Chrissy Teigen Is So Unimpressed With Being Married To The ‘Sexiest Man Alive’

“Sexiest man title has been a curse upon my family,” Teigen tweeted alongside a video of John Legend.

Yale Women’s Soccer Coach Ousted Over Sexual Misconduct Accusations

Yale’s student newspaper reported allegations that Brendan Faherty had sexually assaulted a player a decade ago.

Twitter two-factor authentication no longer requires a phone number

Humans seem to be terrible at creating and using strong passwords, let alone remembering them. Various technologies have popped up to alleviate those flaws, like password managers and two-factor authentication. The latter has been particularly popular especially with the rise of fingerprint and face recognition. Many, however, still use SMS as the second factor, which is just a half-step above … Continue reading

Kennedy Personally Advocated For Kavanaugh To Fill His Supreme Court Seat: Book

The former justice reportedly pulled Trump aside in 2017, saying his former clerk should be added to the list.

Watch Tesla's 'Cybertruck' unveiling at 11 PM ET

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has put the F-150 squarely in his company’s sights, and tonight we’ll find out how close it can get with a new “Cybertruck.” In a tweet earlier today the exec referenced his 2012 goal of “a Tesla supertruck with crazy torque, dyna…

Lotus shows off its electric Evija hypercar in action

With just minutes to go until Tesla reveals its electric ‘Cybertruck,’ Lotus has shown off some EV news of its own. We’re getting our first good look at its all-electric Evija roadster in “high-speed action” ahead of its China debut at the Guangzhou…

Apple online store customer reviews have been removed

When you remove something that has been, for years, a standard fixture not to mention common practice, you can’t help if people start asking questions. When you do so silently with no subsequent explanation, then you can’t blame them for coming up with theories, even ones that don’t paint you in a positive light. That may be the situation that … Continue reading

Senate Republicans Unveil Violence Against Women Act That Hurts Tribes

It rolls back crucial protections for Native women. It also strips out LGBTQ protections and a gun safety provision.

Indiana University Says Professor Is Racist, Sexist And Anti-LGBTQ But Won’t Fire Him

The provost detailed the professor’s discriminatory views, but said letting him go would violate First Amendment rights.

The Kardashians Came Up In The Impeachment Hearing And Viewers Were Not Ready

“I can’t wait to see how history books cover 2019,” one Twitter user joked.