Super Mario Cereal is now Nintendo official

Yesterday morning, rumors of a Super Mario cereal started making the rounds on the internet. The cereal, which is the product of a team up between Kellogg’s and Nintendo, seems to be a promotional item for Super Mario Odyssey. Super Mario Cereal may end up being more than a mere novelty, though, as a leaked image of its box showed … Continue reading

Galaxy S8 update broke fast charging for some users

If you have a Galaxy S8, you probably had an update appear in the recent past; maybe you’re even still postponing it until a more convenient time. If that’s the case, you may want to wait a while longer, as some users who did update are reporting that fast charging no longer works. This applies to both the Galaxy S8 … Continue reading

BLU bricks phones, ignores complaints [UPDATE]

An implosion of the midrange Android smartphone company BLU is occurring before our eyes. BLU released a software update this week for its BLU Life One X2 smartphone. That software encrypted said phones and locked out their users, rendering devices useless. That wouldn’t be the worst situation in the world of software flubs, but days without comment might well be. … Continue reading

Google Maps iOS update adds iPhone X support

Google Maps has received an update on iOS that adds support for the iPhone X’s display. With the support comes a better experience for iPhone X users, though all iOS users benefit thanks to some bug fixes tossed into the mix. Google hasn’t gone into detail about what those bug fixes pertain to, saying only that they improve the user’s … Continue reading

Is Datally by Google necessary?

Google app Datally was released on November 30th, 2017, to make a big, sweet attempt at helping users understand data use. Right in time, too – just as we’re about to destroy Net Neutrality and all of our data bills go irreparably skyward. “Mobile data is expensive for many people around the world,” said Google, “And what’s worse, it’s hard … Continue reading

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch has been pushed to next year

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket has been gearing up for its inaugural launch for quite some time, but multiple delays keep pushing that event later and later. The SpaceX team had most recently been shooting for a launch before the end of this year, but…

Project Redspace imagines an office-car for megacity traffic

New York is huge. 8.5 million people live in the Big Apple according to 2016 census data. It seems impressive until you realize that there are 15 megacities in China that blow New York away with populations over 10 million. All those humans in one ar…

Homeland Security claims DJI drones are spying for China

A memo from the Los Angeles office of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau (ICE) has been making the rounds and it states some pretty bold claims about drone-maker DJI. The memo, which was apparently issued in August, says that the official…

Philips' first Roku TV is now available for $349

If you’ve been patiently waiting for the new Philips television set that comes with Roku built in, you’re in luck. The electronics giant announced that the 40-inch model from its new Roku TV 4000 series is available now at Sam’s Club. It will appear…

Good Riddance: Devastating 2017 Hurricane Season Comes To An End

It’s a reminder of just how “destructive, life-altering and society-altering” hurricanes can be, one meteorologist said.