Airport Worker Suspended After Punching Passenger Holding Baby

The traveler, upset by EasyJet’s half-day delay, was hit in the face by a smirking worker, a witness said.

Sam Shepard’s Death Is A Reminder There’s Still No Cure For ALS

Most people only live three to five years following an ALS diagnosis.

Simone Manuel Sets New Record And Takes Home The Gold AGAIN

Black girl magic FTW.

Misty Copeland Is The New Modern Muse For This Major Brand

This casting is on pointe.

Anthony Scaramucci, We Hardly Knew Ye

10 highlights from the Mooch’s 10 days as White House communications director.

Saturn’s moon Titan has two vital ingredients that could produce life

Researchers have made an exciting announcement about Saturn’s moon Titan — it may hold the key ingredients for life. The discovery was made by the Cassini spacecraft, which found two potential compounds that could lead to life. One of the compounds, vinyl cyanide, originates from Titan’s upper atmosphere, while the second compound, carbon chain anions, were found in the moon’s … Continue reading

Game of Thrones details leaked in HBO data breach

Watch out, Game of Thrones fans, because it looks like HBO has suffered a data breach, putting information about upcoming episodes of the show out in the open. This isn’t the first time HBO has suffered Game of Thrones leaks, whether it was by hackers or by HBO’s own mistakes, so fans should be fairly used to this by now. … Continue reading

The US Navy 3D-printed a full-size ‘disposable’ submersible

The US Departments of Energy and Defense teamed up to create the first of what may prove to be many submersible craft described as ‘disposable’ with on-demand availability. Unlike traditional submersible vessels, this model was created using a 3D printer, and the entire process — including design — took only four weeks. This makes it the US Navy’s first-ever 3D-printed … Continue reading

PUBG just passed a massive Steam milestone

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a phenomenon in the world of PC gaming. The game has only been available since March, but in those four months, it has managed to sell over six million copies. An impressive enough feat for an early access title, but now PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is onto breaking long-held Steam records. Over the weekend, PUBG creator Brendan Greene tweeted … Continue reading

HP brought a trippy tech museum to a music fest

It was a blazing hot summer’s day, but inside a pitch black room in HP’s “The Lab” at the Panorama music festival in New York, I got the chills. I was experiencing Right Passage, one of seven art installations hosted at a gallery set up by the compan…