Iran tells ISPs to block Telegram

Iranian officials have called for ISPs to block both the mobile and desktop versions of Telegram in the country. ISPs are also reportedly being instructed to block the messaging service in a way that can’t be bypassed by a VPN. Reuters reports that I…

Google adds user reviews to help you decide on Assistant apps

Beyond automating your home through Routines and sending money to a friend, the capabilities of Google Assistant are expanding rapidly. So you don’t waste time trying out lousy features, Google is letting users now post reviews on Assistant apps and…

Alexa exec calls it quits after five years at Amazon

After a five year stint at Amazon, Charlie Kindel — an exec instrumental to Alexa’s stunningly effective home invasion — has called it quits. In a post on his personal blog published earlier today, Kindel cited the intense, frenetic pace…

Opera VPN For Android Bites The Dust

If you’ve been relying on Opera’s free VPN for Android you will have to look for an alternative. The Opera VPN for Android app is being shut down today but existing users are being offered some deals on SurfEasy VPN. However, it’s not like there’s any shortage of mobile VPN services available so users can really look at the plethora of options available to decide which one suits their usage criteria best.

It seems that this was the writing on the wall for Opera VPN particularly after the app disappeared from the Google Play Store earlier this year for no apparent reason.

Opera was initially unsure why the app had been removed but later revealed that the app was removed as part of a misunderstanding due to the separation of the Opera VPN app from the Opera account. The Opera VPN app is actually owned by SurfEasy which used to be a part of Opera but isn’t anymore.

SurfEasy was acquired by Opera back in 2015 and it eventually added a VPN to its desktop browser. The Android app was released a few months after that. SurfEasy is now no longer a part of this company and it appears that it’s taking the mobile VPN business with it.

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Malaysia’s fake news law has already led to a one-month jail sentence

The Malaysian law criminalizing the spread of fake news was enacted less than three weeks ago and the country has already charged an individual for violating it. Danish citizen Salah Salem Saleh Sulaiman was arrested and charged with spreading false…

Twitter Gets Live ESPN Shows In New Deal

Twitter is adding more content to its streaming lineup today with the announcement of a new deal that it has inked with Disney. Both companies have struck a deal that’s going to bring a variety of live shows to the microblogging network. The deal covers content from across the entire Disney portfolio, including ESPN. As part of this deal, Twitter and ESPN will launch specific live shows in the coming week.

“Through this new agreement, participants from across the company will have the opportunity to create experiences unique to Twitter that will extend their brands in meaningful ways,” said Justin Connolly, Executive Vice President, Affiliate Sales & Marketing at Disney.

Even though live ESPN shows are part and parcel of this deal, true sports fans might want to hold on to their ESPN+ subscriptions given that this deal is unlikely to be a replacement for the real deal. It’s also where Disney will be making more money so it would certainly want more people to subscribe to ESPN+.

Other participants in this deal from the Disney portfolio include ABC, Freeform, Disney Channel, Marvel, and more. All of these entities will offer live content for Twitter which is going to be launched under a new agreement that will be announced at a later date.

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God of War Studio Has Plans For Five More Games

God of War is the most highly anticipated titles for the PlayStation 4 this year and it has been very well received. The title has proven to be a true hit as it has already topped charts in the United Kingdom for two weeks and that doesn’t even include digital sales. You would expect a title like this to have many sequels and you would be right as the studio has plans for five more God of War titles.

God of War director Cory Barlog revealed in an interview about the development of this title that he has five sequels for God of War mapped out in his head. Given just how well this game has been received and the fact that this is a very popular franchise, it wouldn’t be surprising if all five of those sequels were eventually released.

However, just because they have been mapped out doesn’t mean this is precisely how this franchise is going to go forward. If the sequels have any chance of becoming as successful as the existing God of War has turned out to be, one can be sure that Sony would have no qualms in publishing all of those five titles.

It will certainly be interesting to see how the franchise progresses from here.

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‘Simpsons’ Creator On Apu Debate: ‘People Love To Pretend They’re Offended’

Matt Groening’s comments come as Hank Azaria, who voices Apu, said he’d be happy to “step aside” from the role.

Andy Cohen Ends Feud With Kathy Griffin: ‘I’ve Moved On’

“Everybody can have someone they hate.”

Roy Moore Files Lawsuit Claiming He Was Targeted By Political Conspiracy

He claims his accusers planned to undermine his campaign.