Oneplus 5 Review

With rumors starting as early as February, the OnePlus 5 is ont of the most anticipated and most researched smartphone of 2017. OnePlus has made a name for itself by building phones with good design and powerful technical features, at a reasonable price. Just as expected, the phone has launched as the summer started, and OnePlus’ CEO is saying that it is their fastest-selling device ever. We’ve taken one for […]

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EPA Plans New Climate Science ‘Critique,’ Bringing In Red Vs. Blue Politics

Scientists, former agency officials and House Dems fear the new program opens the door to more industry pseudoscience.

Toddler's Hair Stands Up Like Troll Doll Thanks To Rare Genetic Condition

This hair cannot be tamed by any haircare products.

Trump's Election Investigation Is Already Facing Trouble

State officials are refusing to disclose data the commission wants, sometimes pointing to their own laws.

Angela Merkel Vows G20 Won’t Bow To Trump On Climate Change

Ahead of the G20 summit, the German leader leaves no doubt about her commitment to the Paris pact.

Nordic Countries Are Leaders On LGBTQ Equality. Here’s Their Message To The U.S.

The Trump administration has already rolled back government protections against discrimination.

2018 Hyundai Elantra GT First Drive: 5 things you need to know

Compact hatchbacks like the 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT have never really caught on in America, but it has little to do with their merits. Easy to park, cheap on gas, and remarkably practical, the fickle gods of fashion have long turned their backs on the humble hatch, a state of affairs made all the more ironic by the exploding popularity … Continue reading

Samsung is developing solid-state phone batteries that won’t explode

Samsung is taking steps to ensure another Galaxy Note 7 fiasco doesn’t happen: it is developing solid-state batteries for smartphones, something that could be available to consumers within the next handful of years. The tip comes from an unnamed Samsung executive who recently spoke to a Korean publication anonymously, saying that the technology is only one or two years away. … Continue reading

Facebook declares war on spammy link sharers

Facebook plans to fight fake news and spam sites by filtering out chronic over-sharers, who – so the social network’s research suggest – routinely end up filling your wall with clickbait. It’s the latest in the company’s attempts to cut down on the sort of often-baseless sensationalism that was particularly highlighted as a problem in the run-up to the US … Continue reading

Nova launcher update: new Pixely tricks, old Androids [APK Download]

Wait, you might be saying – didn’t Google Now come to Nova before? Yes, sort of – today’s update is about stability and the launch of Nova 5.3, specifically. While the “Nova Google Companion” is still necessary, Android purists will find this update to bring about a much more user-friendly set of features. The update includes a new version of … Continue reading