Apple AirPod Pros Are Still $52 Off Right Now

Get the deal on Amazon before it’s gone.

Space Junk Too Risky For Astronaut, Spacewalk Delayed

It’s the first time a spacewalk has been canceled because of threat from space junk.

Bethesda teases Starfield’s two big ‘step-out moments’

Bethesda’s Starfield is still a year away, but ever since E3 2021, the company has been slowly teasing new details about the game. Today, the company published what is presumably the first in a series of developer diaries called “Into the Starfield.” While the first episode doesn’t really get into specifics about the game, Bethesda boss Todd Howard does drop … Continue reading

A Bot Stole Your PS5 and Lawmakers Have Heard Your Cries of Anguish

Democratic lawmakers want to get serious about a particularly frustrating scourge of the holiday season: the “Grinch” bot.

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Nicolas Cage Is Dracula! Stop the Presses! Nicolas Cage Is Dracula!

Nicolas Cage is probably some kind of vampire in real life, so the fact that he’s about the play the most famous one ever makes perfect sense. The Oscar-winning star of Face/Off and Mandy and many, many other strange films is set to play Dracula in the upcoming film Renfield. Which means, no, Dracula isn’t the main…

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It Looks Like Sonos Just Leaked Its Next New Product

Sonos may have accidentally tipped its hand on the details of an as-yet unannounced audio product, inadvertently mentioning a “smaller, cylindrical subwoofer” on a page in its app that was spotted by an eagle-eyed Reddit user.

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Tiny 'Living' Robots Figured Out How to Reproduce

Researchers who developed what they say are the world’s first living robots now report they can reproduce in an unprecedented way, according to a peer-reviewed study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Monday.

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Finish Out 2021 With 14 New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books for December

December is traditionally the month with the least amount of new sci-fi and fantasy book releases, so you’ll notice our regular list is a bit shorter than usual. But there are still plenty of intriguing releases on the way, so read on for tales of magic and mages, murder and mutations, and more.

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Adele Says Hello To Las Vegas Residency

The “Easy on Me” singer will hit the stage at Caesars Palace for a 12-week stint.

Walmart Said She Shoplifted; Jury Awards Her $2.1 Million

Lesleigh Nurse sued after she says a self-checkout machine malfunctioned and she was arrested for shoplifting — then threatened with a suit herself.