What's The Worst-Looking Current Mercedes-Benz Model? Here's What Car Fans Said – SlashGear Survey

Not all Mercedes-Benz models are created equal, but according to our SlashGear survey, some car fans believe a few in particular aren’t enticing at all.

YouTube App Down on iOS Devices

YouTube users reported the app on iPhones and iPads went down today at about 12:30 p.m., with many saying it repeatedly crashes when they try to open a video. More than 7,500 users reported issues with the app on DownDetector by 3 p.m. and 75 percent of complaints said the issues were with the app itself.

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U.S. Citizen Sues NSO Group for Allegedly Helping El Salvador Plant Spyware on Journalist's Phones

A number of El Salvador-based journalists are suing the notorious makers of the prolific Pegasus spyware suite in U.S. court, alleging the company sold the repressive Bukele regime spyware used to hack their phones.

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Researchers Used a Sirius XM Bug to Easily Hijack a Bunch of Different Cars

How do you hack a car? Through its infotainment system, apparently.

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Why Don't Animated Movies and Sci-Fi Seem to Mix?

Disney’s Strange World released over Thanksgiving weekend, and despite mainly solid reviews, it’s on track to be one of the studio’s biggest box office disappointments. Its opening weekend was a bust, and it stopped just shy of earning $12 million in its first three days. As it stands, Disney will ultimately be fine…

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Google begins refunding Stadia hardware purchases made on the Google Store

Google tweeted today that it’s beginning to process refunds for Stadia hardware bought on the Google Store. The company announced in September that its cloud gaming service was joining the long list of projects buried in the “Google graveyard.”

Google is refunding purchases for the Stadia controller and bundles that included a Chromecast Ultra with the WiFi-connected gamepad. Earlier this month, it began reimbursing users for Stadia game purchases, ensuring most users recoup the money they’d sunk into the service. However, Google isn’t refunding subscription fees for Stadia Pro (its answer to PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass) or Stadia hardware bought from Best Buy.

The company says it will process the refunds automatically. It expects most of them to complete by the time the cloud-gaming service shuts down on January 18th. If the company can’t refund your original form of payment automatically, it will email you through the Google account you used for the purchase(s).

Although Stadia’s demise disappointed its small but devoted band of enthusiasts, the shutdown wasn’t exactly shocking. The writing had been on the wall since the company began scaling back its investment in the platform barely over a year after its launch.

Lala Kent Opens Up About Being ‘Terrified’ To Have Sober Sex

The reality TV star confessed she was anxious because she “had never done it before.”

Following Apple And YouTube, Spotify Wrapped Is Now Live

Spotify Wrapped is now available for music lovers to bookend 2022 and look back on their listening habits, top artists and songs, and everything in between.

Alzheimer's Drug Lecanemab Shows Promising Results In Slowing Disease

A breakthrough in research for Alzheimer’s disease could potentially yield a viable treatment to slow the effects of the degenerative disease significantly.

MSCHF's Latest Project Is an ATM That Broadcasts Your Account Balance

A privacy-invading ATM, the latest project from MSCHF, is making waves at Art Basel Miami Beach. The Brooklyn-based art collective has brought the ATM Leaderboard to a VIP event where people can access their bank account balance which is then displayed in a ranking board overhead.

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