Organization Emerges As One Of The Most Volatile Hate Groups In America

The Atomwaffen Division is a well-armed neo-Nazi group enamored with Charles Manson and Adolf Hitler.

Publix Accused Of Refusing To Cover HIV Prevention Drug For Staff

Some suggest the supermarket chain denied the request on anti-LGBTQ grounds.

Donald Trump Jr. Fails Miserably In Twitter War With Joy Reid

Jr. brought a slingshot. Reid brought an arsenal

FBI Agent Trump Accused Of ‘Treason’ Wrote Letter That Helped Get Trump Elected

Republicans have accused Peter Strzok of being anti-Trump.

Monster Energy Vice President Accused Of Sexual Harassment Resigns

HuffPost’s reporting revealed text messages in which he called a female employee a “whore.”

Huawei P20 release incoming: Event date set

This week the folks at Huawei have set a date for their next big event, an event that’s almost certain to contain their next big flagship. Until now we’ve heard rumors of the next device, a monster of a phone that’ll bring heat to the camera department above all else. If the Huawei P10 is any indication, this next-gen device … Continue reading

Spotify Stations launches on Android, but good luck using it

It would seem that Spotify has a new app in testing on Android. Called Stations, this app looks to challenge other services like Pandora by giving users access to playlists they can use to discover new music or find music that matches their current mood. It sounds pretty cool, but there’s one problem: this seems to be a limited test … Continue reading

Tinder Plus age-based pricing ruled discrimination by California court

While Tinder itself is a free app, some of the features are locked behind a subscription-based paywall. Users who want access to those features must pay more to get them, and in doing so they have two options: buy Tinder Plus or buy Tinder Gold. The Tinder Plus subscription was recently the focus of a lawsuit accusing the company of … Continue reading

We need a new Facebook [PART 1] [OPINION]

Facebook is a meat grinder full of of meaningless links, shares, and pseudo-motivational text over images. It’s a place where brands go to make their brands feel more personal. It’s the place where a tornado of false stories are shared between middle-aged communities who don’t know how to check their sources. It’s a place where smartphone users go because they’re … Continue reading

We spend less time on Facebook, but it still makes loads of money

The past few weeks haven’t been easy for Facebook. After announcing an overhaul to its News Feed earlier this month, one that places emphasis on people’s interactions over content from brands, the company has been taking heat for its new approach. No…