See How a Wild, Wet Winter Has Transformed California

California is drenched.

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These Toy Mash-Up Photos Are Freaking Rad

What happens when the aliens from Aliens attack a T-Rex? Or a Predator sets its eyes on some Ewoks? What if Ant-Man climbed to the top of the Empire State Building or E.T. got a lightsaber? All those scenarios and more are being brought to life by artist Chuck Eiler, aka Killcutter, who loves to take collectible…

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Twitter Users Are Complaining About Vanishing Tweets

Twitter users are seeing tweets seemingly vanish before their eyes as the social media platform struggles with yet another setback. Complaints around disappearing tweets aren’t entirely new, but whether Twitter has the engineering staff to quickly solve this most recent issue is yet to be seen.

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Epic will share 40 percent of 'Fortnite' purchase revenue with creators

Epic Games will has a new way to encourage more custom Fortnite islands: promise a steadier stream of cash. The company has launched a Creator Economy 2.0 system that will proportionately hand out 40 percent of net revenue from most real-money purchases to creators, including Epic. If your island is especially popular or keeps people coming back, you’ll get a larger cut of Item Shop spending and related transactions.

Until now, Fortnite creators received special codes they had to share with fans if they wanted a five percent slice of purchases. However, that approach only worked if players knew to use the code. That left some creators using heavy-handed tactics to promote the code, such as frequent promotion during livestreams or even designing islands around the concept.

Creators can sign up for Economy 2.0 through a portal. People with existing islands who joins on or before April 21st will be paid for engagement dating back to March 1st. To qualify, individuals only need to be 18 years old and have a Fortnite account at least 90 days old. Companies are also eligible.

The news comes as Epic is introducing a free public beta of Unreal Engine for Fortnite. As the name implies, it will eventually bring most of Unreal Engine 5’s tools to creators making islands, games and other experiences inside the shooter. You can edit maps, the environment and game mechanics. Effectively, this should lead to more distinctive (and more polished) third-party projects.

The change to payouts isn’t a shock. According to, Fortnite‘s average monthly player counts have gradually declined since peaks in 2020 and 2021. Economy 2.0 could help Epic by rewarding creators of in-demand islands. To some degree, this is also about fending off competition from Roblox. Many companies are building islands in the rival platform to attract younger users — Epic’s move could keep those brands and gamers onboard.

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Lawyer Calls Utah Ski Collision Story ‘BS’

A retired optometrist is suing the actor over a 2016 ski collision.

10 Memorable Android Devices From Brands That Abandoned Android

The past decade has been tumultuous for brands that use Google’s mobile OS — here are 10 memorable devices made by brands that have since left Android behind.

Nothing Ear (2) Are A Second Attempt At ANC Earbuds

Nothing releases a modest upgrade with the Nothing Ear (2) earbuds, featuring adaptive ANC and a low latency mode, complemented by a price increase.

Chevrolet Is Saying Goodbye To The Sixth-Gen Camaro, But Welcomes New Possibilities

GM continues to expand its EV lineup as it sends off the sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro, but that doesn’t mean the Camaro is going away for good.

The Mandalorian Struggles to Find the Way, Despite Its Best Cameo to Date

This week’s episode of The Mandalorian left us conflicted. On the one hand, it did everything we say we want the show to do: our heroes go off on an epic adventure while also expanding the mythology of the franchise. But with all that happening now, at this point in the third season—and coming after an episode that

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Apple Music Users Are Complaining That They're Seeing Other People's Playlists

As cool as you might think your Apple Music or Spotify playlist title is, you probably don’t want any random user finding out that your hiking playlist is exclusively made up of the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. Unfortunately, some Apple Music users on Reddit have reported a very strange bug where their playlists are…

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