Xperia 5 DxOMark benchmark score should worry Sony

The Xperia 1, as its name suggests, was supposed to mark a new beginning for Sony’s mobile business. It was the first of its kind to be given access to Sony’s own high-end imaging sensors. The Xperia 5 that shortly followed was supposed to improve on that as well. But if the two’s ratings on DxOMark as well as other … Continue reading

Tinder is working on a panic button for dangerous situations

Tinder is taking more steps to beef up user safety, rolling out features that give daters the option to receive check-ins, hit a panic alarm and even call authorities to their location. Its parent company, Match, has taken a stake in a location track…

Victims of Ancient Vesuvius Eruption Were Baked, Not Vaporized, According to New Research

A novel analysis of the skeletal remains of Vesuvius victims who sought shelter during the catastrophic eruption 2,000 years ago suggests they endured a slower death than is typically appreciated.

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Brace Yourself, Here’s What The Labels On Egg Cartons Really Mean

Learn the difference between free-range, cage-free, pasture-raised and organic.

10 Skin Care Products For People Who Don’t Use Skin Care Products

Sunscreen is key, but here are a few other products you can start with, too.

Chris Hayes Issues Ultimatum To GOP Senators Napping, Going AWOL From Trump Impeachment Trial

“I mean, this is literally the job,” said the MSNBC host.

‘Daily Show’ Energy Drink Will Get Sleepy Senators ‘Jacked Up On Justice’

Introducing… Impeachmilk.

China Locks Down Cities At Epicenter Of Coronavirus Outbreak

Health authorities fear the transmission rate will accelerate as millions of Chinese travel for the Lunar New Year.

Zion Williamson Body-Shamed By ESPN In NBA Debut. Twitter Fumes.

The No. 1 draft pick scored 22 points after sitting out the first 44 games with a knee injury.

Apple drops Flash from its latest Safari browser preview

It’s another nail in the coffin for Adobe Flash. Tech providers have been moving away from the dying plugin for years, and now Apple has completely removed support for it in the latest release of Safari Technology Preview, foreshadowing what’s in sto…