Samsung Smart Dock revealed, works great with Galaxy Note 2

Smartphones these days do come with far more accessories compared to the vanilla handsets of yesteryears. This time around, we have the Samsung Smart Dock which is said to function best with the (what else but the) Samsung Galaxy Note 2. This is a rather interesting accessory, where it allows your spanking new Galaxy Note 2 to function somewhat like a computer. The Smart Dock itself will feature a slate of different bunch of ports for your Galaxy Note 2 to make full use of.

We are talking about a full size HDMI port here, letting you hook it up to a compatible external monitor or an HDTV. Apart from that, there is the usual slew of USB ports so that you can connect a standard USB keyboard and a mouse for easier use, alongside a 3.5mm speaker line-out and a microUSB to juice up the accessory. Right now, the Samsung Smart Dock remains unavailable, but it will retail for $99.99 when it finally hits retail store shelves. I clearly remember one of the older Sony Ericsson phones that could slide-out came with a Bluetooth dongle to connect a keyboard, while you hook up the handset itself to the HDTV via a micro HDMI port for on-the-spot Android computing.

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