Trevor Noah Offers Cheeky Solution For Food Supply Woes Amid Coronavirus Crisis

“The Daily Show” featured a PSA urging Americans to “stuff your faces like your lives and your country depend on it.”

Why Singling Out A Hasidic Funeral Won’t Make The Community Healthier

A crowded funeral that violated social distancing rules is itself a symptom of bigger issues in the community.

How To Act Like A Teacher — So Your Kid Actually Listens To You

Remote learning is the pits, and it’s not ending anytime soon. Here’s how to push through.

Dr. Seuss Books Rapped Over Dr. Dre Beats Goes Viral For Being Weirdly Magical

YouTuber Wes Tank mashed up “The Lorax” with “Still D.R.E.” and “Green Eggs and Ham” with “Forgot About Dre” for fun.

‘Hercules’ Live-Action Remake Is Happening, And Fans Can’t Get A Grip, Girl

Disney is adapting the classic as a live-action film, with a little help from Marvel filmmakers Joe and Anthony Russo.

She-Ra’s Explosive Final Season Trailer Brings the War to End All Wars to Eternia

It’s time for Catra and Adora to face off once and for all—this time with more than just their former friendship at stake, but all of Etheria and the universe beyond it.

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Nintendo’s usual June Direct may be a no-go

If you were counting on Nintendo to host a new Direct in June, you may not want to get your hopes up. A new report today is saying that while the company originally planned on debuting a new Direct in June, it can no longer do that. The reason? Like everything else that’s been delayed or even halted entirely, it … Continue reading

Apple set new all-time and quarterly records in Q2 2020 despite pandemic

Apple has announced the financial details for its second fiscal quarter, reporting that despite the coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic downturn, the company set new all-time and quarterly revenue records. The quarter, which ended on March 28, pulled in $58.3 billion in revenue, a one-percent jump over the same quarter last year. International markets drove the sales during this quarter. … Continue reading

Apple Q2 FY20 iPhone, Mac, iPad net sales down, yet total is up – how?

Apple reported Q2 FY20 results this afternoon with an odd spread of ups and downs in individual product category net sales. Generally we see one of the three categories down, and the others up, when it comes to iPhone, Mac, and iPad, but this time, things were different. This time, all three were down, and Apple’s two other main product … Continue reading

Rep. Schiff wants Google and Twitter to use COVID-19 misinformation warnings

One of the challenges to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic is curbing the spread of misinformation. Google, YouTube and Twitter have each taken steps to provide accurate info and remove false content, but Congressman Adam Schiff says that’s not enough….