Thousands Of Protesters Demand Civilian Rule In Sudan, Soldiers Fire Shots

Protesters marched toward Sudan’s defense ministry to demand the ruling military force hand power over to civilians.

Lost Hiker, 73, Found Alive In California Mountains After Missing For A Week

Eugene Jo, who drank from a stream to survive, credited his prior military experience for his positive outcome.

Stephanie Grisham Reportedly Bruised In Scuffle With North Korean Guards, Press

Reporters said she made sure journalists had access to Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un, and it got physical.

New electric cars in Europe have to make artificial noises

Don’t be surprised if you hear more of a racket from electric cars in Europe. As of July 1st, new four-wheeled EV models in the European Union require a noise-emitting device (Acoustic Vehicle Alert System, or AVAS) that kicks in whenever the vehicle…

Ivanka Trump Had A Super Awkward Moment At G-20 And Twitter Had A Field Day

Video of President Donald Trump’s daughter conversing — or trying to — with world leaders went viral.

Android will have an equivalent to Apple's AirDrop file sharing

Ask iPhone users about the creature comforts they like and there’s a good chance they’ll mention AirDrop — it’s an easy way to share a photo with a nearby Apple device owner. Android users should soon have an equivalent, though. The 9to5Google tea…

A Small Update on the New RoboCop Movie, Which Is Apparently Still Happening

Last year, we got news that Neil Blomkamp, possibly as penance from the universe for not getting to make that Alien movie he was really hype for, was working on RoboCop Returns, a direct followup to the original 1987 film. Now, we’ve got an update that confirms that the movie, while moving slowly, is definitely still…

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2020 Democrats Slam Trump’s Meet With Kim-Jong Un As Mere Photo Op

W.H. contenders deride him for staging a publicity stunt with little to show for it — other than aiding a dictator.

Schumer Calls For ATF Investigation Into Dominican Republic Deaths

The Senate’s top Dem said the U.S. needs to ramp up efforts to look into the deaths of eight Americans this year.

Huawei Mate 30 5G Launch Expected This December

Many have been curious about Huawei’s Mate 30 series in light of its troubles with the U.S. government. According to a new report, this device is very much in the pipeline and it’s set to have a 5G variant as well. The report mentions that the Huawei Mate 30 5G is likely going to be released in December this year.

The report mentions that Huawei shared some information about its upcoming devices at a 5G conference in Russia. The company showed a slide which mentioned that the Mate 30 5G is going to arrive in December.

That timeline would most likely be for the Russian market but at least it suggests that the Mate 30 5G is indeed going to hit the market later this year. The 4G variants might come a bit earlier, possibly by November, which would also be in line with the conventional release timeframe for the Mate series.

Huawei also reiterated with this slide that it’s going to release the Mate X, its very own foldable smartphone, in September. Huawei has already confirmed this back when it announced that the release was being delayed to September. It decided to take the extra time to be absolutely sure that its foldable smartphones didn’t run into any problems when it was released for customers.

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