New Tron Mouse Leaves a Trail across Your Mousepad

TRON MouseFans of the 1982 movie TRON and its upcoming sequel TRON: Legacy will love this: Razer’s new TRON-themed mouse will leave a light trail behind it as it moves across its accompanying TRON-themed mousepad. Razer announced the new line of TRON-themed and branded peripherals back in June, but the new mouse is the first product to make its way to the public, thanks to a post on Razer’s Facebook page. The mouse has blue lines across the top, giving it the ambient glow that matches the movie’s aesthetic, and features a 5600 dpi optical sensor on the underside for accuracy.

Razer didn’t mention when the new TRON-themed mouse would be available, but did say that it would be close to the movie’s release near the end of the year and would retail for $99.99.  That price, while steep, would include the light and pressure-sensitive mousepad that displays an ambient blue trail of light behind the mouse as you move it.

[via DVice]

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