Rep. Don Young Suggests Holocaust Happened Because Jewish People Weren’t Armed

“It’s offensive for anyone to manipulate the history of the Holocaust to score political points,.”

Sanders And Mike Lee Want A Fight With Saudis. Trump’s Working To Stop Them.

The senators are trying to force an up-or-down vote on U.S. support for a brutal Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.

Billy Graham Wouldn’t Have Supported Rosa Parks

So why exactly are we honoring him?

You’ll Never Believe Where Russian Trolls Learned This One Weird Trick

What Russia’s dirty tricks campaign had in common with online media.

Ta-Nehisi Coates To Author Captain America Comic Books

The acclaimed essayist admits he’s not convinced he “can tell a great ‘Captain America’ story.”

MEMO: DCCC Advised Candidates To ‘Be Careful’ With Initial Comments On Parkland

A staffer said they should avoid politicizing the tragedy, but thoughts and prayers were fine.

Nokia acquires Unium to bolster whole-home mesh WiFi portfolio

Nokia announced plans to acquire mesh networking company Unium earlier this week, a business move that paves the way for it to get in on the home WiFi market in a big way. Unium, which is based out of Seattle, specializes in intelligent mesh technology to give customers a whole-home WiFi experience. Over the weekend, Nokia explained that it will … Continue reading

Node is the iPhone’s Lightning port holy grail

The cross I wish the iPad pro came with in the first place is set to be delivered by the folks at ILOVEHANDLES. They’ve created NODE, a “multi-charger” that has two outs and two ins – that’s 2x Lightning plugs and 2x Lightning jacks. Plug it in to basically any iOS device and it’ll allow more than one device to … Continue reading

Porsche Mission E charger plan has Tesla in its sights

Porsche plans to turn every one of its US dealerships into a super-fast electric charging point, as it paves the way for its Tesla-fighting Mission E electric car. The automaker’s first all-electric production vehicle may be trailing cars like the Model S to market by several years, but Porsche is counting on fast charging stations several times more powerful than … Continue reading

Blue Origin isn't interested in a race with SpaceX

When we talk about the current era of private spaceflight, the phrase “space race” is thrown around quite often. It’s meant as a good thing; a space race against the Russians is what put American astronauts on the moon. The idea of rocket billionaire…