Japan Sets New Tweets Per Second Record

Japan set a new Tweets pers Second (TPS) record over the weekend due to a classic Studio Ghibli animated film. “Castle’s in the Sky”, which airs annually around this time of year. At one particular point in the film it managed to amass 11,349 TPS, thus knocking off the previous title holder of 8868 TPS when fans learned of american singer Beyonce’s pregnancy.


The outpouring of tweets came from what has become an annual event as fans of Ghibli, and one of Japan’s most popular animators Hayao Miyazaki, issue the online cry of “Balse” during the climax of the film, echoing the icnoic spell cast by the two main characters. As Watashi To Tokyo reported, each year fans have managed to generate massive amounts of traffic on different social network sites such as 2ch and Nico Nico Douga, who’s servers went down last year due to the massive volumes of traffic. This year the social video network site had a team of engineers specifically employed to watch the servers during the show to cope with the anticipated volume of users during the crucial time.


As well as a bit of fun, the annual event actually points to the growing online community participating in activities on a shared platform yet whilst physically alone. Sites such as Nico Nico Douga now have over 50% of Japanese males in their twenties registered with the site, and online communities such as MIxi and more recently Facebook and Twitter also boasting large rapidly growing numbers. As a result more and more brands are now harnessing the power of online social communities in Japan as they realize the potential to reach mass markets in memorable and cost effective ways.

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Tweephone is a rotary phone Twitter client, even your grandma could love


The collectives behind the Tweephone, UP digital Bureau and Unteleported tech agency, claim that it’s the first analog Twitter client. We find that hard to believe but, while we’ve seen rotary phone-based Twitter tools before and analog meters that measure microblogging activity, we couldn’t come up with a single example of a client that lets you punch in messages through non-digital means. Even if it’s not the first of its kind, the Tweephone is still a pretty neat hack. Inside the old-school chassis is the ubiquitous Arduino, which interprets your pulls of the dial as letters. Like a phone with only a dial pad, you’ll have to ring up numbers multiple times to get the right letter (i.e. dial “2” three times to get a “c”). It definitely not the most efficient method for sending out 140-character missives, but certainly one of the more unique. Check out the video after the break to see it in action.

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How to Be a Citizen Journalist Without Getting Killed

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Facebook entering Twitter Turf?

This article was written on April 24, 2007 by CyberNet.

No one can argue about Twitter’s recent explosion in popularity that started around March. However, you’ll find plenty of people arguing over whether or not it will last.  Many are saying that this is just a fad, that’ll be over as quick as it started, others are saying this is just the beginning.

I tend to think that this is just a fad, and its days are numbered, and one of the biggest reasons for that is Facebook’s recent changes to their “status” feature. Facebook has had the status feature for about a year now where users update what they’re doing Twitter style. I.E.: Ashley is writing an article. But, viewing the updates from your friends wasn’t nearly as convenient or accessible as Twitter.

Their recent improvements make it a lot more Twitterish because now they’ve added a page so that you can view all of your friends’ updates. It aggregates all of the updates into one page, and shows their picture, the update, and how long ago the status was changed.  Just click on “Friends,” then “Status Updates” and you’ll be updated with what all of your friends are up to.  The example below shows what this looks like (names blurred).


What makes it even more like Twitter is that they’ve taken advantage of RSS and text messaging.  Now you can subscribe to your friends’ updates via RSS or you can get updates via SMS.  You can even update your own status right from your phone by sending SMS to Facebook.

Facebook has been on a steady uphill climb which got steeper in April.  With millions of people already updating their status on Facebook, I don’t know how much longer Twitter will be able to climb the charts with their service.

Some of you are probably thinking about all of the cool add-ons available for Twitter that are missing from Facebook, however, Facebook has been pretty friendly with the developers, giving them access to the API and promoting development. It’ll only be a matter of time before the developers get to work and hammer out similar applications.

Things aren’t lookin’ so good for the little guys lately.

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Beeri: Siri’s new best friend cracks open a cold one (video)


We already know that Siri can send texts, check the weather or find you a restaurant, but did you know she can also fetch you a beer. Well, sort of… with a little hacking. The folks at Redpepper dreamed up Beeri, an RC truck that cracks open a can of brew whenever it receives a tweet instructing it to “pour.” Since you can text updates to Twitter (40404) and Siri can text, that means it’s perfectly simple to tell Beeri it’s Miller time. Whenever the Arduino embedded in the truck detects a mention with the word “pour,” it drives forward, slamming a beer can into a puncture wall that drips into a funnel, filling a cup beneath the table top. It’s a pretty ingenious system, and you can see it in action after the break. We just hope Beeri has a day job — looking at all that head, it’s clear she wouldn’t last a day as a bartender.

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PS Vita’s Twitter app shown off in Hong Kong, we go hands-on (video)

Here’s a little souvenir for Twitter addicts eyeing the upcoming PS Vita: at today’s debut event in Hong Kong, we got to see said console’s Twitter app in action for the very first time, and we were also fortunate enough to get some exclusive hands-on time with Sony’s in-house software. As you can see in our video after the break, the overall design feels very much in line with Twitter’s standard ID: the same shade of blue, the usual tabs on the left column, slick elastic scrolling in the timelines, and support for geotagging, hash tags plus photo attachment while tweeting. No surprises here, but hey, the app worked well for us.

That said, we were told that the app wasn’t quite finished yet, and Sony still couldn’t confirm whether this — along with the other dedicated apps like Skype, Foursquare and Facebook — will be ready for download by the time the Vita launches in Hong Kong on December 23rd (just a tad later than Japan’s launch on the 17th). In case you’re wondering, the Vita there will cost HK$2,280 (US$290) for the WiFi version and HK$2,780 (US$360) for the 3G flavor, both unsubsidized but cheaper than their Japanese counterparts. Of course, given that the console isn’t region-locked, feel free to go do some shopping in Hong Kong then — just save some for the locals, OK? Also, check out our gallery below for some close-up shots of the Vita’s music and video apps.

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