12 Vivacious Vortographs

In the 1910s, a few rebel artists proclaimed a new style of art called vorticism. It only lasted a few years driven by a handful of people, but one hundred years later, Shooting Challengers brought the style back to life. More »

69 Photos that Pull Your Eyes From Their Sockets

Seriously, why would you even click on a story with this headline. Do you have a death-by-eye-wish? The 69 entries to this week’s Shooting Challenge use leading lines to draw your eyes, even against their will, across their own images. More »

The Stunning Results of Our 100th Shooting Challenge

For our 100th Shooting Challenge, I challenged you to photograph anything you like any way you like. Here’s what you choose to photograph when nobody is telling you what to do. More »

100 Weeks of Shooting Challenge Winners (and Your Next Challenge!)

Two years. Thousands of entries. 99ish jaw-dropping winners. Today is our 100th Shooting Challenge. Your assignment? Watch that video of all our past winners. Then, try to be our next. More »

97 Images of Our Fragile, Rotting Infrastructure

We think steel, glass and concrete will live forever. Then we look at the things we’ve built that don’t last. These 97 images from this week’s Shooting Challenge are deflating, haunting…and a bit reassuring. At least nature will go on. More »

55 Pieces of Art Made from Cheesy Photo Filters

Cheesy photo filters. You know what I’m talking about. Those horrid, unusable, who-the-fuck-coulda-invented, one-button smears of digital feces that have infested Photoshop like cockroaches. For this week’s Shooting Challenge, Gizmodo readers mastered the tacky photo filter to create…art? More »

74 Photos Capturing the Most Striking Colors Possible

Orange and blue aren’t just great for mascots; they’re complementary colors—or opposites, really, that cancel one another out when mixed. But when placed side-by-side, they’re striking. Here are 74 incredible examples from this week’s Shooting Challenge. More »

41 Amazing Photos that Capture Day and Night Simultaneously

Day and night. They’re two polar ideas—complete opposites. But the following photos capture day and night simultaneously, two times occurring in the exact same spot. How is this possible? Some say sorcery. Others, simply GIMP. More »

12 Stay-Dry Glimpses Into the Subaquatic

Underwater photography is inherently intriguing. Colors cool and gravity gives way to currents. Here are your 12 underwater entrants from this week’s Shooting Challenge. More »

31 Shadow People Caught on Camera

Shadows. They’re our dark doppelgängers tracking our every step. They’re also excellent subjects for your photographs from last week’s Shooting Challenge. More »