Boeing is reportedly ending production of its 747 jumbo jet

If it wasn’t already apparent that the era of ‘big’ flying is ending, it might be soon. Bloomberg sources say Boeing is ending production of its iconic 747 jumbo jet (specifically, the 747-8) in about two years. A spokesperson for the aircraft maker…

Montana Gubernatorial Candidate Self-Quarantines After Wife Is Exposed To Kimberly Guilfoyle

GOP Rep. Greg Ginaforte’s wife, Susan, met with Guilfoyle. Neither wore a mask nor maintained social distance.

Trump Blames China For COVID-19 Spread At Crowded Independence Day Celebration

Critics Mock Trump For Choking On ‘Totalitarianism’ In Mount Rushmore Diatribe

“He used OUR Independence Day to tell a majority of our country that we are not welcome here in America,” snapped one.

Five Years After Its Debut, ‘Hamilton’ Airs On Disney+ To A Nuanced Response

A whole new audience is debating the legacy of America’s overlooked Founding Father.

LinkedIn and Reddit Are The Latest Apps Found to be Snooping On Your Clipboards

iOS 14’s new privacy feature has been snitching on a lot of snooping apps in recent days, raising concerns from users and hopefully inspiring the companies behind the apps to do something about it. The latest apps caught snitching were LinkedIn and Reddit, although the companies want to assure users that they’re…

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Nigerians face US charges over online fraud worth 'hundreds of millions'

US law enforcement is cracking down on a pair of alleged online fraudsters that appear to have been wildly successful. The United Arab Emirates has sent the US two Nigerian nationals, Ramon Olorunwa Abbas and Olakean Jacob Ponle, to face charges rela…

Trump Sees Zero Irony in Ordering the Creation of 'American Heroes' Garden During Photo Op on Stolen Land

In the shadow of Mount Rushmore on Friday, President Donald Trump decided to celebrate the nation’s Independence Day by launching a diatribe against liberals, cancel culture, and the “angry mobs” of protestors toppling statues of colonizers and white supremacists. While that may just sound like another Friday at this…

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Florida Coronavirus Cases Spike To New Daily Record

Florida’s coronavirus cases rose by a record 11,458 on Saturday, the state’s health d said.

Betsy Ross, Jackie Robinson And Antonin Scalia — Trump Seeks “Garden of American Heroes”

President Trump has proposed a monument featuring 30-plus figures from American history.