Carnivorous Dinosaur Discovered in Utah Was a True Jurassic Nightmare

One of the things that really bugs me about the Jurassic Park movies is the prominent role given to Tyrannosaurus rex—a dinosaur that didn’t appear until the ensuing Cretaceous period. I am therefore thrilled to learn about Allosaurus jimmadseni, a newly described apex predator that, unlike T. rex, actually lived…

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Everyone Can See You Are Job Hunting On LinkedIn Unless You Do This

Is your private setting on? Because using an incognito browser won’t hide your views.

WATCH: Kumail Nanjiani Eats Pizza And Dessert For The First Time In A Year

The actor got ripped for a Marvel role but blissfully fell off the wagon with Jimmy Kimmel’s help.

‘Miss Americana’ Examines The Tortured Psyche Of Taylor Swift

The new documentary dives into the singer’s political coming out and addresses her obsession with public approval.

Apple Insists That Losing Lightning Port Will Create Waste

Recently, we reported that the EU wanted Apple to drop the Lightning port in favor of a standard charging port (USB Type-C).

The reason behind the suggestion was that the move will potentially reduce the waste generated in the production of charging cables while also making it convenient.

No matter what the consumers think about the EU’s suggestion – Apple thinks that losing the Lightning port will generate more waste.

Apple suggests that starting from 2012 (from the time Lightning port came into existence), there are a lot of accessories and devices that rely on it. Even in the current date, there are millions of active devices in Europe that need lightning port to work.

So, if Apple follows the EU’s suggestion, potentially a million devices will be affected. The customers can’t purchase a new lightning port when they need it – and hence, it will generate a bigger waste than ever.

We wouldn’t be too sure about the stats but it looks like Apple wants to continue using the Lightning port. The EU parliament hasn’t yet responded to Apple’s comments.

Obviously, we cannot comment if this is Apple’s excuse or just the ground reality. What do you think about it? Should Apple ditch the Lightning port or continue with it?

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Sonos’ nightmare was inevitable

Sonos is at the center of a crisis, bleeding goodwill from some of its most loyal users, and all because of a situation as inevitable as it is frustrating. CEO Patrick Spence shifted into damage control this week, after reports that come May 2020 some of the company’s oldest products would no longer be eligible for software support. The original … Continue reading

Sega Catcher Online lets you play real claw machines from half a world away

Crane games are common sights in arcades, but now the magic of the internet will allow you to try your luck remotely. Sega has launched Sega Catcher Online in the United States, giving us here on this side of the Pacific a chance to win crane game prizes from Japan. It’s an interesting concept, as users will control actual crane … Continue reading

The best touchscreen winter gloves

By Nick Guy, Kaitlyn Wells, and Justin Krajeski

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7 Things We Loved (and 7 We Didn't) About Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has returned with Part 3, which sees Sabrina fighting for her spot as Queen of Hell while the coven grapples with a traveling band of pagans. Did we like it? In short: It’s a bit of a mixed bag.

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Here Are the Latest Updates on the Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak

Federal health officials have identified a second U.S. case of the deadly new coronavirus that’s sent parts of China into lockdown, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Friday. While officials say that the risk to the U.S. from the virus remains low, the overall situation worldwide is set to get…

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