It’s Time to Win Lego Santa Yoda!

Who is going to win Lego Santa Yoda with the Santa Claw? WHO WILL IT BE? The person who grabs this special box with special green wrapping paper wins Lego Santa Yoda. Yup. We will send it to you. Happy Sunday! More »

Your geekiest Halloween costumes

Sure, we may have had our official Halloween costume contest on October’s Engadget Show, but who are we to deprive you the reader of taking part in the spooky holiday fun? We’ve asked everyone to send in their geeky costumes and got some great responses, from the above playable Game Boy, to Barf from Spaceballs, to the requisite Vulcan, to a handful of Steve Jobses. Check out some of our favorites after the break, and continue to send them along to tips [at] engadget [dot] com.

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Inhabitat’s Week in Green: Civic hybrid gets driven, AT-AT dog costume gets worn

Each week our friends at Inhabitat recap the week’s most interesting green developments and clean tech news for us — it’s the Week in Green.

Incredible feats of green architecture reached for the sky this week as Inhabitat reported that the world’s first vertical forest skyscraper is rising in Milan and an outdoor cinema made entirely from refrigerators popped up in London. We also took a look inside a crazy mountain lodge that resembles a hill-like hobbit high-rise and we spotted a Finnish hotel that rents out glass-domed geodesic igloos for viewing the northern lights. We also launched a brand new video that takes an inside look at this year’s winning Solar Decathlon homes, we kicked off a contest where you can win one of 25 $600 home energy audits, and we learned that China’s coal-powered energy grid negates the green benefits of electric vehicles.

Speaking of green transportation, this week we caught a glimpse of several next-generation electric vehicle technologies as Nissan unveiled a ten minute electric vehicle charger and Chevrolet announced plans to produce a Spark mini EV. We also took Honda’s new Civic hybrid for a spin, and we learned that Tesla’s new Model S sedan will be powered by highly efficient Panasonic batteries. Meanwhile, Virgin Atlantic announced plans to cut its carbon footprint in half by fueling airplanes with waste gas and Germany announced that 100 percent of its trains will run on renewable energy by 2050.

In other news, techy fashion got a jolt of affordability as we spotted an economical LED jacket for night cyclists and runners, and we took a look at the story behind Steve Jobs’ iconic black turtlenecks. We also got into the Halloween spirit by bringing you an adorable Star Wars AT-AT costume for dogs, and we showcased a creepy set of “stained glass” windows made from x-rays. Finally, we shined the spotlight on India’s solar-powered water ATMs, and we brought you a can’t-miss set of tips for recycling e-waste.

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Must See HDTV (September 12th – 18th)

Summer is coming to an end and that means the disappearance of the few remaining summer TV shows still hanging around on the schedule (LA Ink, we won’t miss you). It also means the appears of a certain war movie that takes place in the stars on Blu-ray, and an opportunity for networks like NBC and CW to get some of their fall programming kicked off early. Of course, we’re still all about football and Monday Night Football returns in earnest for the first time tonight with a doubleheader so while you know what we’ll be watching then, check out our highlighted picks of the week here, followed after the break by our weekly listing of what to look out for in TV, Blu-ray and videogames.

Star Wars
While the rest of the world already got their taste, here in North America those looking to obtain legitimate HD copies of the series have to wait until Friday. Whether you’re buying six or three movies, there will be plenty of extras to go along with them, although unfortunately word is there’s been a few (more) changes made. You can have the movies of your childhood in 1080p and crisp surround sound, but you’ll also have to take a quick NOOOO from Vader in Episode VI (clip after the break) — is it worth it? Only you can decide.
($79.99 – Complete Saga, $39.99 – Original Trilogy / Prequel Trilogy on Amazon, September 16th)

The most hilarious animated series on television. The third season starts this week on FX and we’ll be there to watch the exploits of drinking, womanizing, and not always clear on the details super spy Sterling Archer. Explaining the appeal is impossible and quite possibly illegal, so check season one out on Netflix streaming if you need any further convincing, but do it fast.
(Thursday, FX, 10:30PM)

63rd Emmy Awards
We prefer 40 Year Old Virgin and Party Down Jane Lynch to the current Glee-ified version, but we’ll still tune in to see her host the Emmy Awards this weekend in an arena where big song and dance numbers should be right at home. Check the wiki to see which of your favorite shows are up for an award — can we admit that we didn’t watch HBO’s Mildred Pierce, which leads all others in number of nominations with 21?
(Sunday, Fox, 8PM)

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THX Media Director coming to Star Wars Blu-ray discs

While you were tastefully voicing your concerns over the latest changes to the original trilogy, THX exec Rick Dean let slip that the upcoming Star Wars Blu-ray release will feature the company’s new Media Director. The technology offers up metadata on the disc, allowing THX Media Director-enabled home theater devices like TVs and Blu-ray players to adjust to the appropriate settings. The decision to offer up the technology for the Star Wars release first is all about “keeping it in the family” for Lucasfilm, says Dean — because if there’s one thing Star Wars knows, it’s keeping it in the family, right? The Blu-ray release is set to September 16th.

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Awesome Sandcrawler Building Is George Lucas’ First Good Idea in 28 Years

Yes, this eight-story building looks like a Jawa sandcrawler made of glass and steel because it is a sandcrawler made of glass and steel. Lucasfilm is now building it in Singapore. It will be their first overseas production facility. More »

The Nexus S is powering Star Wars-inspired robots aboard the ISS

Back in 1999, MIT professor David Miller showed Star Wars to his students on the very first day of class. After showing the scene where Luke jousts with a floating droid, the professor told the class that he wanted them to build those droids. Lo and behold, they did, and thanks to the Department of […]

R2-D2 Home Planetarium Is the Droid You’re Looking For

The R2 unit will be available through Japanese import sites next month. Image courtesy of Lucasfilm Limited.

You won’t find Princess Leia begging for help when you turn on Sega Toys’ new Star Wars-themed projector. You’ll have to settle instead for a brilliant rendition of our galaxy instead.

The R2-D2 Homestar Planetarium is the latest in Sega Toys’ line of astral projectors. But unlike other models, it’s the only model that identifies a fully operational Death Star. Condolences to members of the Rebel Alliance: Alderaan is no where to be found.

The unit stands at 8 inches tall, and the LED projector runs for up to three hours on four AAA batteries. The planetarium will be available for 6825 yen ($91) when it hits stores in Japan next month. Stateside astronomers and Star Wars geeks will be able to procure the projector from import sites like Japan Trend Shop, which is taking pre-orders. Pairs well with the Blu-Ray edition of the movies, also out in September.

Microsoft reveals Droid-themed Xbox 360 bundle for Star Wars Kinect

Yes, that’s an R2-D2-themed Xbox 360 and accompanying gold C-3PO controller, which are both part of a new Star Wars Kinect bundle that Microsoft officially announced at Comic-Con today. Also included in the bundle is a matching white Kinect sensor, as well as a 320GB hard drive, and both the Star Wars Kinect and Kinect Adventures games — all for $449. Did we mention it also has some custom console sounds? Look for it to land in the fall, with pre-orders starting today. Check out the gallery below for a closer look.

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First Look at the Official New Xbox 360: It’s R2-D2

Fanboy. There’s perhaps no franchise more immediately connected with our mental conception of a fanboy than Star Wars. Then there’s Xbox. A whole ‘nother world of chest-thumping, battle cries, and utter devotion. Those two worlds just smashed into each other at lightspeed. Meet the Star Wars Xbox 360. More »