DoJ charges 14 people in $6 million counterfeit iPhone and iPad scheme

Scammers are continuing to cause problems for Apple, submitting counterfeit iPhones under warranty and getting them replaced with genuine devices. The US Department of Justice recently unsealed a federal grand jury indictment against a China-based gr…

Apple might be planning its own subscription bundle

Ever since Apple rolled out its second, third and fourth subscription services, folks have begun to wonder when they could buy all three together, ideally for a discount. According to Bloomberg, it’s something that Apple is at least thinking about, i…

The best true wireless earbuds you can buy this holiday season

True wireless earbuds have become a staple when it comes to audio accessories. Over-ear noise-cancelling headphones are still a thing, but many companies have turned their attention to the tiny speakers you nestle in your ears. The advantage for cons…

Ford confirms Mustang Mach-E as the name for new EV

Ford has been teasing for a long time about a coming “Mustang-inspired EV,” and early next week will be the official unveiling of that electric vehicle. Ford has, in the past, confirmed the car would have about a 300-mile driving range, but we don’t know that much about the car right now. Ford has stepped up and confirmed the name … Continue reading

Kardashians Criticized For Wasting Food In Family Food Fight

Many Instagram commenters found no humor in a “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” clip.

The Morning After: Motorola RAZR returns as a $1,500 foldable phone

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Two of the most-leaked products this year have been officially unveiled. We knew they were coming, but now we’ve seen Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro (and put our fingers on its revamped keyboard) as well as Motorol…

Disney+ warns viewers of 'outdated cultural depictions' in old movies

It’s no secret that some of Disney’s old cartoons and movies contain racist and other offensive elements, and it was a mystery how the company would address the issue when its streaming service launched. To all of those who wondered: here’s your answ…

Wayfair adds AR furniture and 3D visualization tools to its apps

Designing interiors for the home has gotten a little easier recently through the use virtual design tools instead of dragging a sofa around. Now, home store Wayfair is getting in on the action, introducing a new way to pick the perfect pieces of furn…

Fitbit OS 4.1 update brings improved health features – and uncertainty of its future

Fitbit was one of the remaining bastions of the independent wearable market. Emphasis on “was” after it was acquired by Google (pending regulatory approval) which puts its future in question. There have been very few concrete statements, let alone actions, that would assure Fitbit users that things will go either way, which is what makes this rather unexpected update to … Continue reading

NASA announces SpaceX Crew Dragon completes static fire tests

NASA has announced that SpaceX has completed a series of static fire engine tests for the Crew Dragon spacecraft. These tests are in advance of an in-flight launch escape demonstration known and the In-Flight Abort Test. The engine tests were conducted near the SpaceX Landing Zone 1 on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The test started with two … Continue reading