Ruth Bader Ginsburg Says She’s ‘Alive’ And On The ‘Way To Being Very Well’

The Supreme Court justice recently finshed treatment for pancreatic cancer and plans to head back to work soon.

Roc Nation, NFL Spark Criticism For Music And Apparel ‘Inspire Change’ Initiative

Colin Kaepernick tweeted about capitalism and the oppression of Black people hours after the new program was announced.

Miami E-Scooters Leave Streets Amid Fears Of ‘Scooternado’ As Dorian Nears

Hundreds of e-scooters could become lethal projectiles if swept up by the approaching hurricane.

Samsung's first mid-tier 5G phone emerges in leak

The 5G phones on the market have usually been on the pricey side, including Samsung’s. You’ll spend a pretty penny if you want a Galaxy S10+ 5G or Note 10+ 5G in your pocket. You might not have to shell out quite so much going forward. Well-known…

The Idiotic Reason That Egg Companies Are Turning to Plastic Packaging

Choosing which eggs to buy at the grocery store can be an overwhelming process. Single A, Double A, jumbo, organic, free range, cage free, pasture-raised, vegetarian-fed, hormone-free, certified humane, local, and antibiotic-free are among the befuddling labels facing shoppers on American store shelves.

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Toonami and Production IG Are Adapting Junji Ito’s Horror Classic Uzumaki

This is my show. It was made for me.

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Trump Claims There Could Be Legal Consequences For Former Staffers

Trump said he doesn’t think there will be a reason to take action against Madeleine Westerhout, but made no assurances.

Unruly Cows Descend On Upscale Neighborhood Night After Night

The brash bovines have been tearing up lawns, scaring people and nearly causing car accidents, residents say.

Instagram may help you curb DM spam on a public account

Instagram is working on a new feature that will give you the power to choose who can send you messages, based on what app researcher Jane Manchun Wong has discovered. Further, one of the options you can choose from is the ability to receive messages…

Gov. Gavin Newsom Is Trying to Force Trump To Disclose His Tax Returns. Is This The Best Way?

Gavin Newsom is trying to force Trump to disclose his tax returns. But is this the best way to go about it?