Sirus XM Announces the XM Snap FM Transmitter

Sirus XM - XM SnapIf you’re really tired of what’s on the radio these days and you’re willing to put down a monthly subscription fee for satellite radio to get a wider variety of listening options, Sirius XM wants your business. If you’d rather do that without re-wiring your car or replacing your in-dash unit to accommodate a satellite radio receiver, the new XM Snap FM Transmitter from Sirius XM can help you listen to your favorite satellite stations in virtually any car with an FM radio.

The XM Snap plugs into your car’s power adapter (or cigarette lighter, if your car is old enough to have one) to charge, and when you tune the device to an open FM station that’s not occupied by an FM radio station in your area, you can then tune your car radio to the same frequency to hear your satellite radio selection.

The XM Snap doesn’t get around the problem with most FM transmitters: namely that the audio quality leaves a lot to be desired and areas with heavily congested airwaves make it difficult to find an open frequency.  Even so, if you’re in a rental and can’t live without Sirius XM or just don’t want to drop the cash on a new head-unit, the $59.99 XM Snap may be a worthwhile option when it comes out in October.

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