Amazon Project Zero tool lets brands remove counterfeit listings

Amazon has taken another step in addressing the problem of counterfeit products on its platform. The company has unveiled Project Zero, a program that enables brands to directly target counterfeit product listings. Using what Amazon describes as a ‘self-service’ tool, brands can remove counterfeit product listings themselves rather than wait for Amazon to act on a report. READ: FTC targets … Continue reading

Stock Up On Individual Philips Hue Bulbs For $12 Off

We see good deals on Philips Hue starter kits fairly often. But if you already have a Hue system set up, it’s very rare to see individual bulbs for more than $10 off, so stock up before today’s $12 discount expires. This is about as good a deal as you’ll ever expect to see on individual bulbs outside of major holiday…

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Google's new .dev domain opens to all

Google’s .dev domain is open to anyone today, less than two weeks after Google announced the new domain ending. The company envisions .dev as a dedicated space for developers and technology — a way to showcase tools, programming languages, blogs and…

Why We Need More Black Doulas

The black maternal morality crisis is not improving. Doulas can help.

Little Boy Realizes ‘Two Princesses’ Can Get Married And It’s So Moving

“It made our day a bit more magical,” bride Emma Webster-Mockett told HuffPost.

Canada headed to the moon with NASA, then Mars

Canada reached an agreement to partner with NASA to assist with the Gateway lunar outpost and deep space exploration. Did you know that Canada was the third nation in the world to launch their very own satellite into orbit around out planet? That was the craft known as Alouette 1, and Canada’s been working on robotics for space missions – … Continue reading

Nintendo Switch weekly eShop update has something big for indie lovers

Nintendo has detailed another week of releases for the eShop, and though we’ve had some recent weeks with a stray 3DS title or two, this week it’s all about the Switch. There aren’t any major, triple-A titles heading to the Switch this week, but there are a boat load of indie games on the way, and we’re guessing there’s one … Continue reading

Surprise, the Galaxy S10 screen protector issue was real

What comes with your Samsung Galaxy S10 in the box, and what will you need to get once it’s been delivered? That’s a question more than a few people’ve been asking Samsung of late – and they’ve responded. In a statement about the shipped models and those models that’ll be shipping soon, Samsung made clear all the bits and pieces … Continue reading

Boeing Loyal Wingman combat drone is made to support fighter jets

Aerospace company Boeing has taken the wraps off its new ‘Loyal Wingman’ concept demonstrator for the Boeing Airpower Teaming System. The unmanned combat drone was designed by Boeing Australia, according to the company, for ‘global defense customers.’ The Loyal Wingman model was introduced at the Australian International Airshow recently by the nation’s defense minister. According to the company, the Boeing … Continue reading

Extreme Dwarf Planet FarFarOut Could Be the Most Distant Known Object in the Solar System

Just months after discovering FarOut, the most distant known object in the Solar System, the same team of astronomers has detected the faint—but not yet confirmed—glimmerings of an object even farther away. Dubbed FarFarOut, the extreme dwarf planet is 13 billion miles away—a distance so far it takes nearly 20 hours…

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