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Want to mouth off about Nokia’s greatest ever mobile? Then let us give you the full skinny

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Sony PSP Slim & Lite 3000

Last year’s PSP remake gets remade again. Only without anything we really wanted or asked for…

Nokia N97

Preview: The Nokia N97 has landed. Is it ‘the world’s most advanced mobile computer’?

Nokia N85

Nokia has bolstered its Nseries all-star team with the impressive N85. But is it strong enough to replace the seminal N95?

SMS Touch: Send Free Text Messages Through Email [IPhone Apps]

From the maker of handy iPhone landscape typing program TouchType, SMS Touch is an iPhone app that allows users to send unlimited text messages without paying for an SMS plan.

It’s a clever idea. Avoid that $15 unlimited texting plan from AT&T by using your free email to send SMS messages. With SMS Touch, you can write an email (complete with the landscape-style keyboard and spellcheck functionality) and send it as an SMS to anyone in your phonebook. When they respond to your text message, instead of coming back to your phone as a chargeable SMS, the message actually arrives in your email.

In other words, you can send SMS messages while all the while communicating in email. Priced at $5, part of that fee goes to ongoing backend support for the program. And if you’re interested, it’ll pay for itself three times in one month anyway. [SMS Touch]

Welcome to Macintosh Documentary Coming to DVD

Directors Robert Baca and Josh Rizzo have slapped together Welcome to Macintosh: a documentary on all things Apple. Covering the corporation’s successes, failures and cultural impact, the filmmakers interview some of the biggest name’s in the Apple world, including Guy Kawasaki, Andy Hertzfeld and even’s very own Leander Kahney.

Unfortunately, the directors didn’t get a chance to interview the legend himself, Steve Jobs, but we all know how "shy" the CEO is with the media. Still, looks promising, and the DVD’s available for pre-order for $20. It starts shipping mid-December.

Official Site [via Cult of Mac]

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CurrenKey Coin-Shaped Flash Drive: It’s Almost a Good Idea [Storage]

Kudos to LaCie for making their flash drives more portable—although, the coin-shape may prove problematic. It won’t be long before your sensitive data ends up in the hands of some Starbucks employee.

It is definitely thicker than a traditional coin, but the metal exterior of the USB 2.0 drive enhances the illusion, making it easy to lose in a pocket full of change. Still, at $20 for the 4GB version and $30 for the 8GB version, at least you are getting a decent amount of storage for the price. [LaCie via Crunchgear]

MacBook Air Rev. B mini-review

We’ve spent a bit of quality time with the new MacBook Air, and while there’s little on the surface to denote a change, Apple did quite a bit under the hood to turn this into a serious laptop — of sorts. Full disclosure: we (meaning a certain Paul Miller, specifically) have been using a Rev. A MacBook Air for the better part of a year as a primary machine, to very much frustration, so we had some pretty big bones to pick with whatever revision Apple might toss into our laps. Luckily, our fears were unfounded; read on for all the gory, romantic details.

[Images courtesy of Sam]

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