Butterfleye Has More Than Meets The Eye

Butterfleye Has More Than Meets The EyeNo, despite the title above, the Butterfleye is no Transformer that remains in hiding secretly until the time is ripe to reveal itself to the world. The Butterfleye is no ordinary surveillance camera, but it also doubles up as a home monitoring camera. In other words, the Butterfleye offers a whole lot more than vanilla security lookouts, as it also does its bit to record whatever goes on in your life.

Taking a road that would be familiar with Dropcam owners, the Butterfleye happens to be a kind of camera which is set up in order to leave your home with “eyes”, so that you can check out whatever’s going on remotely on your tablet or smartphone – as long as there is a decent Internet connection, of course.

The Butterfleye will be able to capture 1920 x 1080 resolution video thanks to its wide-angle 3 MP lens, in addition to operating sans wires courtesy of having the smart camera system shuts down whenever everything around remains dormant. Sensors, video analysis software, and learning algorithms will work in tandem to figure out just when to record upon detecting the presence of a human in the room, saving battery life in the long run as well.

The Butterfleye is on pre-order for $200 a pop, as it ships earlier next year although there are some whispers of a possible fall 2014 release, too.

Butterfleye Has More Than Meets The Eye

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Olloclip iPad 4-in-1 Photo Lens

Olloclip for iPadOlloclip for iPad and iPad mini is now available for pre-order. This versatile lens is made to slip on and off your mobile device in a just a few seconds.

The lens holder slips over the corner of your iPad and will bring four new lenses to your device. For lenses you will have a fish-eye with a 180-degree field-of-view, a wide-angle that doubles the field of the iPad’s camera, a 10x macro with 18mm focus length and 15X macro with 12mm focus length.

The Olloclip for the iPhone has gotten rave reviews and it’s likely this one will be just as good of quality. The price is $69.99 and shipments will start June 2, 2014.

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Lytro Illum Camera Refocuses on the High End

When the first Lytro camera was announced, it looked pretty cute, but it was impractical because of its limited options. It was basically just a plaything. Now, however, Lytro wants to change this with the release of a camera designed for professional and prosumer shooters.

lytro illum light field cameramagnify

The Lytro Illum captures photos as an interactive window, instead of just a static cross-section of reality. It comes with a 40-”megaray” light field sensor, almost four times the resolution of the original Lytro. Below is a sample of some interactive images shot with the camera. Be sure to click around to see how the refocusing feature works:

The new camera has also got a 30-250mm 8x optical zoom lens, a constant f/2.0 aperture, and a high-speed shutter, which is capable of freezing motion under a variety of different circumstances. Sounds intriguing.

lytro illum backmagnify

After capture, you can adjust aspects of images that are usually fixed, like focus, tilt, perspective shift, and depth of field. The Illum will be launched this July for $1,599(USD), and you can pre-order one now over on the Lytro website at an introductory price of $1,499, with just $250 down.

lytro illum sidemagnify

The guys at VentureBeat spent some time with Lytro CEO Dr. Ren Ng to get a demonstration of the Lytro Illum, and shared this video of the interview:

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