Pete Buttigieg Won’t Talk About His Secret Work At McKinsey

A report about the consulting firm’s work for ICE has spurred calls for Buttigieg to explain what he did there.

Levitating Moon Lamp: See You on the Light Side of the Moon

There’s something about the cratered surface of our moon that gives it such a wonderful appearance as the sun reflects off of it in the night sky. Now you can experience that wonder every day – whether or not it’s cloudy outside – with this nifty Levitating Moon Desk Lamp.

Unlike the actual moon, this one is illuminated from the inside out, but it still looks pretty awesome. The floating sphere is created using 3D printing technology to replicate the textured lunar surface.

The replica moon measures about 5.9″ in diameter, and has LED lights and magnets inside to float effortlessly above its wooden base. It uses wireless induction to power the lights inside the floating orb.

While I think the moon looks best in its more naturally white color, it does offer two other color modes including yellow, and gradually fading between yellow and white.

You can put the moon on your desk for $99.99 over at Amazon, which is a whole lot less expensive than building yourself a rocketship to launch you there.

The laws protecting our data are too weak

The latest in a long line of privacy scandals happened last week, after Google was found to have been pulling unredacted data from one of America’s largest healthcare providers to use in one of its projects. Despite assurances that it won’t use this…

Save up to $200 on a Surface Pro 7 or Surface Laptop 3 at Amazon

If you missed the chance to pick up a discounted laptop or 2-in-1 during Black Friday, you now have another chance to do so. Amazon continues to offer steep price cuts on Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3, matching or exceeding its all-t…

Bloodhound LSR jet car reaches 628 mph

The people working on the Bloodhound LSR vehicle have been working for years in an attempt to set a new land speed record. The team has announced that the car has reached a new top speed of 628 mph or about 1,010 km/h in only 50 seconds. Over that 50-second time frame, the vehicle had traveled five miles. That rate … Continue reading

Natural comet outburst of gas and dust has been captured in detail

Scientists using the NASA TESS spacecraft have captured what they say is a clear start-to-finish image sequence of an explosive emission of dust, ice, and gases during the close approach of a comet. The comet in the image sequence is 46P/Wirtanen. The images were captured when the comet made its close approach in late 2018. The team says that this … Continue reading

Opera for Android version 55 adds an improved night mode

Night modes are a beautiful thing, aren’t they? Opera seems to understand that, as today it’s shipping out an improved night mode in Opera for Android version 55. There are a few other changes coming along with this update, but the bulk of it seems to be the improvements the company has made to night mode. Opera devotes most of … Continue reading

Could Another of Hulu's Marvel TV Shows Be in Trouble?

Jordan Vogt-Roberts has a tiny update on his long-in-gestation Metal Gear Solid movie. The Wheel of Time continues to flesh out its cast. Thomas Jane could be heading to the world of Stephen King. Plus, new footage from The Witcher, Kevin Conroy on bringing back his Batman Beyond voice for Crisis on Infinite Earths,…

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Meet the Scientists Who Play With Fire

This story was produced in partnership with Atlas Obscura.

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I Got Inseminated In A Burger King Bathroom Just Off Route 57

I desperately wanted to get pregnant and I needed some free sperm with no drama, no commitment and, definitely, no sex.