Linus Tech Tips Is The Latest YouTube Channel Getting Elon Musk Bombed By Crypto Scammers

Among other high-subscriber YouTube channels being taken over by crypto scammers, Linus Tech Tips is the latest victim of the YouTube channel hacking spree.

Apple Is Reportedly Taking Attendance Amid Back to Office Push

Apple has struggled to force its employees back into the office with its hybrid work plan, even though its employees have largely been antagonistic to the Cupertino company’s in-office working whims. Like we’re all back in grade school, Apple is just the next company that is reportedly taking attendance to make sure…

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Luke Skywalker Defeated the Empire for This?!

Although Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo defeated the Galactic Empire at the end of Return of the Jedi—with an assist from a teddy bear or three—the new era of Star Wars has made no secret of the fact that the galaxy’s problems weren’t all solved with the death of Palpatine. Various remnants of the Empire…

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The Anker EverFrost Is a $439 (For Now) Portable Fridge on Wheels

Although we’re only a few days into the Spring of 2023, most of us are already thinking ahead to the warm summer months. It’s the perfect time to shop for new summer attire and new summer gadgets, like the Anker EverFrost cooler, which wants to be your Yeti alternative through electric-powered cooling that doesn’t…

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The Most Popular Dog Breeds on Instagram Are Also the Sickest

Dog content is a tried and true path to social media domination. And at this point, you may even know a dog-fluencer—someone who runs an Instagram/TikTok account dedicated to personifying their dog—in your own life. These wildly popular pet profiles run the gamut from Bunny the Button Pressing Sheepadoodle to Winston…

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Linus Tech Tips YouTube Channel Is Down After Crypto Scammer Hack

Famed YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips has been hacked and destroyed. The gadget review channel with over 15 million subscribers was spewing Elon Musk-themed crypto scams earlier this morning, but now appears to be completely pulled from the platform.

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Audible original productions and podcasts are getting Dolby Atmos support

Audible has teamed with Dolby Laboratories to introduce spatial sound in its library. Called Dolby Atmos on Audible, it’s debuting on more than 40 titles including The Little Mermaid, The Sandman Act III and the music-oriented podcast, Maejor Frequency. The move represents another push into narrative audio content for Dolby, as Wondery (also owned by Amazon) started doing Atmos podcasts last year.

The new collection covers multiple genres, including feature-length multi-cast productions, soundscapes, live performances and podcasts. “The Dolby Atmos collection celebrates and expands the possibilities of audio storytelling by highlighting the extraordinary talents of a variety of actors, writers, directors, sound designers and other creators,” the companies said in a press release.

Dolby Atmos might seem like overkill for audiobooks, but much as Dolby did for movies, it has the potential to make narrative stories more immersive on good headphones or sound systems. “Through the ability to create more layers of sound and control over the directionality of different audio elements, creators can draw listeners into a deeper, richer, and more lifelike spatial sound experience that fully engrosses them in each story,” they wrote. The examples of originals the companies highlight in the announcement are more dramatic productions than straight readings, so you’re likely not going to get spatial audio for every Malcolm Gladwell novel. 

For instance, The Little Mermaid will feature a “magical underwater soundscape and original music,” presumably enhanced by spatial sound. “Sound placement can now be used as a new element to draw audiences even closer to their favorite podcasts, audio narratives, and stories with Dolby Atmos,” said Dolby vice president John Couling. 

The Dolby Atmos titles are available to Audible members via the Audible app on compatible iOS and Android Dolby Atmos-enabled mobile devices. To see all the available titles, type “Dolby Atmos” into the search bar on the Audible website, or look for the Dolby Atmos logo in the Audible app.

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How to take a screenshot on a Chromebook

Chromebooks are designed to be simple and straightforward, but if you’re new to Chrome OS, it may not be immediately obvious how to do certain things. One potential source of confusion is figuring out how to take a screenshot, since the keyboards built into most Chromebooks contain keys you won’t see on a MacBook or Windows laptop. If you’re stuck, don’t worry: Capturing your screen is still easy on Chrome OS, and there are multiple ways to do it. Let’s break it down.

In most cases, the fastest way to take a screenshot on a Chromebook is to press the Control (Ctrl) and Show Windows keys at the same time. This grabs a shot of your entire screen. The Show Windows key, which is unique to Chromebooks, looks like a rectangle with two lines next to it. It’s often located where the F5 key would be on a Windows PC.

A screenshot of the screenshot tools built into Chrome OS, showing a user capturing a portion of an open window with a photo of two dogs in it.

Hitting Ctrl + Shift + Show Windows, meanwhile, opens up the Screen Capture toolbar. This presents a menu with options to capture all of your screen, a specific portion or a single open window. You can also take a video recording of part or all of your screen from here.

Alternatively, you can get to these tools through your Chromebook’s Quick Settings menu. To access this, click the clock in the lower right corner of the taskbar – or “shelf,” in ChromeOS terms – then click the Screen Capture icon that appears in the resulting menu.

Note that some Chromebooks have a dedicated Screenshot key, marked by a little camera icon. If you have that, you can just press that button instead of using the shortcuts mentioned above.

A photo of the Acer Chromebook Spin 713's keyboard, with arrows highlighting the location of the Shift, Ctrl, Show Windows and Screenshot keys.
Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

If you’re using an external keyboard without a Show Windows or Screenshot key, you can press Ctrl + F5 to take a full-screen capture, or Ctrl + Shift + F5 to pull up the Screen Capture menu and/or grab a partial screenshot. And if you have a ChromeOS tablet, you can take a screenshot by hitting the power and volume down buttons simultaneously.

Once you take a screenshot or recording, Chrome OS will automatically copy it to your clipboard. You’ll then see it appear in a small window in the bottom corner of the display, from which you can edit or delete the capture. Recent screenshots will appear in a holding area on your taskbar/shelf called the Tote, while all of your captures will go to the Downloads folder in the Files app by default. To change that save location, press Shift + Ctrl + Show Windows, select the Settings gear icon, then choose Select Folder.

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Diane Keaton Gets Candid About Her Relationship Status

Keaton previously said she hadn’t been on a date in decades.

Constructing a Statue of Liberty vs. T-Rex Diorama

Presumably inspired by a vision of the future after we clone dinosaurs and they start running amok, model maker Boylei Hobby Time constructed this Statue of Liberty vs. T-Rex diorama using two commercially available model kits. Those kits being a Statue of Liberty and a T-Rex, just to be perfectly clear.

I love watching the process of these model makers at work. It’s just so… satisfying. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they always do an amazing job. You think of someone making a Statue of Liberty battling a T-Rex and wonder how that would ever work out. And yet here it is, absolute perfection.

I knew Lady Liberty’s torch was actually a plasma cannon! And to think that New York City tour guide asked me to sit down and be quiet. He was trying to hide the truth, but I knew better! She also has a jetpack on under her robes.

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