Watch Dogs torrent installs Bitcoin miner for unsuspecting thieves

While the official download and physical copies of Watch Dogs will be available on the 27th – this Tuesday – cracked and broken versions are appearing on torrent sites across … Continue reading

Why is Google going backwards with Project Tango tablets?

Google’s Project Tango is set to spawn a new device, so the leaks would have it, with the company tipped to be readying 4,000 prototype 3D scanning tablets just in … Continue reading

Pokemon Fancy Pattern Vivillon to mark 100m GTS trades

Pokemon players are nearing 100 million swaps using the Global Trade Station (GTS), the Pokémon Company has confirmed, with an exclusive Fancy Pattern Vivillon being promised to celebrate the milestone. … Continue reading

Alien life discovery in our lifetime insists SETI astronomer

The hunt for alien life will turn up results within our lifetime, a senior astronomer at the SETI Institute has promised the US Congress, though it might not be tentacled … Continue reading

Apple wants retrial, sales ban against Samsung

Apple, who recently settled their ongoing dispute with Motorola and Google amicably, has no intent on following that up. Previous reports that suggested the Cupertino firm and Samsung would play … Continue reading

Researchers send high-speed broadband to the moon

As humankind works towards expanding its presence in space, one day establishing colonies on other planets, questions of communication with Earth become increasingly important. To address this, researchers from MIT … Continue reading

Twitter toying with video suggestions for your hashtags

Twitter may be getting a lot more visual, and take up more of your time, with a new experiment. It seems as though the micro-blogging platform is toying with the … Continue reading

Tropico 5 hits OnLive for any-device streaming

Supposing you’re a fan of SIM City – and have never heard of Tropico – today you’re in for a rather strange treat. The folks at OnLive have brought on … Continue reading

FCC rural Internet subsidization given go-ahead

The FCC has been given the go-ahead on a plan to switch over its telephone subsidy program for rural areas into one that will do the same for broadband Internet … Continue reading

Unsealed court docs reveal fight against gag orders by tech companies

On Friday, court documents were unsealed that reveal a push against gag orders by Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Yahoo, with the argument behind it being violation of the First Amendment. … Continue reading