Photos Show What 10 Megajoules Worth of Damage To the LHC Looks Like [Large Hadron Collider]

CERN’s photos of the LHC’s multi-million-dollar ouchies aren’t as dramatic as the Earth being swallowed by the Singularity, but they show the results of a single solder joint’s failure on the world’s most complex machine.

For someone who doesn’t know his quench detector from his quadropole Q24, it’s not easy to see what’s going on here. But it does look like something is amiss, that’s for sure. Aside from wrecking 53 of the Large Hadron’s magnets, the incident released six tons of helium into the atmosphere. There have been no reports of Geneva’s residents all talking like Chipmunks on that fateful day, however.

CERN also reiterated their hopes to get the Large Hadron Collider back to colliding by June of next year. Two of the 53 replacement magnets have already been installed. [CERN Press Release via Cosmic Variance]

Dated Computer Ads For Your Perusal and Mockery [Retromodo]

There’s nothing quite like the ego boost of looking at an old computer ad. Without doing absolutely anything remarkable, you get to laugh at the accomplishments of yesteryear that got us where we are today.

Luckily, Old Computer Ads has pages of…old computer ads…for your casual browsing and snickering. But occasionally you can find a real technological gem in the rough, like this APF Imagination Machine. I mean, I know it’s old and everything, but my life will never be the same if I buy it.

Truly though, the next Dell marketed in sparkling rainbow font is the next Dell that I momentarily consider purchasing before posting about it here in faux macho disdain. [Old Computer Ads via bbGadgets]

MSI plots touchscreen Wind, 13.3-inch U300 ultraportable for CES

After hints aplenty, MSI has gotten super serious about what’s going to go down in January at CES 2009. As expected, there’ll be a Wind U110, U115 and redesigned U120 (pictured). Those will land in the States in January, and will co-exist with the U100. MSI’s also prepping a 13.3-inch U300, which won’t be part of the Wind line, but will be billed as an “affordable,” thin and light ultraportable — people will be “shocked,” says MSI’s US Sales Director Andy Tung. Shocked. MSI also promised to bring a touchscreen Wind to the show, but has no promises on the release front.

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Uni-ball Kuru Toga

img src=”” /
pThe Kuru Toga is a self-sharpening mechanical pencil that solves a problem that’s inherent with normal mechanical pencils. After just a couple of lines of writing with a typical mechanical pencil, the lead becomes a blunt irregular chisel shape, leading to clumsier and more smeary writing. Experienced pencil users try to counteract this by rotating their pencil every few words, a tactic that works very imperfectly./p

pThe Kuru Toga, however, writes as precisely and evenly as a high quality gel pen by automatically counteracting this problem. An internal ratchet mechanism rotates the lead minutely with every stroke you make, constantly sharpening and rounding the lead against the paper. The resulting writing is noticeably more legible and can be much finer than with a standard pencil – ideal for tasks like coding, diagramming, annotating and general note taking./p

pThe Kuro Toga is not retractable, but it is highly ergonomic, and my 0.5mm specimen (the Kuru Toga also comes in 0.3mm) seems never to suffer from broken leads (I’ve used both HB and 2B leads). Looking at my notebooks, I’ve written about 150 A4 pages with about 30,000 words and diagrams. No sign of wear. It’s surprisingly cheap for being the best pencil I’ve ever found./p

p– Jonathan Coupe/p

pUni-ball Kuru Togabr /
$7br /
(black – 0.5mm)br /
Previously available from a href=”″*/p

pOther colors and 0.3mm also previously from a href=”″

pManufactured by a href=””Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd./a/p

p*this item is currently out of stock/p

Related Entries: br /a href=””Gorilla Tape/a

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Fire-Breathing Robo Dog Is Mad Max’s AT-AT [Robots]

While nothing matches the spooktastic BigDog for infusing terror—or hilarity—into the population, this fire-breathing RoboDog—half Mad-Max bike, half AT-AT—probably comes in second place. But as the video shows, Larry is a good guy.

Made by London’s Mutoid Waste Company in four weeks, Larry is a walking robot made out of spare parts and a Citroen 2CV engine—an old popular car in Europe that probably nobody knows in the US.

Watch Robo Dog in Game Videos  |  View More Free Videos Online at

[NotCot via Don’t Panic via Gizmowatch]

Congress Says FCC Chairman Abused Power, Played Favorites with Verizon [Fcc]

What’s up with corrupt politicians this week? Congress just filed a 110-page report on FCC Chairman Kevin Martin’s “egregious abuses of power,” documenting his favoritism for companies, and possibly impropriety with some, like Verizon.

For instance, he leaked early warning to T-Mobile about a Do Not Call violation fine, and then helped get it reduced to just $100,000. The Verizon allegations seem more sinister, though also more vague, since it looks like the investigators caught wind of more severe favoritism, but couldn’t quite find the evidence to prove it. Unfortunately, say the investigators, “due to the climate of fear that currently pervades the FCC,” witnesses won’t come forward.

Martin’s spokesperson notes that the report “did not find or conclude that there were any violations of rules, laws or procedures.” Regardless, one report finding you can’t argue with is that Kevin Martin “picks on cable.” [DSL Reports]

VIA’s ARTIGO A2000 wants to be your own private server

VIA’s new ARTIGO A2000 is a low-power barebones masquerading as a miniscule server. The squat PC features a 1.5GHz VIA C7-D CPU atop the company’s VX800 chipset, a whopping single slot for DDR2 RAM (up to 2GB), two 3.5-inch SATA II drive bays, bootable CF support, gigabit Ethernet (as well as an optional 802.11b/g module), a slew of USB ports, and the rest of the familiar jacks, nozzles, and switches. The company is aiming the system squarely at BitTorrenters and those in need of lightweight file serving, and with supposedly low-noise fan and small power footprint, we can’t say we disagree. No word on price or street date — but you’ll know more when we do.

Update: Looks like the ARTIGO’s going to sell for $299 and that it’ll be available by the end of January of 2009.

[Via SlashGear]

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Office Depot to Close 112 Stores [Financiapocalypse]

Financiapocalypse has claimed yet another victim. This time it is Office Depot—and they are planning to close 112 stores, or 9% of their North American locations over the next three months.

A list of the store closings has not been made available, but the breakdown will look like this: “45 stores in the Central U.S., 40 in the Northeast and Canada, 19 in the West and eight in the South.” They are also shutting down six of their 33 distribution facilities and scaling back openings to 20 in 2009. [Yahoo Finance via TG Daily]

Verizon Rolling Out Superfast LTE Mobile Broadband Next Freakin’ Year [Lte]

Verizon is so super-serial about beating AT&T in the race to deploy 4G LTE mobile broadband (wazzat?), CTO Dick Lynch said yesterday they’ll start rolling it out next year, ahead of the original 2010 timeframe.

The original timetable called for initial rollouts in 2010, with a wide commercial launch in 2011 and true mass availability in 2012. An IDC analyst says that Verizon’s shift to a more aggressive schedule was likely sparked by Japan’s NTT DoCoMo announcing last month they’d offer LTE service commercially in 2010, showing that “the race is on.” That’s right, people, Verizon is throwing down for the good ol’ US of A—Japan won’t beat us on cellphone tech ever again.

After launching LTE, Verizon’s planning to offer femtocells through partners like Best Buy that won’t just make the signal actually decent in your house, they’ll have built in Wi-Fi, so you won’t have to have a separate box for it. Your move, AT&T. [Yahoo]

New Version Of Bluetooth To Arrive In 2009


It looks like Bluetooth will get a shot in the arm next year following news of what was originally coined ‘Bluetooth 2.2’ but seems more likely to be ‘Bluetooth 3.0’.

Pencilled in for mid-2009, there will be two versions – Bluetooth 100x and Bluetooth 10x, that will work with existing UWB (Ultra Wide Band) and WiFi technologies respectively.