Microsoft Says The Leaked Vista Is Of Limited Value

This article was written on November 15, 2006 by CyberNet.

Windows Vista I’m not sure how many of you downloaded and installed the leaked version of Windows Vista but Microsoft has some news for you. They are making some pretty big claims regarding the version of Vista that is floating around the P2P networks:

The copies available for download are not final code and users should avoid unauthorized copies which could be incomplete or tampered. This unauthorized download relies on the use of pre-RTM [release-to-manufacture] activation keys that will be blocked using Microsoft’s Software Protection Platform. Consequently, these downloads will be of limited value.

First off, who actually believes Microsoft that the “Bill Gates” version of Vista isn’t the real deal? I’m sure there are some versions that are obviously fake but several sites have confirmed the “Bill Gates” version to be the build that was released to manufacturing.

Second, it looks like Microsoft will be blocking all of the pre-release product keys so that no one will be able to activate Vista using the “cracked” method. That’s not that big of a deal because it was only a temporary solution. The “cracked” method activates Vista RTM by having it identify itself as a pre-release version of Vista, and then activating it using your pre-release product key that you received while testing. These product keys expire 5/31/2006 and was only found to be a quick-fix for those people who are anxious to get their hands on the new operating system.

Office 2007, on the other hand, has been leaked and no crack is even needed. Microsoft decided to leave the plain old volume activation system intact so you just enter in the supplied serial number and Office 2007 will be fully activated. Can’t get much easier than that!

News Source: InfoWorld [via Neowin Forums]

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No Vista 5536 Pre-RC1 Downloads Left

This article was written on August 30, 2006 by CyberNet.

Windows Vista Logo Microsoft has finally depleted their supply of 100,000 downloads that they were giving out of Vista 5536. That build is considered to be Pre-RC1 but you shouldn’t be too disappointed if you didn’t get an opportunity to download it. If RC1 remains on schedule it should be available sometime next week.

The site for the download now says:

The Customer Preview Program is now closed.

We have reached our goal of 100,000 downloads for the pre-RC1 release and the program is now closed. Windows Vista RC1 will be available in the coming weeks. Please refer to the Customer Preview Program website for information, including DVD-burning instructions.

I am extremely happy that Microsoft did this because it is a really stable release for everything that I have been running on it. This is now my primary operating system on two computers and the only thing I lack is a widespread AntiVirus compatibility. AVG seems to be doing well for me but I was hoping to use Avast. For more details on the compatibility issue please refer to my previous article.

Remember that your Beta 2 keys do work with this build and can be activated on up to 10 different machines (I think that is what the number was). Happy testing!

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Opera Mini Flash Replacement Coming Tomorrow?

This article was written on June 18, 2007 by CyberNet.

Opera MiniEarlier today Opera Watch posted a reminder of the pending Opera Mini 4 Beta release that’s coming tomorrow. What’s so big about this release? Well, only a handful of people actually know, but the Opera Mini team has posted some clues as to what the big new feature is.

The clues obviously point to music, photos, and games for the mobile browser. The real question is whether that is in regards to the specialized Flash player that Opera is known to be developing? That would make sense because of the photo slideshows available on the Web, as well as the Flash games people play. I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate a fast and efficient version of Flash on their mobile phone.

So tomorrow we’ll find out what the big news is for the next Opera Mini milestone, but in the meantime it is anyone’s guess. Maybe Opera Mini 4 will eliminate much of the need for the new YouTube Mobile. :)

Opera Mini Homepage

Thanks for the tip CoryC!

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Carrier IQ issues lengthy report on data collection practices, sticks to its guns

After having already tried to explain itself with metaphor, Carrier IQ is now taking its floundering PR campaign back to basics, with an ostensibly thorough primer on its practices and a slightly less convoluted defense of its privacy standards. This morning, the controversial analytics firm released a lengthy, 19-page document that attempts to explain “what Carrier IQ does and does not do.” In the report, titled “Understanding Carrier IQ Technology,” the company explains the benefit it offers to its clientele of network operators, many of whom rely upon Carrier IQ’s diagnostic data to make sure their infrastructure is up to snuff. It also provides a breakdown of how it collects data, as well as a defense against Trevor Eckhart’s findings, though, as you’ll see, these arguments likely won’t put this saga to bed anytime soon. Read more, after the break.

Continue reading Carrier IQ issues lengthy report on data collection practices, sticks to its guns

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Windows XP SP1 Support Ends October 10, 2006

This article was written on August 29, 2006 by CyberNet.

Windows XP SP2 I just stumbled across a Microsoft page that says support for Windows XP SP1 will end on October 10, 2006. I’m not sure why anyone would still be stuck back in the day of Windows XP SP1 unless they weren’t a big fan of Microsoft’s new security features. I happen to like the new features myself and it helps me feel just a little more secure.

There is actually some reasoning behind Microsoft’s madness believe it or not. They have a Support Lifecycle all drawn out for you so that you will know how long they will continue to update their software. Basically they will provide security updates for 10 years after a product has been released…so Windows XP users still have plenty of time.

Think about all of the poor IT people in the world that will have to deal with an insane amount of questions regarding Vista and Office 2007. That will probably be enough to drive people to quit their jobs! Get ready for a surge in IT job openings. :D

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Microsoft Office 12 Now Sports ‘Super Tooltips’

This article was written on December 05, 2005 by CyberNet.

Ever have that function in Microsoft Office that you just can’t figure out what it does or how to use it? Well it is a common issue with many users, which results in extensive use of the built-in help. To prevent people from having to go to the help screen, Microsoft decided to create Super Tooltips which allow the user to hold their mouse over an item on the Ribbons and it will tell you exactly what the function is for and how to use it. Jensen Harris, head of Microsoft’s User Experience team, provided the following statement about the new tooltips:

We’ve written these in the form of: “This is the right feature to use if you want to [tooltip text here].” The concept is to give you the idea of what a feature is for without needing to look it up in help or in a manual.

Microsoft Office 12 Super Tool Tips

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Android Market web store update adds user review filters, changes lives

It looks like Google has rolled out yet another update to its Android Market web store, bringing a slew of new filtering features for especially investigative users. In particular, the refresh allows consumers to filter user reviews by a handful of parameters, including star ratings, app version and device model. Best of all, you can use any or all of these filters simultaneously, thereby allowing you to isolate, for example, all five-star reviews of a specific app from users of a specific handset. It certainly sounds like a useful addition, and one you can check out for yourself, at the source link below.

Android Market web store update adds user review filters, changes lives originally appeared on Engadget on Mon, 12 Dec 2011 10:33:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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ESET Smart Security & NOD32 4.0 Beta

This article was written on November 26, 2008 by CyberNet.

arrow Windows Windows only arrow
ESET NOD32 and Smart Security have always been my favorite security products because of their performance and high detection levels. There’s some good news for current owners! ESET is getting ready to move to the next level with version 4 of their security suite and antivirus software.

NOD32 4.0 and ESET Smart Security 4.0 are currently in a public Beta phase, and include numerous enhancements. One such improvement is that they will now be bundling the SysInspector tool that they have been, and still do, offer as a free download. Here are some other features new to version 4.0:

  • Tasks can be postponed when the machine is running on battery, and a notification can be displayed if a larger update is going to be downloaded.
  • Improved scanning of removable media (used maximum settings when running files from removable media, allows blocking/allowing USB ports)
  • Improved cleaning and self-defense
  • Added statistic graphs and information about the currently scanned object
  • Added an option to use advanced heuristics on file execution
  • Added an option to control the level of archive scanning or maximum scan time of objects
  • Added option to supress notifications when applications are run in fullscreen mode
  • Scanning of encrypted HTTPS/POP3S protocols
  • Website management allowing to block/allow access to user-defined sites
  • New Document protection module for scanning MS Office files
  • Password protected uninstallation
  • Notification about missing operating system updates
  • Works with Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Antispam now uses a user and global address books
  • Potentially unwanted/unsafe applications are now reported in a yellow alert window which requires a user interaction

nod32 4.jpg

There’s no word on a release date yet, but the current Beta applications don’t expire until 02/03/2009… so I wouldn’t expect to see a final release before then.

ESET Beta Homepage
Thanks Storytellerofsci-fi!

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Bulk Edit Text Files in Notepad++ (Without Opening Them)

This article was written on December 03, 2010 by CyberNet.

find replace text in files.png

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Notepad++ has been a long time favorite app of mine when it comes to text editors. It seems to have the right mix of features, and if you use it enough you’ll start coming across some gems that can really save time. One of the features I want to focus on here is the “Find in Files” functionality that is extremely easy to overlook.

To get to the Find in Files section all you have to do is open up the find/replace dialog and switch to the respective tab (pictured in the screenshot above). Most people I talk to about this feature say that they’ve never even navigated to that tab because the Find and Replace tabs generally conquer all of their bulk editing needs. It’s true that those tabs have a lot of functionality, but Find in Files definitely deserves the space it occupies.

When switching to the Find in Files tab you may not immediately notice how this is different than the Find tab. The Filters and Directory fields (along with a few of the checkboxes) are the notable differences. This is where you can specify a directory you want Notepad++ to crawl and bulk edit files without having to first open them in Notepad++. Using the filters you can have it restrict results to certain file extensions, and the checkboxes off to the side will control its ability to crawl into hidden folders and sub-folders.

I’d like to present you with a small warning though. Before doing a bulk replace you should perform a Find All so that you can see a list of matching files along with the line numbers that will be modified:

notepad bulk find.png

Why? Once you choose the Replace in Files option you’ll see a brief warning confirming that this is what you want to do, and then it will go on its merry way updating all matching files. No backups are made, and it won’t tell you which files were changed. Personally I think it should also return a list of all the files it modified along with a glance of the text before/after the change, but that’s just me.

Generally I just use this for the finding capabilities, which also has one other nifty aspect I haven’t mentioned yet. You can actually double-click on any line number in the result list to instantly have Notepad++ open that file and take you to that line number. Alternatively you can right-click in the result pane and select the Open All option to have all of the matching files opened in different tabs.

I have some other Notepad++ tips that I’ll be sharing later on… so be on the lookout if you enjoyed this article.

Notepad++ Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)

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