Patagonia, Live Nation Vow To Bail Out Workers Busted In Peaceful Abortion Protests

They’re both also offering expenses for women forced to travel out of state for abortions now that the Supreme Court has struck down Roe v. Wade.

Wear OS Finally Gets Fast Pair Feature Ahead Of Pixel Watch Debut

The Pixel Watch won’t arrive until later in 2022, but Google has already rolled out a new feature for it, one that’ll make it easier to pair its earbuds.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Vows ‘Kid’ In Womb Will Be As Safe As Those In Classrooms

Like in Uvalde? Parkland? Sandy Hook? Columbine? There have been 27 school shootings so far this year.

Replacing The Battery Pack On A VW E-Golf Costs More Than You Think

Though EVs will save you a bunch in fuel costs, the price to replace their batteries may eat into those savings, particularly if you have an e-Golf.

Ghislaine Maxwell Placed On Suicide Watch But Not Suicidal: Attorney

An attorney for the former associate of child sex predator Jeffrey Epstein said he will request that her sentencing hearing be postponed if she’s not taken off suicide watch.

Here's How Much Money You Can Actually Save Switching To LED Light Bulbs

Buying a bunch of LED bulbs to update your home’s lighting may sound expensive, but doing so will likely save you a bunch of money in the long run.

How To Protect Your Accounts With iPhone's Two-Factor Authentication

You’ve probably heard about two-factor authentication, but did you know the iPhone has this feature built-in? It’s simple to set up and even easier to use.

BET Awards 2022 Red Carpet: See The Best Looks From ‘Culture’s Biggest Night’

Drip or drown was the motto on the red carpet, with our favorite Black celebrities dressed to the nines.

How Much Will A Flying Car Cost?

Flying cars are no longer a fantasy and you may soon have the chance to own one. That doesn’t mean they’ll be anywhere close to affordable, however.

The Mysterious History Behind The Chevrolet Logo

No one really knows where the iconic Chevrolet “bowtie” emblem came from, but there are myriad theories, each interesting on its own.