Google and Mastercard reportedly teamed up to track offline sales (update)

Last year, Google launched a tool called “store sales measurement” that can tell whether an online ad is effective based on real-world purchases in the US. The tech giant didn’t expound on how it built the tool and how it works — now, a Bloomberg re…

Lawmakers demand answers after Verizon throttled firefighter data

Lawmakers have asked Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai to investigate after Verizon throttled the data of firefighters who were tackling wildfires in California. The company was criticized this month for throttling Santa Clara Count…

Earin finally releases its M-2 true wireless earbuds

At CES 2017, Earin unveiled a revamped version of its true wireless earbuds, called M-2. Over a year and a half later, you can finally get your hands on them. The company was an early entrant into the completely wireless earbud market and although we…

MagicScroll rollable tablet gives folding screens a controversial form-factor

Mobile devices with rollable displays are just around the corner, but one team is taking some fairly old-school inspiration for how a tablet could use the screen technology. The MagicScroll is the handiwork of Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab, combining a cutting-edge 7.5-inch flexible display with the form factor more akin to an ancient scroll. Although several companies are known … Continue reading

Sprint Unlimited Premium plan offers 50GB hotspot data and Amazon Prime

Sprint is back with a new plan it describes as “VIP platinum-style.” The new Unlimited Premium plan builds upon the carrier’s two existing unlimited data options, this one including a greater mobile hotspot data allowance, the ability to stream videos in Full HD over 4G, global roaming, and more. The new Sprint Unlimited plan is designed for customers who an … Continue reading

Rolls-Royce added a “Privacy Suite” to its extreme-luxe Phantom

If the true meaning of luxury is privacy, then the new Rolls-Royce Phantom Privacy Suite could well be peak-luxe on four wheels. Revealed today at the 2018 Chengdu Motor Show, the new option for the Extended Wheelbase Phantom promises to isolate those in the rear seats from whoever is driving, with a high-tech partition. In the old days, you’d have … Continue reading

Don’t Count On Susan Collins To Save Roe v. Wade

The Maine senator greenlighted Brett Kavanaugh before Trump nominated him, a source close to her staff said.

Sony’s New Speaker Brings Google Assistant To Your Pool Party

Sony has announced a new outdoor speaker at IFA 2018 that will bring Google Assistant to your pool parties. The Sony XB501G is about the size of a soccer ball and packs a mean punch, sound-wise, in addition to vibrant lights and strobes to complete the party look. It has Google Assistant onboard so it can do everything you would expect a smart speaker to do.

The XB501G is a bit smaller than some of Sony’s other outdoor speakers and is thus more portable. You can easily take it along with you and set it up on the fly. The built-in handle makes it very easy to carry the speaker with you.

It’s probably the most powerful Google Assistant speaker announced so far, sound-wise, complete with strobe lights to make it feel at home come your next pool party. You don’t have to worry about splashes of water around the speaker as well since it’s rated IP65. If that’s not enough for you, it’s even possible to sync up a pair of these speakers for mono audio.

Sony promises up to 16 hours of battery life for the speaker. It even has a USB Type-C port. The company is going to release the XB501G in October for $299.99.

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The Village Voice Has Folded, People Are Share Their Best Memories Of The Paper

“It’s hard to even imagine New York without the Village Voice,” one mourning journalist tweeted.

Bill Clinton Remembers Aretha Franklin At Detroit Funeral

“We started out as, like, Aretha Franklin groupies or something,” the former president said.