Fortnite players find a clever way to finish the moving dance challenge

Fortnite is packed full of challenges that enable players to tier up in the Battle Pass and unlock new rewards, including cosmetics and V-Bucks. These challenges range from simple to surprisingly difficult, though most of the difficulty is due to the risk of being eliminated by another player while performing the challenge. One such tricky challenge requires the player to … Continue reading

10 Life Changes That Will Actually Make A Difference For The Environment

As wildfires dominate the news, experts suggest some of the best ways you can help the planet and combat climate change.

Elon Musk: A New Life Awaits You in the Off-World Colonies—for a Price

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who has previously conceded that many of the people whom he desires to send to Mars must be prepared to risk death in the process, has sweetened the deal with the hint of some indentured servitude.

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Joe Biden Doubles Down On A Racist Myth About Black Parents

Biden repeated a debunked trope about racial achievement gaps and blamed minority parents for the legacy of segregation.

Canadians Are Reeling From The Plane Crash In Iran, And Want Justice

While searching for answers on why Iran shot the Ukrainian plane down, Canadians also have not let Trump escape blame.

Lexi Brumback Of ‘Cheer’ On How She Was Able To Return To Navarro College

The elite tumbler, coach Monica Aldama and Morgan Simianer talk scary injuries, societal pressures and support.

2020 iPhone’s A14 Chipset Could Be Comparable To The MacBook Pro In Performance

With the 2020 iPhones, Apple is expected to introduce the A14 chipset. Everytime Apple releases a new chipset, it becomes faster and more efficient and overall, just more powerful than its predecessor. However, with the A14, it could take things to a whole new level, according to a report from Macworld.

According to Macworld, it is largely expected that TSMC (Apple’s chipset maker) will be building the A14 chipset on the 5nm process, versus the A13 that used the 7nm process. It is believed that by using the 5nm process, it could make the A14 a lot more powerful where it could potentially result in the chipset hitting benchmark scores that could put it on par with desktop class CPUs or even the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

The publication predicts that the A14 could score anywhere between 1,500-1,600 on single-core performance, and also a score of around 4,500-5,000 for multi-core. Of course, there is no guarantee but based on the trends, they are predicting that this is what we might be able to expect.

It is interesting that they are suggesting that the A14 could be as powerful as the 15-inch MacBook Pro. This is because there have been rumors suggesting that Apple could be considering making the move to ARM-based chipsets for future MacBooks, so if the A14 is as powerful as predicted, it certainly lends itself to the narrative.

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These Are The Leaked Specs Of The Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung has confirmed that they will be hosting an Unpacked event on the 11th of February where they are expected to announce the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S20 series. For those wondering, Samsung is expected to introduce three different models, the Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Now thanks to leakster Ishan Agarwal and MySmartPrice, the specs of the entire lineup have been revealed. In terms of specs, for the most part, they will be powered by the Samsung Exynos 990 chipset built on the 7nm process. They are also all rumored to offer an IP68 rating in terms of water and dust resistance.

However, that’s where the similarities end. In terms of display, the Galaxy S20 will feature a 6.2-inch WQHD+ display, while the Galaxy S20 Plus will sport a 6.7-inch display, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra will pack a 6.9-inch display. They will all offer 120Hz refresh rates.

The cameras will also differ from phone to phone, where the Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus will feature a 12MP + 64MP + 12MP camera combo with additional ToF sensors, with support for up to 30x digital zoom and even 8K video recording. The Galaxy S20 Ultra on the other hand will feature a 108MP + 48MP + 12MP camera combo, ToF sensors, and up to 100x digital zoom.

Take these specs with a grain of salt for now, but we won’t have to wait too long for the official details next month.

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Louis Vuitton Unveils A $1,000 Pair Of True Wireless Earbuds

There are headphones designed for audiophiles, which aren’t always the most fashionable-looking, and then there are headphones designed to be worn on the streets. If you’re after something a bit more fashionable that you can proudly show off in public, Louis Vuitton might have something for you.

The company has recently taken the wraps off their latest Horizon Earphones, which if you’re wondering why it looks so familiar, it is because it is based on Master & Dynamic’s MW07 Plus earbuds that were launched last year. This is actually not the first time that Louis Vuitton and Master & Dynamic have worked together.

Previously, the company had also released a pair of earbuds based on the MW07, but these new Horizon Earphones are based on the newer MW07 Plus model. The earbuds will offer up to 10 hours of listening time and will also come with a unique charging case that can add an additional 20 hours, meaning that in total, you should be able to squeeze as much as 30 hours from them.

They will be considerably more expensive than the MW07 Plus where the Horizon Earphones are priced at $1,090. The MW07s have been praised as being one of the better-sounding true wireless earbuds, so they could be worth checking out if you have the cash to spare.

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Galaxy S20 Ultra leaked as new best 5G phone on Earth

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G was leaked today as the largest and most extravagant of three different hero phones for the brand in 2020. This collection of phones will include the Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra, and will work with 6.2, 6.7, and 6.9-inch displays respectively. If these devices are released with “5G” in their name, they’ll be … Continue reading