MyTaxi starts one-hour delivery in Germany, may reach US cities next year

DNP Mytaxi makes trials onehour package delivery, battles limited patience abroad

Don’t let the name fool you, Mytaxi wants to drop off more than just people. The app-based service that began as a German take on Uber has now started using its fleet of drivers to offer one-hour courier deliveries in its home country. The Next Web reports that, once this initial trial is over at the end of the year, the 60-minute service could be expanded to cover US cities including Washington, D.C. (where Mytaxi already operates cabs), Denver, Miami and Seattle, at prices similar to existing shipping options. There’s a touch of irony in waiting around for the ambiguous domestic start date but, in the meantime, Google and eBay have you covered.

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Source: The Next Web

Currys and PC World now offer same-day delivery to impulsive UK tech shoppers

Currys and PC World offer sameday delivery to impulsive UK tech shoppers

Brits who can’t stand waiting for gadget purchases can swing by a Currys or PC World to pick them up immediately, but that also requires the hassle of visiting a big-box store. As of today, impulse buyers won’t have to brave that gauntlet: both Currys and PC World are offering same-day delivery for online orders. UK residents buying small gadgets from either shop before 9:30AM can spend £15 ($23) to have the goods reach their door by 10PM that night. The stores are also offering Sunday afternoon deliveries at similar pricing, and the £5 ($8) next-day option now includes all orders made before midnight. Extra-speedy shipments are initially limited to those in greater London and a handful of other post codes, but the retailers promise wider availability in the near future.

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Source: Currys, PC World

Eat your heart out: Chinese e-commerce firm delivers packages within hours

Eat your heart out Chinese ecommerce firm launches 3hour delivery

Think same-day delivery is the bee’s knees? In China, an e-commerce company called Jingdong not only delivers your package a few hours after you place your order, but also gives you power to track it in real time on a map. You can even bug the delivery crew while they’re on the road, although they probably (hopefully) won’t pick up the phone or text you back while driving. The company offers its services in six major Chinese cities, including notoriously populous Beijing and Shanghai. Jingdong is a young company that’s yet to be profitable, but based on what it offers its customers, one can’t help but feel that eBay Now, Amazon Prime, and Google Shopping Express should step their game up.

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Google’s BufferBox delivery lockers to arrive in San Francisco ‘very soon’

Google's BufferBox delivery lockers to arrive in San Francisco 'very soon'

San Francisco is getting all sorts of delivery options courtesy of its friends in Mountain View. Not only has The City by the Bay been graced by Google’s same-day delivery Shopping Express pilot, but it’ll soon see kiosks from BufferBox, a startup offering lockers for stowing online purchases, which the search giant acquired last year. A fresh notice on the outfit’s website proclaims, “We’re coming to California, specifically the San Francisco Bay Area very soon!” Page and Co. haven’t said if the lockers will be integrated with Shopping Express, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they gave the boxes a prominent part in the service. If you’re itching to find out when the containers begin populating San Francisco, hit the source link below to sign up for an alert from BufferBox.

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Source: BufferBox

Google said to be testing same-day delivery service from local retailers

Google said to be testing sameday delivery service from local retailers

As if Google didn’t have enough on its plate, it seems the Mountain View company is adding yet another feather to its cap by entering the delivery business. As originally reported on TechCrunch and then confirmed by Reuters, the search giant is apparently working on a same-day delivery service that could pit it against the likes of Amazon Prime, eBay Now and local dispatchers like Postmates’ GetItNow. Known to both outlets as Google Shopping Express, it would bring purchased goods from local retailers directly to your door via third-party couriers. According to TechCrunch, Google plans to charge around $64 or $69 a year for the service, while a Reuters source said a small fee per purchase might also be a possibility. Reuters even said Google has already started testing the service in the Bay Area in “recent weeks.”

When asked to comment on the story, a Google spokesperson said to us in an email:

We are always working to build a delightful shopping experience for users, in close partnership with retailers, and to empower businesses of all sizes to compete effectively. We will continue to work toward providing technology, tools and traffic to help power the retail ecosystem but have nothing to announce at this time.

Though they’re clearly keeping mum on the subject, it does seem a delivery service would be in line with Google’s recent moves in the commerce space, such as the acquisition of locker startup Bufferbox and e-commerce firm Channel Intelligence. That said, we can’t be sure exactly when or how Shopping Express will be implemented; too bad the company’s Transparency Report doesn’t actually reveal the inside workings of Sergey Brin’s mind.

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Source: TechCrunch, Reuters

NYT: Google actively trialing same-day delivery from retail for the chronically impatient

NYT Google actively trialing sameday delivery from retail for the chronically impatient

Rumors have floated for the better part of a year that Google has been prepping a same-day delivery service that would pressure eBay and make even Amazon Prime seem pokey. If we’re to believe a pair of New York Times contacts, it’s much closer to reality. Google staffers and their close connections are supposedly in the midst of testing the extra-fast shipping option in San Francisco with at “at least one” major clothing chain participating alongside local shops. Most details are still missing, including the price premium for waiting mere hours as well as the implied mobile option; Google certainly isn’t talking on the record. We’re almost hoping that the story is bogus, as the last thing we need is one less reason to step outside.

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