Pokemon GO Season of Discovery starts on June 1

The Pokemon GO Season of Discovery begins on Tuesday, June 1, 2021, and it’s going to get weird. This event has hemisphere-exclusive Pokemon, an odd assortment of wild spawn Pokemon, Adventure Sync Reward eggs with odd monsters, and 5-star raids with Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. As we took a peek at earlier today, new rules are in effect in the … Continue reading

Twitter May Start Labeling Your Tweets Based on How Wrong You Are

Twitter is one of many social media companies that’s struggled to keep misinformation from running rampant on its platform over the years. Its latest attempt to move the needle looks to be a tiered warning label system that changes based on how wrong you are, according to app researcher Jane Manchun Wong.

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Scientists Link Nearly 40% of Heat-Related Deaths to Human-Induced Climate Change

New research is quantifying the rate at which intense summer heat brought on by human-induced climate change is killing humans around the world.

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X-Men's Brood Are What Brood X Nightmares Are Made Of

People’s longstanding fear of swarming insects like cicadas is enshrined in our pop culture. For years we’ve reimagined bugs as everything from larger-than-life creatures poised to take over the planet to hyper-intelligent mimics hellbent on supplanting humanity. Now, with millions of the United States’ Brood X…

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Biden Proclaims Day Of Remembrance For Tulsa Race Massacre

The president declared a day to “reflect on the deep roots of racial terror in our nation.”

Nikki Haley Dragged For Hypocrisy After Tweet Slamming Kamala Harris

She dragged the vice president for not honoring the troops on Twitter — only to do the same thing herself.

Xbox has a two-year console exclusive on Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos

But you’ll still need to pay a license fee for Atmos audio on Xbox consoles or PC.

Walter The Friendly Grouse Becomes Man’s Backyard Companion

Some people are greeted by the family dog. For Todd Westward, it’s a ruffed grouse.

Dungeons & Dragons & Novels: Revisiting Gary Gygax's Saga of Old Town

First, Gary Gygax created Dungeons & Dragons. Then, he created the fantasy world of Oerth and its greatest city, Greyhawk. Then, he set his mind to writing a D&D novel set in Greyhawk—the tale of Gord, a young street urchin who rises from poverty and imprisonment to become one of the greatest thieves on the planet.…

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Mass Effect is dated, but still worth playing today

Earlier this month, Electronic Arts and BioWare released Mass Effect Legendary Edition, a compilation that remasters the three games in the original Mass Effect trilogy and offers all of them – along with their DLC – in one package. It’s a rather ambitious release, particularly as it concerns the original Mass Effect. BioWare’s impressive efforts to update the first Mass … Continue reading