey guys. We wish we had some news for you At this moment, we are respecting Niantic and Nintendo’s wishes. Will keep you guys posted.”

A post on Reddit also revealed that Niantic had been sending developers cease and desist letters, which we have to say is rather unsurprising, especially when you consider that these apps clearly violate the game’s terms of service. What’s surprising is how long it took Niantic to act on it, but given the popularity of the game we guess Niantic has to take a stance.

However many gamers have expressed their displeasure over this. Some players do not have time to play the game as vigorously as others, which is why trackers like Pokevision come in handy. Maybe the developers and Niantic could come up with some kind of compromise in the future, or maybe Niantic could create their own tracking service, but either way for now it looks like gamers will have to go back to playing the game the way it was intended.

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Researchers Develop Solar Cell That Turns CO2 Into Hydrocarbon Fuel

solar hydrocarbonWhen you think of solar, you probably of the technology that converts sunlight into energy, and you would be right. However it seems that researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have managed to create solar cells that can do more than just that, and will be able to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into hydrocarbon fuel.

The idea behind these solar cells is to mimic plants, so not only does it produce sustainable energy, but it also rids the atmosphere of significant amounts of carbon. According to Amin Salehi-Khojin, assistant professor of mechanical and industrial engineering at UIC, “The new solar cell is not photovoltaic — it’s photosynthetic. Instead of producing energy in an unsustainable one-way route from fossil fuels to greenhouse gas, we can now reverse the process and recycle atmospheric carbon into fuel using sunlight.”

It is believed that with these new solar cells, the cost of turning CO2 into fuel would cost around the same amount as a gallon of gasoline, meaning that it won’t be more expensive to turn to renewable energy, which in turn could render fossil fuels unnecessary. The researchers have also suggested that this technology could be useful on Mars, where the planet’s atmosphere is mostly CO2.

When and where exactly this technology will be implemented remains to be seen, but it has been suggested that it could be used in solar farms, but it could also be used for smaller scale applications, but no doubt this is a game changer.

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Uber To Invest $500 Million Into A Global Mapping Project

Uber_Mapping_CarRight now Uber relies heavily on Google Maps for its navigation, and that’s not a bad thing. Google Maps is one of the most popular mapping solutions available right now, but we suppose from a business point of view, you’re still relying on another company, which means changes made to the service could be good or bad news depending on what it is.

This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that a report from the Financial Times (paywall; via Reuters) claims that Uber has plans to invest as much as $500 million into their own global mapping project, meaning that ultimately the company could be planning on reducing their reliance on Google for mapping information in the future.

It would also no doubt help to contribute to the company’s plans for driverless cars. In a post on Uber’s website, Brian McClendon writes, “Existing maps are a good starting point, but some information isn’t that relevant to Uber, like ocean topography. There are other things we need to know a lot more about, like traffic patterns and precise pickup and dropoff locations. Moreover, we need to be able to provide a seamless experience in parts of the world where there aren’t detailed maps — or street signs.”

He adds, “The street imagery captured by our mapping cars will help us improve core elements of the Uber experience, like ideal pick-up and drop-off points and the best routes for riders and drivers. Although our imagery collection efforts are focused now in Mexico, we plan to expand these efforts to other countries soon.”

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San Francisco Residents Can Buy Baguettes From A Vending Machine

Vending machines are wonderful things as they are incredibly convenient. For example we’ve seen vending machines that can dispense short stories, marijuana, hot cooked fries, and even undergarments. Now over in San Francisco, if you’ve ever had a sudden craving for baguette, or if you decide that you want to make bruschetta, there is a vending machine that will do that.

Dubbed the Le Bread Xpressing vending machine, this machine will be able to dispense warm baguettes to customers whenever they want one. Each loaf is partially cooked when they are loaded into the machine, meaning that when you want one, the machine will cook it up for you meaning that every loaf you purchase is pretty much made to order.

According to Benoit Herve, CEO and Founder, “We looked for the perfect baguette that I didn’t find in the Bay area.  I then discovered a French baker who has built a micro-bakery to deliver freshly baked baguettes from the oven On-Demand 24/7. I have decided to bring it in the US.” Now we can’t attest to the taste of the baguettes but if you wanted a convenient and quick solution, this could be it.

Right now the machine is located at The Myriad, 2175 Market Street, San Francisco CA. There are plans to bring it to Stonestown, 3251 20th Avenue, San Francisco CA in the future, so keep an eye out for it. In the meantime you can check out the vending machine in action in the video above.

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