Travis Scott's New Bugatti Has A Ridiculous Price Tag

Rapper Travis Scott, the subject of a $750 million lawsuit, has been in the news over his seemingly new Bugatti because of its massive price tag.

Samsung Gaming Hub Begins Rolling Out Today: What To Know

The Samsung Gaming Hub was released for new Samsung smart TVs. Gamers can play using their own controllers on a variety of cloud-based gaming services.

The 5 Best And 5 Worst 3-Wheeled Cars On The Market

If you’re in the market for a weird and humourous car that is either incredibly efficient or totally useless, these 3-wheeled cars are right up your alley.

The Instagram App Is Finally Adding An Account Deletion Feature – Here's How To Use It

Instagram has finally made it possible to delete – not just deactivate – your account using its mobile app, though the feature comes with one big limitation.

Cyberattack impacts unemployment benefits in several states

A cyberattack on a third-party vendor has impacted employment services, including unemployment benefits, in several states, according to the Associated Press. Some state employment websites have been offline since Sunday, including the ones in Tennessee and Nebraska.

“We recently identified anomalous activity on our network, and immediately took [Tennessee’s] Jobs4TN system offline to halt the activity. With the help of third-party specialists, we are conducting a full investigation to determine the cause and scope of the incident,” Paul Toomey, the president of vendor Geographic Solutions, said in a statement on Wednesday. “Our current focus is working around the clock to bring Jobs4TN back online. We anticipate that this will occur prior to the July 4th holiday.”

The full scope of the cyberattack’s impact is not yet clear, though Geographic Solutions claims to have clients in more than 35 states and territories. As noted by StateScoop, the Louisiana Workforce Commission said on Wednesday its HiRE website is offline and the “attack is also impacting as many as 40 other states and Washington D.C.” Geographic Solutions’ website is also down.

The situation could have a significant effect on those who depend on unemployment benefits and are having problems accessing them. Around 12,000 people rely on such benefits in Tennessee, but the AP reports that they are not receiving payments.

The Nebraska Department of Labor expects its employment services site to remain offline through at least Friday. “Individuals cannot file for unemployment until the system is back online,” a spokesperson told the AP.

Some state-run jobseeking sites are unavailable as well. In many cases, those seeking unemployment assistance need to show that they’re actively searching for work to be eligible for benefits. California and Florida are among the states that have temporarily waived those rules.

Toomey said Geographic Solutions is taking steps to prevent a similar situation from happening again. “The latest information from GSI indicates no personal data was accessed, and no data was removed from its network operations center.”

Is the Marvel Cinematic Universe Trying Too Hard to Play Catch Up?

Does it feel like we’re getting too much Marvel? It feels like we’re getting too much Marvel.

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'Cryptoqueen' Lands a Spot On the FBI's Most Wanted List

Ruja Ignatova, who in the past dubbed herself the “Cryptoqueen,” is now sitting with a fancy crown in a new royal court: the FBI’s top 10 most wanted.

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Kevin Durant Reportedly Asks For Trade From Brooklyn Nets

The news on Durant came three days after Kyrie Irving decided to exercise his $37 million option to remain with Brooklyn this coming season.

OnePlus 10T Doesn't Look As Sharp As The 10 Pro, But It Sure Looks Good

It looks like OnePlus is gearing up to launch the OnePlus 10T smartphone, a model that has appeared in detailed renders as part of a major leak.

We Should Be Banking Our Poop for Future Use, Scientists Argue

Experts at Harvard and elsewhere are proposing a new type of bank be set up nationwide: a poop bank. In a paper this week, they argue that it should be possible for people to deposit a fecal sample relatively early on in life, which can then be stored indefinitely and later used to restore their unbalanced gut…

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