Scientists Still Chasing The Force, Getting Closer

After much excitement, the Force has not been found. But don’t be sad, my fellow nerds. Scientists may have not found evidence of the Higgs boson yet, but they have discovered “tantalizing hints” that may indicate its presence. More »

Unbelievable Trillion Frames Per Second Camera Captures Light in Motion

That fancy high-speed Phantom camera is pretty much a child’s toy when compared to MIT’s new hardware which can record at 1,000,000,000,000 frames per second. Fast enough to capture slow motion footage of light waves. More »

Every New York Time Lapse Fused Into One

This is beautiful, like an animated Monet painting of New York City. Our very own Matt Toder had this simple but amazing idea: to take every single cool NYC time lapse and layer them together into one single video. More »

The Best Free Phone on Every Carrier

Remember when the best free phone you could get was monochrome candy bar phone? And you were thankful because that Nokia phone had Snake on it. Things are better now—you can get an actual smartphone from a carrier for free (with the usual two-year contract). But which is the best one from each carrier? Let’s jump into the bargin bin and find out. More »

A Very Rare Video of Steve Jobs Telling the History of Apple

This very rare video was recorded in the 1980s. It shows Steve Jobs talking about the origin of Apple. It’s fascinating to see how he hints at the Next Big Thing, back when the Macintosh was still a secret project in development. More »

The Vizio VTAB1008 Tablet Is Your Couch-Potato Deal of the Day

When I got my wisdom teeth pulled I was in some serious pain. I’m fairly certain the doctor braced his feet on my face for leverage and just yanked like crazy. This resulted in me being on some rather serious pain-killers for something like ten days. That whole period was a blur. I watched virtually every movie I had ever intended to see, but once the drug-fog lifted I couldn’t remember any of them. From time to time, though, I’d be watching a movie and want to look something up. I’d hunt for remotes to stop the movie, walk over to my computer, look it up, then go back, hunt for the remote again (okay, my room was messy… I was on meds, leave me alone), and resume. This all would have been so much easier if I’d had the Vizio VTAB1008. Not only does it act as a universal remote, but it’s also a low-end Android tablet. I could have paused, looked something up on IMDB, and unpaused without ever moving, which would have been awesome. Yeah, it’s a two-star Android tablet, but consider this: a fancy universal remote can cost upwards of $140. This is only $160 and it’s good for a lot of other stuff. Games! Music! Internets! I can’t wait for those bedsores. -BR More »

Casino Denies $57 Million Jackpot Because of "Software Glitch"

Have you ever imagined how would it feel to hit a $57 million slot machine jackpot? It must be an amazing feeling. Now, what would you do if the casino denied you the prize because of a “software glitch”? More »

Perfectly Passive Aggressive Gifts for Your Ex

You’re not with him/her anymore. The lovely days, over—and so are the days of lovely, considerate gifts. But what if you still want a holiday gesture for your ex? Might as well have it make them feel bad. More »

Facebook Is Making Us Miserable

When Facebook was founded in 2004, it began with a seemingly innocuous mission: to connect friends. Some seven years and 800 million users later, the social network has taken over most aspects of our personal and professional lives, and is fast becoming the dominant communication platform of the future. More »

Newt Gingrich Is Bizarrely Terrified of a Fake Sci-Fi Weapon

Moon mining isn’t the only thing election and adultery enthusiast Newt Gingrich is worried about—the GOP candidate has repeatedly, publicly, manically claimed that America is on the verge of being hit with an electromagnetic pulse attack. This is crazy. More »